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What to Look for in a Breakdance Mat

Home & Studio Dance Floor: Top Breakdance Mat Features

Breakdance is one of the main elements of hip-hop, a cultural and artistic movement developed in the 1970's in the Bronx. Back then, the movement grew out of block parties thrown by the music group/club/gang called the Black Spades. Since then, both breakdance and hip-hop have been popularized to mainstream status. Communities around the world practice breakdance and hip-hop and the art form continues to gain popularity.

The movement of breakdance was originally inspired by a wide variety of cultures and elements including 1930's street dancing, martial arts, and Russian folk dance. Now, it is defined by its own specific elements. In general, breakdancing is an intensive sport that takes years of practice to develop.

Although breakdancing and hip-hop developed in the streets and is still often practiced outside, there are now breakdance mats that are specifically made for the sport. For those looking to buy hip hop or break dance mats, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

Top Flooring Considerations for Hip Hop Dance

1. Slip-Resistance

Slip-resistance is very important to the reliability of your flooring, as well as the consistency and quality of your dance routine. If you are going to have a successful hip-hop dance, you need to ensure that the breakdance mat you choose will not cause slips and falls. Floors need to have enough traction to keep dancers safe from falling, but not too much traction that movement is hindered. Fortunately, there are many breakdance floors have had slip-resistant properties. Proper mats can ensure great traction with dance shoes and bare feet if needed.

2. Break-Resistance

The hip-hop dance flooring you choose should also be durable and tough. Although it does not need industrial level durability, breakdance mats need to be able to put up with hours of relentless impact, especially if the floors are being used in studios or performance spaces. When dozens of people perform routines over and over again, it can quickly cause damage to an inferior product.

3. Cushioning

A little bit of giving or cushion is also important in a hip dance floor. Even just a small amount of cushion can make all of the difference between a sore, injured body and a happy one. Compared to concrete, a good hip-hop dance mat will give better protection should a dancer fall (which is pretty inevitable for breakdancers). A comfortable floor will also deliver long-term protection to knees, ankles, and ligaments.

Even vinyl tiles, which are certainly not 'cushiony', provide excellent protection compared to unforgiving concrete and asphalt, while rubber yields excellent shock absorption.

4. UV Resistance

For those who will be performing or practicing outdoors, consider UV-resistant breakdance mats. Over time, the sun can cause fading and even structural damage to the material. This can significantly reduce the quality and longevity of your mats and can lead to less-than-stellar dance routines.

Many dance flooring products are UV treated or naturally UV-resistant. Such materials help ensure that mats can be used in any space, even outdoors, for long periods of time. If you are going on a summer dance tour with outdoor venues, performing in the street, or if your dance facility has an outdoor studio, make sure you have UV-resistant materials.

5. Installation Areas

Another important factor to consider is where you will be installing your dance floor. Different products do better over different subfloors. Some dance floors require an underlayment, while others do not. Make sure you are familiar with the space or spaces you would like to install a breakdance mat in order to choose the best-suited option. If you will be using the flooring at multiple locations, make sure you find a product that can be installed over many different surfaces.

Some vinyl tile products can be installed over multiple surfaces, but you may want an underlayment depending on the existing surface on which they will be install.

6. Ease of Installation

For dancers and performers on the go, an easy install is absolutely essential in a breakdance mat. For everyone else, it is a great benefit. In many cases, you can find rolls of rubber flooring that can be laid over virtually any surface. You may need tape of special adhesives, but you will sometimes be able to simply roll it out, depending on the material and the specific surface.

Modular tiles made with intuitive connecting systems are also easy to install. Breakdance floor mats made from interlocking tiles can be quickly assembled and disassembled, creating an easy installation for your dancing needs.

7. Portability

In addition to an easy install, portability is extremely important for those taking their sport on the road. Choose tiles or rolls that are lightweight and easy to carry to help increase portability. Products that are easily stored are also helpful when on the move. Both rolled break dance mats and lightweight vinyl tiles make great portable options.

A permanent breakdance mat does not need the portability of temporary ones, but it never hurts to have a mat that can be moved from one location to another.

8. Storage

Many facilities host a wide variety of activities. They can have breakdancing, sports, music and more. For this reason, it helps to have hip-hop dance floors that can be stored away quickly. If you have to place your mats in a closet or under a stage, storage will be very important.

Again, both rolls and mats tend to be simple to store. Rolls are straightforward to put away while tiles can also be stacked and stored away in a convenient location. Storage is also important if you are going to use the dance mats in your home.

9. Sub-flooring

While many breakdance floor mats will not require a sub-flooring, some will need a material placed between the floor and the mats. A breakdance mat underlay can help protect flooring underneath while also adding extra cushion and support for dancers. Common underlayments include rubber and foam.

As an example, flooring experts recommend a 3-millimeter rubber underlayment for ProCourt Gym Flooring Tile, which reduces noise and makes the material more comfortable.

10. Price

Obviously, the price is always a factor. Whether you are buying for your home, for a dance studio, or for a municipal facility, you likely have a budget and need to carefully weigh your needs against the final price.

Considering price is more than just the upfront cost of the floor. You must also think about any extra materials or hired help that may be needed. For example, sub-flooring, special adhesives or glues may be required. You may even need to purchase extra borders. To save on costs, choose easy to install floors that do not require hired help to install.

High-Quality Breakdance Floor Mats for Home and Facilities

ProCourt Gym Flooring Tile
ProCourt Gym Flooring tiles yield a long lasting and professional finish. These vinyl tiles have a stunning surface design perfect for those that want a wood style dance floor. With a 0.5 mm thick wear layer, it is great for YMCA's and gyms, but can also be used to create portable dance floor surfaces for traveling shows and competitions. It is strong, visually-pleasing, and elegant.

Rosco Adagio Touring Portable Full Roll
The Rosco Adagio Touring Portable Full Roll is made for convenience and professionalism. One of the easiest breakdance floors to install, store, and move, this vinyl flooring surface gives excellent traction and can be placed over a wide range of surfaces. Also a top choice for tap dance routines, it is often utilized to create excellent hip-hop dance performance spaces. This roll is easily customized to fit any and all spaces.

Vario All Around Dance Flooring Black 65.4 Ft
If you are ordering a breakdance mat that will be used for many other dance routines, this is one of your best options. Mats are constructed of a soft foam back with a beautiful vinyl surface. With both cushion and vinyl support, dancers are free to move while their bodies are protected from below. The matte surface is non-reflective and has excellent slip resistance. While tape is recommended, installation is simple and fast.

The Right Breakdance Mat is Waiting for You

Check out all of the amazing dance floor options at Gym Rubber by Greatmats. They carry a huge variety of hip hop flooring to ensure at least one can satisfy all your desires for a dance floor.

The right flooring can make a big difference, so contact the helpful team at Gym Rubber, and they will help guide you to the right materials for your specific needs.

For more on this topic please review our Dance Flooring product page.
For more on this topic please review our Dance Flooring product page.