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How to Decrease Noise Levels in Kids Rooms

Decrease Noise Levels in Kids Rooms: Soundproof Floor

As wonderful as it is to hear kiddos playing and having fun, sometimes the noise is just a little bit too much. If the noise just gets too out of hand, it is time to consider ways to reduce it. The first thing that may come to mind is to install soundproof ceiling tiles or sound dampening wall panels. However, this can prove to be a costly and time-consuming process.

The simplest way to ensure a safe play environment that also minimizes noise levels is to choose a protective and floor dampening floor. With these flooring options, your kids can play safely - and softly.

Tips on Choosing Quiet Kids Flooring

You'll find that you have many options when it comes to noise proof flooring for kids. Here are a few qualities to look for in the flooring.

Cushion and Comfort

Most kids tend to spend a good chunk of time on the floor - playing, relaxing or crawling around. The comfier the floor, the happier kiddos will be doing so. Look for a tile that offers excellent cushion and comfort. Foam tiles tend to be the most popular option for cushion since they're soft, flexible, and comfortable to sit, lay and kneel on.

Fall Height Protection

In addition to the intentional time spent on the floor, kids also tend to land there on accident. Thus, it is important to choose a floor with an ATSM fall height rating. A fall height rating signifies that the product has been tested and proven to help reduce injuries that may result from a fall of a particular height. The greater the fall height rating, the more protection a product offers.


Protective products are awesome for when falls do happen, but why not choose a product that helps to reduce falls in the first place? Picking a floor with adequate traction should do the trick. Look for tiles that have a textured surface designed to help prevent falls when kids are running, dancing or playing sock-footed.

Sound Dampening Properties

Sound dampening properties are a must for kids flooring. Noise reducing floor tiles for kids rooms can make a significant difference in the noise that kids generate while at play. Quiet kids flooring won't only help to reduce the noise level in the room, but can also help to keep the sound from traveling through the rest of the house.

Easy Installation

The installation process of quiet kids flooring is another factor to consider. The easier the process, the more time and cost effective the flooring becomes. At Greatmats, we offer a selection of puzzle mats and interlocking tiles that fit together quickly and easily. As an added bonus, the tiles can be removed and then later reinstalled if you ever need. Easy take up and put down also gives more creative freedom and makes maintenance easier. With an easy installation system, you can change the dimensions of the floor or move tiles during cleaning.

Non-Toxic Properties

Any flooring you consider for a kid's room needs to be non-toxic. Lead and latex-free flooring is a priority for many. Gym Rubber by Greatmats offers many non-toxic flooring options that are safe for every age.


If drinks and foods are allowed in a kids room, chances are some of it will end up on the floor at some point. A spilled drink can stain or damage a floor that isn't waterproof, so look for waterproof options for kids' areas. Waterproof tiles are easy to clean, so spills are no problem.

Options for Soundproofing Kids Floors

Now that the generals are laid out, it is time to start talking specifics. Gym Rubber by Greatmats offers a variety of products that fit all of the above criteria and more. Here are just a few quiet kids flooring options to consider.

Foam Floor Mats

Want a quiet flooring option that's available in eye-catching colors kids will love? Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium absorb the impact of kids jumping around while reducing traveling sound, and they are available in 15 brilliant colors. Mats are constructed with a high-quality EVA foam that offers supreme comfort. In addition to cushion and comfort, they are a safe choice. One side it thatched for increased grip, which is useful whether the smooth side or thatched side is facing up. Plus, these tiles are both lead and latex free.

Foam Floor Mats Premium are waterproof and stain resistant, so they stay looking fresh over long periods of time. Measuring 2x2 feet, the mats fit together just like puzzle pieces, making installation fast and easy. Each tile comes with 2 border strips, so you can create a finished island installation, or you can cut the mats for a wall-to-wall installation.

Home MMA BJJ Mats

If your kids like to play and roughhouse hard, Home MMA BJJ Mats may be a perfect choice. These mats are specifically designed for martial arts use, which means they provide top-notch shock absorption and injury protection. Plus, all sound caused by impacts is reduced due to such effective shock absorption. The closed-cell foam makes them soft and cushioning yet firm enough to provide plenty of grip and traction. Additionally, a special tatami texture prevents rug burn.

Home MMA BJJ Mats are waterproof, so cleanup is easy. They're lead and latex free, and even offer anti-fatigue properties. The tiles fit together like puzzle pieces, and each tile includes two border strips for an island installation.

Indoor Playground Foam Tiles

Indoor Playground Foam Tiles take safety, durability and sound absorption seriously. Designed for playground use, these tiles offer an impressive 4-foot ASTM fall height rating. Like Home MMA BJJ mats, these tiles have a rug burn eliminating tatami texture.

These tiles fit together like puzzle pieces. They're on the larger size, measuring 3.3x3.3 feet, so they're a better choice for a larger space, like a basement, than they are for a smaller, irregular shaped playroom. Each tile includes 4 border strips so you can easily create a finished island installation.

Folding Gym Tumbling Mat

For the next level of protection for wrestling or roughhousing, Folding Gym Tumbling Mats are the way to go. These mats are designed for use with gymnastics, which means they offer excellent shock absorption. If your kids are practicing gymnastics or just like to roughhouse, these mats can be put down on top of any existing flooring to provide additional protection when you need it. These mats are perfect for temporary use - picking them up and storing them when through is super easy.

Folding Gym Tumbling Mats measure a full 2 inches thick and come in a variety of widths and heights. These mats have a high impact foam core. They're highly durable and are covered with a heavy-duty vinyl cover. These mats are mildew and water resistant, anti-bacterial, and fire retardant - everything you want in a safe flooring option for kids.

Transporting mats is an easy task as they are lightweight and fold up every two feet. They're equipped with hook and loop tape on two or four sides, so you can connect multiple mats together for plenty of coverage. The mats are also available in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can purchase a mat that's just what you need for your kid's room.

To top everything off, Folding Gym Tumbling mats are thick enough to absorb most sound created by kids playing and jumping around. They're a great temporary option that can be added to any room in just minutes, so if your kids play in different locations, they can help with sound reduction in different rooms. Plus, mats can be put up against walls for even further sound prevention.

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