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The Many Uses of Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles

Customers are getting creative with Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles

By Julia Nass

It turns out that customers have put Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles to use in all sorts of creative ways. Greatmats went through all of the wonderful feedback users sent in in order to compile the following list: the many uses of Royal interlocking Carpet Tiles.

1. Garage Flooring

Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles have been used time and time again for complete garage transformations. These tiles instantly turn cold, hard concrete into a space people actually want to spend time in. These tiles are waterproof and odor proof and according to Ron from Chicago, they ''clean up great.'' The interlocking tiles can be vacuumed, spot cleaned, or completely lifted up and taken outside for a more thorough clean if needed.

2. Rec Room Flooring

Royal Carpet tiles are constructed with 1/2 inch thick foam material beneath the plush carpet surface, which yields incredible comfort and cushion. At the same time, tiles stand up to heavy foot traffic and heavy impacts. These carpet tiles can be used under all types of recreation, from game tables to aerobic exercise.

3. Basement Flooring

What better way to turn a dark downstairs area into an irresistible space than with cushioned, inviting carpet. Users find that interlocking carpet tiles immediately transform previously sad basement rooms into a welcoming, warm space. Plus, these tiles make the installation process into a basement a breeze. These interlocking carpet tiles for a basement can be easily cut with a sharp utility knife to fit into any size room or fit around any kind of obstacle.

4. Trade Show Booth Flooring

Use interlocking carpet tiles as a super simple way to make a trade show booth look and feel amazing. These intuitively interlocking carpet squares can be assembled and disassembled in minutes. Plus, they are so lightweight that packing up and shipping out is no sweat. At 2 feet in diameter and 1.4 lbs, the tiles are super easy to carry. What's more, users who pick Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles for trade shows find they can stand on it for hours and even days at a time without getting sore.

5. Business Waiting Rooms

First impressions are everything, which is why customers find Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles to be an awesome fit business waiting rooms. The seams will virtually disappear after vacuuming just once, leaving a professional, clean and classy flooring, perfect for maintaining a top-notch impression. These interlocking carpet squares can be used as a temporary option as well, as no adhesives are needed for a sturdy installation.

6. Home Theater Flooring

Even if you're not necessarily trying to prove anything look wise, these interlocking carpet squares still do wonders. For example, certain customers have found that interlocking carpet tiles makes a well-rounded home theater flooring as well. Tiles are more than comfortable enough to sit or lay down on. Further, they can hold the weight of furniture like the TV, sofas and chairs without any problem.

7. Bedroom Flooring

These interlocking carpet squares are a logical choice for a bedroom once again because of their cushion and welcoming feel. The surface of interlocking carpet tiles is known to be more softer and more abundant than any other of its kind. The quality and feel is far nicer than the fibrous, burlap-like carpeting commonly found in other products.

8. Laundry/Guest Room

Combine the coziness of carpet with a waterproof material and you've got the perfect flooring for a laundry/guest room. What better way to freshen up a space designed for guests.

9. Boat Flooring

Again the waterproof nature and plush feel of Royal Interlocking Carpet tile led well to areas where moisture will be present and comfort is essential. Boats often have just such spaces. Add in easy installation and customization, it no wonder customers are rushing to these carpet tiles for their boat floors. To custom fit them, all you need to do is cut the tiles with a sharp utility knife.

10. Recording Studio

Recording studios aren't always the most comfortable spaces to work, but with the ease at which these carpet tiles lay down, it's easy to convert that space into one you'll love to spend hours in.

To Learn More

To learn more about Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles, visit Greatmats, where you can read all the wonderful things customers have to say. Who knows, maybe you will end up contributing your own feedback as a new Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile owner. Either way, Greatmats is here to make the floor-picking process hassle-free. Get in touch with customer service and have all of your questions answered on the spot.
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