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Rubber Flooring Rolls Provide The Best Value On The West

Lisa Hobbie // 2021

is an eco-friendly product that is long lasting and made to withstand abuse and constant heavy use.

Made in the USA from recycled rubber, these 10% colored rubber flooring rolls are ¼ inch thick and provide superior impact and sound absorption. They deliver an impressive statement for upscale fitness centers, gyms, and premium clubs while providing a tough, durable, and easy to maintain flooring solution.

These colored rubber flooring rolls have been installed in fitness centers, training facilities, colleges, universities and sporting arenas, nationwide. It’s a super high-performing solution that will take years of dropped weights, foot traffic, equipment support, and more.

Top Features

  1. Shock absorbent
  2. Sound absorbent
  3. Superior traction - even when wet
  4. Mold and mildew resistant
  5. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  6. 100% premium recycled rubber
  7. Made in the USA
  8. Easy to install and maintain
  9. Resistant to acids and chlorine
  10. Shore A60 Hardness
  11. MAS Certified Green

Sports Rubber Flooring Roll, Multiple Color Fleck Options

A sharp-looking rubber floor for workout spaces may seem difficult to find, especially when traditional black just won’t do. These colored rubber flooring rolls, however, offer just the right amount of color - 10% colored flecks in one of 19 options in a Pacific color scheme pattern that yields a high-end look for any space.

The color flecks are made of the same recycled rubber material as the main black base color, so the color will not wear or flake away under heavy usage. Each roll has a 10% color fleck concentration, delivering assorted colors like red, brown, blue, yellow, white, and others. There’s even one with terra cotta color flecks.

High Performance Athletic Flooring

Rolls of sports rubber flooring are often used in a gym or other space where multi use workout sessions and exercise classes take place. These flooring rolls are not only used in commercial facilities, but they are suitable for home and garage gym settings, as well.

Customers can install this type of flooring in almost any location where athletes need a sure footing while protecting their joints - allowing them to get the most out of their exercise sessions. The perfect mix of flex and firmness are offered by this flooring, and school weight rooms, fitness centers, and athletic clubs are just a few examples of facilities employing this product.

When working out, athletes need a bit of cushioning and flexibility in the floor to protect their lower body joints. If working out on a surface that is too hard, athletes may suffer unnecessary fatigue in their legs or pain in their ankles, knees, and hips - preventing them from really going all out during their workout or training session.

But athletes need firmness too, as a flooring surface that’s too soft allows the feet to sink into the material, creating a potential stumbling hazard. Bottom line - this sports rubber flooring gives users the ability to have the most success while preventing injuries.

Rubber delivers a sure footing for athletes, helping them make quick movements when trying to gain the most out of a workout session. Additionally, for someone using a weight machine or free weights, the athlete needs to use the floor to generate leverage for the lower body. Rubber works well for this situation.

The noise insulation properties are beneficial, as well. Rubber will absorb the noise from clanging exercise machines and dropped weights. Using rubber to reduce the level of echo from fitness equipment creates a less distracting setup for everyone using the space.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Sports Floor Roll

These Made-in-the-USA colored rubber flooring rolls make use of recycled rubber tires, which helps the environment by keeping old tires out of landfills. They ship from the West Coast, saving shipping costs and speeding up shipping times for customers west of the Rockies.

Through the manufacturing process, only the safest recycled rubber materials are used, dynamically bonding them to ensure a high level of durability.

The 1/4-inch thickness measurement in each roll has a manufacturing tolerance of plus or minus 0.01 inches in the thickness, which ensures the removal of weak spots or unwanted bubbles in the material.

LEED points are potentially available with this purchase. These rubber rolls have GreenBuild certification.

Easy-to-Install Black Pacific Rolled Rubber Flooring

These colored rubber flooring rolls are very easy to install, as they will easily lay over and cover the top of nearly any flat, solid surface. Clean and dry concrete or plywood subfloors are most commonly used and typically work the best, making sure to repair any cracks or divots greater than 3/16 inch prior to the installation process.

Customers can order the specific length of rubber roll they want to use. Each roll is 4 feet wide. Rubber flooring glue will need to be applied to secure the roll of rubber to the subfloor. Apply a light layer of adhesive to the subfloor before attaching the roll. Always lay the rubber roll sheet on the subfloor within 30 minutes of applying the adhesive, or the permanency of the installation may be compromised.

Rolled Rubber 1/4 Inch Pacific 10% Colored Rubber Flooring Rolls Specifications

  • Width: 4 feet

  • Length: Custom cut by the foot

  • Thickness: 1/4 inches

  • Weight per linear foot: 1.3 pounds

  • Black base color with 10% color fleck options of: Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Medium Gray, Purple, Gold, Green, Brick, Beige, Brown, Charcoal, Chrome, Creme, Forest, Light Green, Orange, Spa, or Teal

  • Texture: Smooth

Maintenance and Care

Avoid leaving dirt, loose debris, and other particles on the surface of the rolled rubber for long periods of time, as it could get ground into the rubber, creating stubborn soils that could affect the grip of the material.

To remove dry dirt and debris from the rolled flooring mat, the surface can be swept with a broom or dust mop. A gentle vacuum cleaner could also be used.

For a more thorough cleaning, a wet mop with a neutral pH floor cleaner should be used. Some people prefer to use an auto scrubber with a nylon brush head. The manufacturer recommends Diversey Profi Floor Cleaner and Grease Remover as the cleaning solution.

After rinsing the rubber flooring roll, remove the excess water with a wet/dry vacuum. Do not leave standing water on the top of the surface, and be sure to give the area time to air dry before allowing people to walk on it again.

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