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How to Build a Basketball Court on a Budget?: Do it Yourself

Indoor Basketball Court Flooring Prices & How To Guide

One look at indoor basketball flooring prices is enough to scare most people out of the project, with some professional basketball floors costing up to $25,000. With just a little bit further research, however, you will see it is possible to construct a beautiful, professional basketball court without paying out the wazoo. It may come as a surprise, but it is true.

Gym Rubber by Greatmats offers a variety of sport court tiles that look and feel as serious as you play - without installation stress or financial strain. Creating a basketball court out of Gym Rubbers' sport court tiles is an easy DIY project, which lets you save on steep installation prices. Further, you don't have to fret about putting money into a project you might eventually have to leave behind by moving. You can simply take your basketball court with you wherever you go.

The type of sport court tiles you use should depend on your budget, environment and general location. Here, you'll learn about the top indoor and outdoor DIY basketball flooring options available.

Indoor Courts

First off, let's talk indoor basketball flooring prices. Prices range depending on the style, material, and size of the floor. At Gym Rubber, indoor basketball flooring prices range from around two dollars per square foot, up to eight dollars per square foot. Indoor court flooring is ideal for community centers, churches, athletic facilities and even homes. No matter the locations, Gym Rubber by Greatmats has the way to create your ideal indoor basketball court. Greatmats offers a few different low-maintenance, high-quality indoor basketball flooring options.

Modular Court Tiles

One of the easiest and most logical ways to build an indoor basketball court is with modular court tiles. Of these, one of the best all-around options is Gym Rubbers' Max Tile Raised Floor Tile. These tiles come in at around $5.50 per square foot, which is an amazing price for the quality of floor. The base of the tile is made of polypropylene, while the top surface is 3 mm of commercial grade laminate vinyl available in multiple different wood grain options. The vinyl is wear-resistant (with a wear layer .03 mm thick) and features UV protective coating, so the tile will never need refinishing. You can also easily paint basketball court lines on vinyl.

Each tile is made with a special connector system designed for a simple yet long-lasting install. All you have to do for installation is place the tiles on a hard surface, align the tiles' nubs with other tiles' loops and step on the top tile with your foot. With a few more steps, you'll have an entire basketball court in no time. The durability of polypropylene ensures the connectors will not degrade, even after repeated removals and installations.

Another wonderful perk of Max Raised tiles is the way they resist moisture-related problems. Because the tiles are raised, air can flow underneath it, which prevents moisture build-up, mold, and mildew. The vinyl is also non-absorbent. Thus, raised basketball flooring is an excellent option for courts in moist environments or subterranean spaces.
Gym Court Tile Pro Flooring Tiles are another popular indoor modular court flooring option. The courts are similar to Max Tiles, except they come with a thicker wear layer. They are designed to last for more than a decade under commercial gym flooring use.

If the vinyl surface is not for you, Greatmats also offers court tiles made of 20 mm-thick pure polypropylene. These snap-together tiles are a fun alternative to the classic wood style with a nice selection of brightly-colored tiles. They are designed to hold 20,000 lbs./square foot, which demonstrates their durability. At under four dollars per square foot, plastic court tiles yield some of the cheapest indoor basketball flooring prices.

No matter what, modular sport court tiles come in a variety of colors and wood-grain designs. You can choose from options including red, blue, white, black, walnut, cherry, oak, and maple. Flooring experts at Gym Rubber by Greatmats suggest also using an underlay under sport court tiles. Although it is an extra cost, the added cushion and quiet is well worth the investment.

Athletic Vinyl Padded Flooring Roll

For those seeking a mostly-seamless floor, Athletic Vinyl Padded Flooring rolls are the way to go. The wood-grain design roll features a 2mm vinyl top layer fusion bonded to a 5 mm rubber base. There is also a high-performance urethane wear layer. The result is an attractive, high-quality wood-alternative flooring. Vinyl padded basketball flooring yields the classic wood style but is a more economical option than a real wood set up.

Don't mistake the practical cost for lesser quality. Vinyl-topped foam floors are still an extremely durable and long-lasting option. Gym Rubbers' vinyl basketball court provides sound and shock absorption, which lessens the risks of floor impact and sound escape. In addition, rolls do not require the maintenance of real wood - no polish or wax is ever required. Instead, floors are easy to maintain just by sweeping or damp mopping. Rolls are available in 4 different colors and come in a standard 6 x 30 ft size.

Outdoor Courts

Now that you have an idea about indoor basketball flooring prices, let's talk about outdoor courts. When choosing basketball flooring for an outside court, it's important that your investment is long-lasting. That means it's necessary to use materials that will maintain their quality even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Gym Rubbers' outdoor sport court tiles are made exactly for that: they are guaranteed to withstand the negative effects of weather while maintaining player-friendliness.

Gym Rubbers' outdoor sport court tiles are made from a special high-impact polypropylene copolymer. Tiles are not some flimsy plastic product. In fact, each square foot can withstand a static load of least 16,000. In other words, these courts are extremely durable.

Further, the outdoor basketball flooring prevents standing water with an innovative flow-through design. As an added safety feature, water dissipates rapidly on these tiles, which means you will not have to worry about the issues that come from moisture-build up. Plus, tiles are also mildew and mold resistant. You won't have to worry about temperature either since Gym Rubbers' sport court tiles are created with thermal expansion control.

Whatever the weather, Gym Rubbers' sport courts remain stable and comfortable for players. Unlike concrete, which does not absorb any shock and thus creates strain and discomfort in the body, these tiles actually reduce leg stress. With a leaf spring-type flex joint system, these tiles create higher comfort and safety. Plus, tiles can conform to minor underlying surface irregularities.

Gym Rubber by Greatmats guarantees both quality and appearance. Outdoor sport court tiles are fully color saturated, so they will not fade over time. Plus, there are 16+ colors to choose from, so you can design your court in any way you wish.

Just like the indoor basketball flooring tiles, installing an outdoor court is a money-saving do-it-yourself project. Installation is easy and does not have to be permanent

Going with Gym Rubber

No matter where you or your court are, choosing Gym Rubber feels like a slam dunk. If you still feel unsure about what kind of flooring is best for you, Gym Rubber offers unbeatable warranties and customer service to help you navigate your options and ensure you get the best DIY Basketball Flooring for the best prices.
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