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When you want one of the most versatile types of flooring, artificial turf is a great choice. This material can be used for indoor or outdoor install projects with equal success. It works for areas commonly used for workouts or that have excessive foot traffic.

Artificial turf often has a cushioned backing that makes it comfortable to use for both animals and people. With the right design, it can stand up to multiple types of weather, or it can survive pet urine. Here are common reasons to put this type of flooring material to use.

Pets. Dogs and other animals can be tough on a natural lawn, causing bare spots that turn into a muddy mess after a rain. But with pet artificial turf in a pet area or dog run, the material will maintain its integrity, even when used regularly.

When used outdoors, the turf allows water and pet urine to run through it, creating the proper draining. The material will remain green all year around, all without the need for fertilizer and mowing.

Indoors, businesses put this flooring to use for dog agility classes or pet daycare facilities. It resembles real grass, so dogs are comfortable running and playing on it immediately. And it has excellent traction and cushioning, which is great for agility practice, preventing slips, and keeping the dog’s knee and hip joints safe.

Athletic fields. For athletic facilities that offer outdoor or indoor playing fields, artificial turf delivers the best quality, no matter how often games occur on each field.

With turf, you’ll avoid ruts and muddy conditions that can occur over regular use and that can potentially lead to an unsafe surface for athletes to use. With a clean and flat surface, you’ll always receive a true ball roll across the field, which delivers a greater level of safety versus unpredictable bounces from a rutted grass field.

You can add lines on the faux turf field to create boundaries required to follow game rules. Artificial turf works in a stadium or in a practice area for a variety of sports, including soccer, lacrosse, football, field hockey, baseball, and softball. It even works for golf practice at a golf course, in the backyard, or at a school for the golf team.

Workout gyms. In a gym setting where athletes will be doing sled work or speed training, artificial turf is a great choice.

Weight sleds in CrossFit facilities slide perfectly over the proper turf, creating the maximum benefit from this type of workout. Because of the high level of traction this material provides, it works nicely for sprinter workouts too.

With multiple installation options, a fitness center owner can roll out turf across the entire gym or use smaller strips or interlocking tiles to create a limited coverage area.

Playgrounds. Having a beautiful green layer of turf at a playground makes it an appealing choice for parents and children.

Beyond looking great, it also has the durability and cushioning options needed at a playground to keep children safe. Versus weedy areas or playground materials like gravel or mulch, artificial grass will not cause scrapes should a child fall while running.

Because of the cushioned layer often found with playground artificial turf, it’s comfortable to use for children playing in bare feet, yet it’s also tough enough to stand up to kids wearing shoes.

Decks and patios. Many people love the look of green grass in a deck, patio, or other gathering area in a backyard. But the maintenance requirements to keep the grass looking perfect during all times of the year can be a major hassle.

Faux turf is a smarter choice. It stays green in all seasons, and it doesn’t require maintenance, meaning you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space.

Tradeshow flooring. Because this type of turf is available in several different color options, it has become a popular option for creating an eye-catching portable tradeshow floor. When you want your tradeshow booth to stand out from the crowd, our artificial grass does the trick. Visitors are sure to remember their visit to your booth, thanks in part to the non-traditional flooring.

Yet the turf is also durable, comfortable to stand on, and easy to install using either a roll or interlocking tiles. An easy assembly and disassembly process is a key for a tradeshow installation, as you may have a limited amount of time to set up the tradeshow booth.

Artificial turf buying guide. Even when you need to cover a large area with artificial grass, the price per square foot is competitive. With some models of turf, you need little or no infill, which keeps costs low. Considering the multiple use case options with the faux grass and the lack of ongoing maintenance required, you’ll receive a good cost value when purchasing this product.

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