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Can You Lay Fitness Flooring Over Carpet?

Lisa Hobbie // 2021

There are fitness flooring options - for residential or commercial settings - that can be installed over carpet in a studio, sport facility, or home workout space.

Carpet certainly isn’t the best material to work out on. Not only can workout equipment, sweat, and spills cause damage to it, but it doesn’t offer the same safety and comfort features that fitness flooring solutions do, like shock absorption and fatigue relief.

Gym Rubber Floor offers many different flooring solutions that can be installed over carpet, including some great fitness flooring options. Among those available, the following 3 represent the best:

These three fitness flooring solutions are among the best for any group fitness, weight lifting, or gym setting, and they are easy to install over low pile carpet - with the first two options also being suitable for all types of carpet. They each offer some amazing features and benefits, and they look great and feel even better for a custom fit in your workout center space. Each of these products feature a raised base the is designed to prevent sliding on top of carpet or damaging the carpet itself.

Orange Peel StayLock Tiles are lightweight tiles that are durable like rubber with an orange peel textured surface. They are robust and very well made, and they can be installed over carpeted subfloors with the ability to accommodate exercise equipment and most workouts and fitness programs.

These durable tiles are made of 100 percent recycled PVC plastic material, so they are very eco friendly. They boast a reliable, interlocking design that provides a very tight fit that helps prevent the tiles from separating over time - even when bearing the weight of heavy workout machines or under constant use.

This snap together tile is ideal for gyms or workout rooms in any area of a business or home, as it is waterproof and resistant to most acids and oils. It delivers outstanding support and cushioned protection for those practicing any level and intensity of exercise, including CrossFit, aerobic workouts, Zumba, and more!

The tiles are durable, versatile, and very attractive - available in black, gray and green. They are also non-absorbent, and they will not degrade over time. Additionally, they have a smoothed trim support structure that will grip your carpet below, preventing any slippage, but it will not damage the carpet.

Product: Orange Peel StayLock Tiles

Bump Top StayLock Tile works for traditional workouts, cardio dance, exercise machines, and more. They offer a solution that is very durable while delivering anti-fatigue benefits and aesthetic appeal.

This flooring system can be installed over carpet without an underlayment, and it is robust like rubber with a foam-like, cushioned feel. Installation is a breeze using the active locking, adhesive free connector system. The tile will not be damaged by sweat, water, and other liquid as it is waterproof and resistant to most acids and oils. It is a solution that fits together tightly and is super easy to maintain.

This product delivers superior cushion and support for intense workouts, and it is also strong enough to hold heavy workout equipment and weight machines. And much like the orange peel version, with this one, there are no sharp edges on the raised tile’s support system, preserving your carpet below. These are available in black and multiple color options.

Product: Bump Top StayLock Tile

Max Raised Floor Tiles raised flooring tiles are among the best selling tiles at Gym Rubber Floor, and they are suitable when applied in fitness settings with low pile carpet. It’s an extremely durable solution that looks like an attractive wood floor, when in fact, it is a snap-together tile system with a commercial grade vinyl surface with a classic wood or slate design.

The low maintenance, UV protective coating on its surface lessens the chance of damage from window sunlight, while the tile’s wear layer resists wear, scuffs, and scratches. It’s a wood alternative fitness flooring product that doesn’t need refinishing or resurfacing. The product can be either permanent or temporary, for a studio or gym setting - or other carpeted area of the home.

These tiles will not separate or pull apart during intense workouts, so they provide an extremely safe and durable equipment-friendly flooring over existing low pile carpet. The tiles offer a firm and durable tab and loop connector system that snaps together fairly easily over hard, flat surfaces, such as concrete. When you install it over carpet, however, you’ll want to slide a firm surface, such as plywood under the tiles to provide enough resistance for them to snap into place. Once the tiles have been connected, the plywood can be moved to the next area or removed completely.

Product: Max Raised Floor Tiles

Gym Rubber Floor - For The Best Flooring Solutions For A Fitness Room With Carpet

The featured products are among the best available anywhere. They can be installed over carpet, resulting in a workout friendly surface that allows for a successful, safe workout.

If you have any questions about the highlighted products, want more information, or need help with ordering, the staff at Gym Rubber Floor will be happy to help. They will even work with you to decide which product is the right one for your carpeted fitness space.

When you are ready to purchase and install flooring, allow Gym Rubber Floor to go to work for you!
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