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How to Beautifully Renovate Your Outdoor Space in Minutes

Find Comfort, Class and Safety with Outdoor Deck Turf Tiles

By Julia Nass

You know that outdoor space you've been meaning to get around to fixing up? It's the one that has all this potential, but you haven't found the time or money to turn it into the haven you envision. No more excuses: we have a simple solution.

Greatmats' artificial turf squares are an affordable way to transform your space within minutes. With our turf tiles, you can completely renovate the appearance of your outdoor recreational area. Not only do our artificial grass tiles provide a full-on makeover for your space, but they provide comfort for your family and guests. Turf tiles look and feel incredible in any setting, from decks and patios to pool surrounds.


No deck is invincible to time and weather. Natural wear is inevitable, and if you're not careful, your deck or patio can turn into an uninviting, shoes-required space. Building a completely new deck, however, is an incredibly expensive project. Further, rebuilding or replacing materials is extremely time-consuming. Luckily, Greatmats' deck turf easily covers any splintered, discolored, old-looking, or worn-out materials. With just a few turf tiles, it's a breeze to cover up any deck damage.

Artificial turf squares are more than a just a bandaid for the problem, however. They actually protect surfaces from further harm. Over one inch thick, turf tiles act as a durable shield against weather. Unlike other options, our artificial grass squares feature drain-through properties so standing water is never an issue. With Greatmats' turf tiles, you'll no longer have to be disheartened by the state of the deck. You will not only be able to relax on your beautifully transformed deck, but you will rest easy knowing you are protecting the longevity and quality of your space.

Balconies and Rooftop Terraces

Perhaps you are looking for a way to improve your concrete balcony or rooftop terrace. It's difficult to find a solution for turning cold, unforgiving surfaces into a barefoot friendly environment. Often, outdoor weatherproof options are not soft, natural-looking or comfortable. Artificial turf squares are all of the above. Your toes will stay happy and warm on turf tiles. Again, drain-through properties make it safe for concrete: you won't have to worry about discoloration or stains.

Not only that, but it's difficult to find something to suit rental homes, apartments and condominiums. You need something that can easily be installed and uninstalled without affecting the product's quality. Greatmats' artificial turf squares can be laid out loosely as a temporary option, so you can easily bring them with you if you move. Adhesive is not required for dependable, stable installment. At 8 lbs per tile, there is no strain in moving them. On the other hand, adhesive can be used for a permanent installation. No other hardware is required, so either way, installation is a complete breeze.

Pool Surrounds

Love your pool, but having a difficult time enjoying its surroundings? Greatmats' artificial turf squares will create an environment surrounding your pool that will make you want to lounge there all day. The tiles look awesome, but also make sense. You don't have to worry about turf tiles getting wet. Water never pools on them, and they stay just as secure, safe, and comfortable even when wet. Fake grass tiles are much safer to walk over than wet concrete, and feel infinitely better on the feet.

Indoor Sun Rooms

Despite the fact the durability and weather-safety of turf tiles make them an awesome outdoor solution, there is no reason they can't be used indoors as well. Artificial grass squares also do wonders for sun rooms, mud-rooms and pet rooms. You can easily bring in the feel of the great outdoors in order to create a nice, natural-looking surface for pets, playtime and feet. Grass tiles are secure and steady, so you'll never have to worry about slippage.

Artificial Turf Tile Construction

No matter the landscape, Greatmats' turf tiles will fit. Artificial turf squares are flexible, so can easily be installed over irregular surfaces. It's not necessary to worry about awkward bumps or lumps. Because of two durable plastic tubes installed through slats in the tiles, they will lie flat on uneven surfaces. They can also easily be cut to fit irregularly shaped areas.

Still, turf tiles can also be installed like traditional patio slabs or interlocking stone, which provides a neat, well-proportioned look. Greatmats even offers snap-together turf tiles, which easily connect together simply by laying the tab over a loop and pressing down. Artificial turf squares are sure to lay flat and uniform without shifting over time.

No renovation will ever be as quick, easy, and cheap as installing Greatmats' turf tiles. Artificial turf squares have the power to utterly transform your space into something you're happy in and something you're proud to share. Whatever the environment, be it deck, patio, pool-side, or indoors, you need something reliable underfoot.

Grass tiles are durable enough to last for years no matter what you decide to put on them: they can be used with tables, chairs and other furniture. Artificial turf squares are simple to clean: you can easily spray them down with water or wash like any other floor. They are safe, reliable and inviting.

After installing Greatmats' turf tiles, you will undoubtedly breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, you will have something for your space that looks and feels just right.
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