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Flooring for Aerobics, Aerobic Floor Foam Tiles

Aerobic Flooring Pro Tile

SKU# ADFTile38
Professional quality aerobic flooring, interlocking portable tiles
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  • Wooden Grain

  • White Marble

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Thickness 3/8 inch
Length 3.30 feet
Width 3.30 feet
Weight 5.50 lbs
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Top Features for Aerobic Flooring Pro Tile

  1. Durable Top Surface Texture
  2. Correct Density for Aerobics
  3. Marble Surface Texture Design
  4. Durable for Athletic Footwear
  5. Easy Interlocking Installation
  6. No Glue, Dry Lay Tiles
  7. Easy to Clean
  8. Non Absorbant
Use Types

Aerobic Floors, Professional Athletic Studio Floors, Commercial Aerobic Studios

Professional quality aerobic flooring, interlocking portable tiles

When seeking a tough flooring option for daily usage in commercial aerobic and dance facilities, our will fulfill your needs, while also being easy to install. This aerobic studio flooring tile features a durable surface texture that will stand up to the most punishing aerobics training. Additionally, this EVA high density foam floor tile is perfect for all dance exercise programs and classes.

This aerobic flooring will lock together tightly and easily, thanks to the puzzle style edges on the individual tiles. When interlocked, the tiles will stay put and lay flat with no curling at the edges that could cause athletes and dancers to trip.

Most importantly, this flooring for aerobics will provide the anti-fatigue cushion needed for your athletes to be able to practice hard without suffering joint pain. Instructors who are using the floor for multiple classes also will greatly appreciate the cushioning in these aerobic floor foam tiles, allowing them to work comfortably for an entire day.

Great Looking Tiles
When installing the foam tile floor for aerobics in a commercial studio setting, you're going to love the finished look it provides. We offers this Aerobic Flooring Pro Tile in two color options, wood grain and white marble.

The different marbling and grains we use in these aerobic studio flooring pieces mimic the look of other types of flooring, meaning those visiting your studio likely won't realize they're looking at a foam style of flooring until they step on it. You'll love having this impressive looking aerobic flooring in your studio.

By using a large tile size in this aerobic flooring, you'll reduce the number of seams in your floor versus a smaller size of tile. This can be especially important in a professional dance, aerobic, or athletic studio setting, where you need the floor to look great while also being sturdy. Fewer seams will make the floor look more professional.

Installation Tips
These aerobics floor tiles each measure 40 by 40 inches, meaning they are extremely large. The tiles each will offer 10.83 square feet of coverage, as you will lose a little bit of coverage area to the interlocking edges of the flooring for aerobics tiles.

Each tile measures 3/8 of an inch in thickness. Despite being large tiles, each individual tile only weighs 5.5 pounds. At that weight, one person certainly can move and install these tiles, but because of the large size of the aerobic studio flooring individual pieces, you may have more success with installation by having multiple people available.

This aerobic studio flooring tile has an interlocking design, which makes installation as easy as laying the tiles down and piecing them together. Just line up the tabs on one tile with the slots on the adjacent tile and press down on the seam, popping the tabs into the slots. Because no glue is required, these flooring for aerobics tiles are an excellent choice for temporary or non-permanent installations.

Allow the foam tiles to acclimate to your room before installation. We would recommend storing the tiles in the room where they will be installed for at least 24 hours before working with them. This will allow the foam tiles to adjust to the humidity in the room, as this foam material can expand with changes in heat and humidity. Because of this possibility of expansion, we recommend that you allow a 1/4-inch expansion gap at the edges of wall-to-wall installations.

Should you need to cut these tiles to create a flat edge and remove the puzzle style edge, this is an easy process. You'll need a sharp utility knife and a large straight edge to cut these tiles. Keep in mind that because these tiles measure 40 inches on each edge, you will need a straight edge of at least that length to be able to cut these tiles as straight as possible.

The sub-floor does not need any special preparation before installing these tiles. Just make sure that the sub-floor is free of debris and has no moisture on it. The aerobic studio flooring tile will perform better if the sub-floor is perfectly flat and level. If you have large undulations in the sub-floor, we'd recommend leveling the floor before installing these tiles.

