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1x1 Meter Interlocking Foam Mat Installation Video

1x1 meter foam mat installation video

How to Install 1x1 Meter Interlocking Foam Tiles

Professional interlocking foam floor mats are simple to install. Start by collecting a sharp utility knife, straight edge and a tape measure. For wall-to-wall installation, begin in a corner of the room over a clean floor. Leave a 1/4 inch gap for foam tile to expand with varying temperatures.

Find the spade-shaped corner and keep the spades on all mats are pointing in the same direction throughout the installation. Push the puzzle-style interlocking tabs together to connect the tiles until you can no longer fit any more full tiles

Using a tape measure, determine the distance remaining between the mats and the remaining walls. Mark that distance on the tiles you wish to cut and, using a straight edge as a guide, cut a deep score in the mats with a sharp utility knife.

Then fold the mat back at the cut, exposing the core. Finish cutting from the opposite side, allowing the utility knife to follow the crease from the inside of the fold.

Keeping the 1/4 inch gap by all walls, lay down the cut mats to finish the job.

Border strips can be used along walls or anywhere else that needs a finished edge, including island installations.
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