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Outdoor, Temp & Portable Event Flooring & Carpet Tiles

Greatmats offers a wide variety of easily installed event flooring for sale for inside and outside setups. Among temporary flooring for events, event tent flooring, and artificial turf, we have multiple selections. Where aesthetics and function are a must, our temporary event flooring can put the finishing touch on shows, celebrations, or gatherings.

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Carpet for event floors, Portable event flooring tiles, Outdoor temporary party flooring

Greatmats offers a wide variety of easily installed event flooring for sale for inside and outside setups. Among temporary flooring for events, event tent flooring, and artificial turf, we have multiple selections. Where aesthetics and function are a must, our temporary event flooring can put the finishing touch on shows, celebrations, or gatherings.

Perforated Event Floor Tiles

When exploring the key aspects of an event flooring system, understand that we’re offering both solid and perforated options.

Perforations allow water to drain, should there be a rainstorm or spills. Solid coverings are generally more suitable for use inside, offering greater variety in surface patterns and textures.

Some portable event flooring with perforated surfaces can be placed directly over grass. This allows the plants to continue to receive sunlight and air. This is ideal for a layout for a party in the yard.

However, it is intended for limited use. It may inhibit grass growth if it remains in place for extended periods of time.

Our Portable Outdoor Tile has the strength needed to deliver excellent results. It is constructed of tough polypropylene. It can even hold the weight of a vehicle.

The unique hinge design snaps together like no other tile on the market. It works in irregular, uneven locations including natural cover on the ground, dirt, stones, or sand. It’s waterproof and resistant to ultraviolet rays.

It also works well in areas where kids will be present. Spilled drinks and other liquids will simply drain through the perforations, limiting the mess and making it easy to clean. Certain ones offer limited fall protection ratings for increased safety.

Event Carpet and Artificial Turfs

Event carpeting often includes an interlocking system for the tiles. This allows for fast installation and removal. Raised carpet top pieces sit on a plastic base that lifts away from the subfloor. This allows air to flow underneath.

When it comes to event flooring solutions for use outside, versatility is vital. It needs to withstand all kinds of weather, including rain, UV rays, and other challenges the elements can bring.

We offer a number of practical solutions designed to perform in challenging locations. When seeking a temporary floor covering for party spaces, count on us to provide the highest quality and greatest variety.

For a more natural look for temporary floor coverings, consider faux turf. It creates the look and feel of natural surfaces, and it can be installed over any hard, flat surface.

The rolls don’t require adhesives, allowing for temporary flooring layouts. Artificial grasses make for attractive coverings.

Indoor Portable Floors for Dances

Our modular, portable dance floor tiles deliver a beautiful space for a fun gathering featuring a band and dancing.

Each one measures 1x1 foot in size, which is easy to install. Or leave a number of them connected and transport them in larger sizes up to 3x3 feet to speed up the setup process. Ramped borders are also available.

When standing for a long time at the gathering, consider investing in our cushioned StayLock Orange Peel, Staylock Bump Top, and interlock foam or carpet tiles to maximize the comfort of attendees. All of these provide excellent cushioning.

StayLock is ergonomically constructed to reduce fatigue. It will not absorb moisture. It offers a durable surface that is resistant to different footwear types, including heels.

Foam tiling offers the softest feel, and it’s manufactured in the widest array of colors. There’s even a few that appear in woodgrain varieties.

Because it is so soft, it works nicely for kids' parties, where partygoers may run and fall down. Be aware that high heels can puncture foam, so it isn't the best choice for every use case.

Eye-catching vinyl with a bit of gloss in the top layer will bring style and class to the situation. It’s commonly used for runways at fashion shows or for stage performances where dancing may occur.

Quickly roll it out across large areas. Our rolls measure 6x60 feet and are a great way to cover big spaces with minimal seams. We are also offering custom cut lengths of our commercial grade material, which carries multiple brilliant color choices.

Our Self Adhesive Vinyl GamFloors are specifically made for situations where they will not be permanently left in place. They can be painted or printed on. They can be applied to most smooth areas to create an instant stage, dance studio, or display area.

These are made for one-time use, and they’re tough enough to last for months. Installing the GamFloors is a simple process, as is removal. They're affordable, creating a simple way to transform a space.

Event High Gloss Full Rolls work for repeated installations. Our glossy rollout vinyl is sure to catch attention, making it excellent for almost any kind of show. Tape will keep the material in place.

Additionally, consider one of our marley dance products. The Rosco Adagio Touring Portable Full Roll is a popular choice in a non-permanent usage case.

The durable material can be used for all types of dancing, such as tap, jazz, and ballet. Just unroll it and tape it down for a secure fit.

Durable Portable Flooring

For automobile show rooms or auto special events, we offer some of the greatest durability on the market with our items. Several of our plastic product options are rated to endure greater than 20,000 pounds per square foot of static load.

With endless possibilities for designs, our event floors look as good as they perform.

Greatmats has a wide range of items in stock and ready for quick shipment coast to coast. Shipping is available via ground delivery in cartons or via freight delivery for big orders.

Event Flooring Q&A

How quickly does an outside event floor covering assemble and disassemble?
Tent flooring options appear in interlock puzzle styles with padded or raised airflow backing. They’re easily installable and come with border edging for the perfect professional touch. With the possibility of perforations atop the layer over the base, they have the ability to perform turf protection. Use them where a more upscale style is desired. And after the outdoor event, they disassemble in a hurry for immediate storage.

Should I buy or rent floors for my events?
Although outdoor event flooring rental has occasional advantages, the best selection in most cases is a purchase. Making a purchase and owning it ensures it’s always available in exactly the required coverage size. No longer worry about whether the rental company has the needed volumes in stock. With a purchase, customers completely control the color and style in use. Installing the products from Greatmats will be easier than a rental product installation too.

What subfloor is required for event flooring?
With a raised plastic support base and long lasting upper layers (sometimes featuring woodgrain or stone patterns), these pieces will fit nicely across a relatively flat subfloor that has some firmness to it. Customers use them atop dry grounds in the yard, as well as gravel, cement, carpeting, wood, or laminate.

Can event flooring be a DIY installation?
One of the biggest benefits of our product selections is the ability to put them together quickly and easily with no prior experience required. Removing them goes just as quick, meaning they’re ideal for short term use.

Benefits of Portability for Assembling
  1. Easy snap together assembling systems
  2. Removeable, reinstallable, and reusable flooring
  3. Lightweight and portable
  4. Designed to be aesthetically appealing for any type of gathering