Cushioning Properties
The 3/8 inch thickness of the flooring for aerobics provides all of the support and cushion needed for aerobic, step, and dance movement, even when you install these tiles directly over a hard, unforgiving sub-floor, such as concrete.

EVA foam, short for ethylene vinyl acetate, is an elasticized closed-cell type of foam that works great for aerobic flooring. It has a softness, durability, and flexibility that provides excellent buoyancy and shock absorbing qualities. Because this type of flooring is easy on the ankle and knee joints, you'll be impressed with how much longer you can practice without feeling tired.

Yet, even with the cushioning properties of this type of flooring, it still works well for aerobics, where athletes need to have a sturdy footing for confident movements. The athletes won't sink so far into the floor that they cannot move easily and surely.

You'll also appreciate EVA flooring for use in athletics settings because it's so easy to clean and maintain. Even if the athletes sweat on this floor or spill liquids on it, these tiles will stand up to whatever occurs, allowing you to keep the flooring clean and safe for the athletes or dancers.

You can use this type of aerobic flooring in your home's basement, garage, or attic area where you're trying to create an exercise room or a play room for kids. The cushioning properties of the EVA foam will give you a much safer surface for use at home than cement.

Long Lasting Flooring
These floor tiles for aerobics and jazz dance provide a high quality flooring that features commercial grade surface durability. Each of the flooring for aerobics tiles consist of high density EVA foam material combined with rubber content in the material compound that creates a very durable top surface texture. Because of the way these tiles are constructed, you can count on the surface texture of the tile lasting for many years of use, even when used with athletic footwear.

These aerobic studio flooring tiles feature a Shore C 65 material density rating, which highlights the durability you'll receive. Each tile carries a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Usage Notes
When preparing to use this product, we have some recommendations that will help you make the most of the Greatmats Aerobic Flooring Pro Tile.

Basic Cleaning: You can perform basic cleaning and maintenance of this flooring for aerobics by using a vacuum cleaner. Have your vacuum cleaner set at the highest setting, or you can just use the hose and nozzle setting. Do not use the vacuum cleaner's power head, which could damage the surface of these tiles. If you're concerned about the vacuum causing damage to these flooring for aerobics tiles, we recommend that you test the vacuum on an area of the flooring where it won't be noticeable if any damage occurs.

Thorough Cleaning: This tile product can be damp mopped with common household floor cleaners. These aerobic studio flooring tiles will not absorb liquid. However, we recommend that you avoid using cleaners that contain bleach.

Avoid High Heels: High heels can puncture the foam tiles, so avoid using the flooring in areas where visitors to your studio will be walking. Limit use of these tiles to areas where aerobics or dance classes will be occurring, where you can control the footwear in use.

Avoid Carpeted Sub-Floor: If you plan to use these tiles in an aerobics studio, do not place the tiles on top of carpeting. With a carpeting sub-floor, the foam tiles may shift out of place as the flooring is put under stress during aerobics activities.

Use Indoors Only: When used outside, the aerobic studio flooring foam tiles may expand. If these tiles are exposed to direct sunlight in warm climates for extended periods of time, curling is likely to occur.

Color Variations: Color and shade may vary somewhat from foam tile to foam tile within the same order. This is a common occurrence with EVA foam tiles and not a manufacturing defect.

No Border Strips: Our flooring does have a very small lip at 3/8 of an inch in thickness, which means you may be concerned with people tripping over the edge of the floor. We do not offer a border strip or a ramp border that can reduce the impact of the lip. However, if you perform a wall-to-wall installation of these tiles, you can minimize the area where people may have to step over the small lip. Just trim the puzzle style edges of the tiles to create a flat edge that you can use for the wall-to-wall installation.

If you have any questions regarding our flooring for aerobics, please contact our customer service team. Explain how you plan to use the flooring, and our customer service personnel can help you figure out whether this tile will meet your needs, or whether another product is better for you.


Product can be damp mopped with common household floor cleaners, avoid bleach. Test your vacuum before use.


Ships via freight delivery shrink wrapped on pallets.

