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Find all you need to know about specialty flooring through Greatmats Flooring Knowledge Base. This specialty flooring informational resource will help you learn how specialty flooring can help in dozens of different industries, ranging from sports to playground to industrial and commercial facilities, through blogs, how-to's, options and ideas resources and customer profiles.

  • About Flooring Products

    Greatmats about products library of flooring information blogs. Use this flooring library for research on special flooring how to's and customer profiles
  • Flooring Blogs

    Find information about Greatmats specialty flooring. Use this blog library for flooring research, learn about options and ideas, installation ideas and more
  • Flooring How Tos

    Learn Everything from How to Choose Specialty Flooring to How to Install It
  • Flooring Options and Ideas

    Find flooring options and ideas for specialty flooring systems from Greatmats for athletic, home and commercial floor installations.
  • Flooring Resource Pages

    Learn the big names in each industry that utilizes specialty flooring.
  • Flooring User Profiles

    Find out just how Greatmats customers feel about their purchases and how they use them.
  • Flooring Video Library

    View Greatmats videos on rubber flooring, foam mats, carpet tiles and more. Find videos on flooring product information and flooring use.
At Greatmats we're focused on providing customers with all of the information they need to make an informed and confident decision when determining the best flooring for their needs. Here, you can breakdown the differences between types of applications, materials, installation designs and much more for any of our specialty flooring options.

About Products
We offer a section entitled - About Products - which will give you in depth analysis of specific products or product groups.

In our blogs, we often compare numerous flooring styles that are useful within a given industry, breaking them down by things such as materials, size and thickness, hardness, surface textures and installation design. We give tips as to when and where to use specific tiles, mats and flooring rolls based on locations and climate.

How To's
Our How To's give professional advice on installation, cleaning or floor design, etc.

Options and Ideas
In the options and ideas sections, you find out what specialty flooring options are available for any area, such as garages, basements, warehouses, entryways, family rooms or kitchens.