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How to Store Marley Dance Floors and Vinyl Flooring Rolls

How to Store Marley Dance Floors & Vinyl Flooring Rolls

Vinyl dance floors, also known as marley floors, are one of the most popular performance surfaces in the dance and theater world. These floors offer a sleek, attractive look that does not distract from the performance happening on stage. However, that is just a small piece of why they are so popular. Marley floors have just the right amount of traction for dancers and performers. They have enough resistance to minimize accidental slips and falls, but not so much that they hinder the movements of athletes. Marley floors are typically installed over a sprung floor, which offers the most safety and support for performers.

In theaters, marley flooring is hardly ever a permanent installation. Theaters routinely switch out flooring depending on the dance or show. Dance companies sometimes bring along their own marley floors to have them put in at all venues they visit.

However, storing and transporting those floors can be tricky business. When stored or transported improperly, a beautiful floor can become bunched, wavy, creased or worse yet, torn. Such damage is avoidable, and with a nice marley floor being a significant investment, it should be avoided at all costs. Luckily, if properly maintained and transported, a marley roll can last years and years. In the long run, proper maintenance saves time, energy and money.

So what is the proper way to go about caring for vinyl flooring rolls?

First of all, vinyl rolls need a center pipe or core tube to roll around, particularly if being laid down on their side. Keeping vinyl flooring rolls on their side without a center pipe ultimately causes the flooring to ripple. Sometimes, ripples can be smoothed out. Other times, the ripples are irreparable - particularly when rolls are stored improperly for extended periods of time. A sturdy core provides the support necessary to keep vinyl rolls from flattening and bending whilst rolled up.

The best way to store or transport your marley when not in use is to roll it up either around the cardboard tube it came with or a PVC pipe of similar diameter. Using releasable vinyl tape, tape the roll tightly together and store the roll on end in an upright position. This will prevent distortion or warping of your flooring and leave it the same condition as when you unroll it for your next use.

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Want to learn more about marley flooring and how to care for it? Check out Gym Rubber vinyl flooring rolls product pages for a wide variety of information. You can also find tutorials, how to's, and blogs with a ton of interesting and good-to-know particulars. When you feel like receiving some direct support, get in touch with the open and caring flooring specialists, who are there to make sure you get all of your questions and concerns taken care of.

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