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Comparing Home Marley Dance Flooring Options Video

Home Marley Flooring Comparison Video

Installing Marley Dance Floors over Carpet and Concrete

Greatmats has two high performance home marley dance flooring systems that are both affordable and easy to install.

The home marley dance floor systems feature either a high density foam or an underlayment. Both are installed beneath an all-purpose vinyl marley surface. The type of underlayment that is best for your installation is determined by the surface of your existing floor.

Over Concrete

If you are installing your home dance flooring over concrete, you'll want to install a layer of 2x2 foot high density Foam Tiles called Sport Plus Designer Foam Tiles. These tiles are 3/8 inch thick and consist of a high density foam that provides separation between the marley surface and the hard concrete floor, without losing support for the dancer.

Cover the foam tiles with our Adagio marley floor for a finished multipurpose home dance floor. This system is not recommended for advanced ballet as it can be too soft and slow to respond for pointe. For advanced ballet and pointe, use our plyometric rubber underlayment.

Over Carpet

If you are looking to convert a carpeted room into a home dance studio, there's no need to tear up that carpet. Use your existing carpet as the cushioned layer of your dance flooring system and install our Flat Top Court Floor Tiles over the carpet, for a firm surface on which to install your marley flooring.

The raised 5/8 inch thick polypropylene tiles will click together and stay in place on your carpet. The top surface of the modular tiles provides support for the Adagio marley vinyl material.

Neither of these options require adhesive to install. Simple use a tape down installation option if necessary. Both options can be taken up as needed, making them portable if your needs change.

For more on this topic please review our Home Dance Flooring product page.