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Top Five Most Popular Boat Flooring Tiles

Top 5 Most Popular Boat Rubber, PVC & Carpet Tiles

Not just any kind of flooring can go into a boat. Boats require specialty flooring alternatives that can withstand high levels of moisture exposure, foot traffic, and fluctuating weather conditions. Marine flooring should also contribute to the aesthetics of the boat rather than take away from it. And wouldn't it be nice if a new boat floor wasn't killer expensive? All of those qualities - and more - are found in the following top five most popular boat flooring tiles.


Patio Outdoor Tile

Users find Patio Outdoor Tiles to be an easy and well-rounded option for boat flooring. These tiles are lightweight and easy to cut down to fit irregularly shaped spaces. No extra tools are needed for installation. With an intuitive and sturdy connecting system, tiles simply snap together by hand. Patio Outdoor Tiles are waterproof and slip resistant and can be used both inside and outside. Water drains through the perforated surface, leaving a constantly dry top.

Each tile is designed with 265 pegs on the underside, which secures the elevated tile so it doesn't shift or move. As the name suggests, these tiles are designed for outdoor patios. Thus, the top surface is comfortable to walk on barefoot and will not get as hot as other materials when sitting in the sun. The durable PVC material means tiles will not break down under heavy furniture or foot traffic. Rather, they stay looking good as new for years down the line. This boat flooring is UV treated and comes with a one-year warranty. Patio Outdoor Tiles come in three color options: light gray, blue and terra cotta.


StayLock Perforated Tile

StayLock Perforated Tiles are similar to the Patio Outdoor Tiles, except they are more flexible, soft and cushioned. Tiles are made with ergonomic support to decrease strain from standing for long periods of time. Plus, they are designed to be smooth and comfortable for bare feet. Like Outdoor Patio Tiles, StayLock tiles are hassle-free to work with and are flexible enough to contour to irregular underlying surfaces.

This marine flooring is designed for longevity in wet environments. The sturdy tab locking system prevents the tiles from separating over time, even under heavy loads and extended periods of moisture. StayLock tiles resist most oils and many acids, which is important in a boat environment. Plus, with slip-resistance and an ASTM fall height rating of 20 inches, tiles are safe in wet environments.


Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile

Most types of carpet are not recommended for boat environments because they can foster mold and mildew when wet. In general, carpet is hard to maintain when moisture is present. However, marine carpet tiles do exist. Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile is one of the best.

Unlike most carpet tile options, Royal marine carpet tiles are one hundred percent waterproof. Because of that, they are also easy to clean. Customers rave about how convenient it is to maintain this stain-resistant, lightweight boat floor.

These marine carpet tiles are composed of two materials: high-quality foam bonded to a carpet surface (similar to that found in a luxury vehicle). Tiles are a breeze to install into any sized space. Each edge has a puzzle piece design that interlocks with one another. They are so convenient to install that no other tools or adhesives are necessary. Simply interlock tiles together and cut edges with a sharp utility knife to fit the area of the boat. The carpet tiles are cushioned and comfortable and will last under tables, chairs and foot traffic. (Some indenting may occur under furniture legs. Use furniture sliders to help prevent indentations)


Ring Mats

Rings Mats are a heavier duty yet affordable marine flooring option. This flooring is 3 x 3 by 5/8 black rubber mat with drainage rings. Ring Mats yield a hard-wearing boat floor that will outlast even the heaviest usage. Every Ring boat mat provides super grip - enough to keep people from slipping on the surface even when water is present. Plus, mats are anti-fatigue and feel fine to stand on for hours at a time.

These boat mats are specifically designed for outdoor use in wet areas. Made from premium rubber, mats are fine in wind, rain, waves, sun and fluctuating temperatures. Be aware that this boat flooring does yield a rubber odor upon installation, so proper ventilation is key. These tiles have interlocking edges, so it's easy to secure any size space you desire.


Garden Deck Tile WPC

Nothing says elegance and class like wood, which is why flooring experts at Gym Rubber recommend Garden Deck boating tiles for an unbeatable style. These tiles are made out of wood plastic composite, an increasingly popular material. It looks exactly look wood, except it lasts far longer and will not warp, rot or decompose like wood. With Garden Deck tiles, one can choose from Oak, Maple and Redwood styles, all of which bring in warmth and comfort to any boat space.

Unlike other wood products out there, this lightweight boat floor is long-lasting outdoors, easy to use, and simple to maintain. This boat flooring will not absorb water in the least and is designed to withstand changing outdoor environments without shifting or changing. Manufacturers create Great Deck tiles to connect together without shifting, even over surface irregularities. No adhesives or even fasteners are needed to install this DIY floor. Tiles are tough and come with a one year warranty.

Gym Rubber Has Your Back

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