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In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Foam
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 3/8 inch
Width 3.30 feet
Length 3.30 feet
SF per Item 10.83
Weight 5.50 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 120
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock Yes
Interlock Loss 0.06 feet
Material Hardness Shore C 65
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In China
Surface Finish Smooth leather
Surface Design Marble design
Installation Method Interlocking, dry lay
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Product Questions:

I have several people that have joint issues in knees & neck and back issues. How well will this floor work with high impact aerobics that not only require jumping up n down but side to side movements with both shoes on & off.
The flooring tile has been well received in major branded aerobic facilities nationwide. The flooring is designed for aerobic activities in all directions.
does this work well over carpet?
Not really, these tiles need to be installed on a hard flat surface, they can slip around when installed over carpet. Consider a modular tile for installation over carpeting, like the Staylock bump top tile.
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Customer Rating:

We love aerobic dancing on this floor! It's perfect for absorbing impact & so easy to clean! I'm more than happy with this purchase


Customer Rating:

This floor is so amazing! I just took over a Jazzercise franchise in Commack, NY. My students are absolutely loving this floor. I have been teaching for the past 7 years and nothing has come close to feeling this good on the body. Thank you to Angie for the recommendation!! And it was ridiculously easy to install.

Commack, NY

Customer Rating:

Great mats, love them, easy to install.
You can do it yourself, and it covers quickly - being 40 inch by 40 inches. You can mop them, sweep them and just overall get a good sanitize. When you mop them clean, they look clean. They're bright. It helps a lot. It makes the room look not so 'workouty' - more homey.
We got exactly what we ordered. Good price. Good Quality. They came shipped on pallets, marked. It was a great experience.

Greenup, KY

Customer Rating:

My husband installed this flooring in my Jazzercise studio in Mt. Clemens, MI. It was easy to install and my students love dancing on this floor. My only complaint was that it was not available in the color I wanted as displayed on the website (marble gray). The color choice I ended up going with (solid gray) has been discontinued so I purchased way more than I needed just in case we needed replacement tiles in the future.

I would order this flooring again as my Jazzercise students are very happy with the feel of it during their workout.

Chesterfield, MI

Customer Rating:

Thank you for your help with completing the studio. Everyone loves the floor!

Hazel Park, MI

Customer Rating:

Hi all at Great Mats,

We at the Yoga Barn wanted to thank you - everyone of your team for not just the Great
mats (perfect for Yoga) that are warm, soft and cozy on the feet and body; but for followup and personal caring. As you might remember we have a challenging situation with a concrete floor that is coated with an epoxy based pigmented covering. The floor has always been cold and slippery. Your Great Mats have solved the problem and our customers love the warmth and comfort the mats provide. Also your mats are so easy to clean and fit so well in the room. We did as you suggested - fit the room tightly with the mats by cutting in the edge. This was easily done with a razor knife and a metal straight edge. Please check out these pictures of how we used the edging as interior door insulator. Because the mats have some flexibility we were able to conform the edging tightly to the door to seal out any prevailing drafts. Cool huh?

Again thanks for everything - your stuff and family are truly Great.

Sincerely Gayle D.
Yoga Barn

Germantown Wis

Customer Rating:

Easy installation. Clients seem to like the feel. Installed as aerobic floor. To early to tell about durability. Color variation could use some improvement.

Newark, OH

Customer Rating:

I purchased the Great Mats aerobic flooring for my Jazzercise Center which I was relocating. I had seen the picture on the website which features a center so I had been contemplating this product. One of my associate instructors had ordered a sample and after receiving it I placed a Facebook question asking about the product and other experiences. Based on those and having a little piece in my hands, I ordered it! It was amazingly easy and quick to install and it feels great to workout on!

Eagle River, AK

Customer Rating:

Looks like it will work great. Thanks for helping me with the shipping! -Newenka

Hinsdale, IL

Customer Rating:

We LOVE this floor! It is awesome for walking, dancing Zumba, cleaning and does not absorb odor (pretty important for a fitness franchise). However, it did have a smell the first few days that went away, and our Kirby vacuum cleaner made horrible marks in it the first time we tried to use it. The only other con is that it is pretty loud when we get a lot of people on the circuit as everything bounces off the smooth surface. As a result, we've been looking into sound proofing somehow. Any suggestions?

Driggs, ID