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Folding Mats, Folding Gymnastics Mats for Home and School

are ideal for gymnastics, tumbling, training, cheerleading and floor exercises. The folding mats are great to use in schools or at home for daily use. These folding gymnastics mats work well over any flat surface, including dry areas outdoors and indoors, in basements and gyms.

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School folding mats, Home folding gymnastics mats, Quality folding mat

are ideal for gymnastics, tumbling, training, cheerleading and floor exercises. The folding mats are great to use in schools or at home for daily use. These folding gymnastics mats work well over any flat surface, including dry areas outdoors and indoors, in basements and gyms.

Folding Mats are the ultimate in portable and versatile padded flooring for athletic activities, whether you need a personal mat for stretching, a long padded lane for tumbling or a training space for grappling or throwing arts, folding gymnastics mats get the job done with little-to-no effort. You can attach them to you walls as an economical form of wall padding or lay them on the floor for added comfort and fall protection.

Folding mats have been the mat of choice for many a gymnast, cheerleader, martial artist or general fitness enthusiast. That fact that they can lay down virtually anywhere without the need for an installation crew and then be taken up, folded and stored in a flash is the primary reason for their popularity. Combine with that the durability of the high quality vinyl covers and the cushion of the foam core and you've got a priceless tool for nearly all forms of athletics.

They can be used with shoes or barefoot. The smooth vinyl surface is easy on the skin and easy to disinfect. The polyethylene and/or polyurethane foam cores have proven to reduce injuries from falls while maintaining a stable surface for standing, jumping and more. The reduce fatigue for intense exercise and can be folded completely or partially for multi-level training surfaces. When it comes to versatility, folding gymnastics mats are hard to beat.

5x10 ft folding mats provide a layer of comfort and safety, ideal for schools and residential users. Available in different colors, sizes and thicknesses, they are an ideal option for gymnastics, tumbling, exercising, athletic training, or even napping for young children. The folding gymnastics mats are wrapped of a thick vinyl shell, guaranteed to last, even after countless multiple uses. With a five foot width and 10 foot length, their large enough to accommodate adults as well as kids, and the 2 inch thickness provides more cushion and shock absorption than the more economical versions.

These mats are popularly used for martial arts for additional padding in the throwing and grappling arts. They are also commonly used as temporary wrestling mats when combined together side by side for a 10x10 foot surface.

If the 5x10 foot folding gymnastics mat doesn't strike your fancy, folding mats also range in size from 4x8 to 6x12 feet and larger. Mats are 1.5, 2 and 2.5 inches thick, and come available with loop and hook connectors on two or four sides. If you only need to connect the folding mats lengthwise for long tumbling lanes, choose the two-sided connectors. If a wider gym mat surface is needed, connect the mats together side by side, using the four-sided connectors.

At Greatmats, we have folding gym mats stocked in the most common colors and sizes at discounted prices. Our four-connector folding gym mats are kept in stock and ready to ship in a hurry.

Our lowest price discount folding mats come in a 4x8 foot size with a 1.5 inch thickness and ship free of charge. Not only do they maintain the same quality standards as some of the larger and thicker premier folding gymnastics mats, but the are also available in five color options and feature connector strips on all four sides for increased versatility.

If it's the biggest bang for your buck you're looking for, check out the Gym Mats 4x10 Ft x 2 inch 4V 18 oz mats. These panel mats offer the best price per square foot with the added bonus of an extra cushioned 2 inch thickness.

Our largest mat, the 6x12 foot mat consists of six 2-foot panels and is offered with a 1.5 inch thickness and two connector strips. These mats offer a nice wide lane and allow for quick installation of long lanes. They also make a great stretching surface for multiple athletes without the need of connecting to other mats. With this folding mat, finding the right color will not be a problem as it is offered 16 standard color options. Just keep in mind it has a 2-for-4 week average lead time needed for shipping where most of our 4V mats can be shipped in a matter of a couple of days.

Choose any size and color custom folding gymnastics mats for your school or activity. Folding mats are easy to transport and lay out. Store the folding mats by stacking them together when not being used.

To keep these gymnastic folding mats clean, we recommend applying mild soap cleanser and hot water with a damp cloth or towel. Cleaning the mats regularly will increase their longevity.

For custom orders, Greatmats' offers a USA based manufacturer that produces quality folding gymnastics mats made to order in a wide variety of colors. Mix and match colors to create unique folding mats for your school or facility. Consider multiple colors of vinyl per mat at no extra cost. Custom folding mats are the order of the day at Greatmats. Our friendly customer service team is ready to assist with your design and order.

If your looking for something a little more specialized than panel mats, keep in mind that Greatmats also offers Incline Wedge Mats and Octagon Mats for skill and flexibility training as well is Fluffy Denim crash mats for extreme cushion on landings.

Whether you are looking into folding gymnastics mats for gymnastics, martial arts, cheerleading, general fitness, wall padding or even stage props, contact Greatmats knowledgeable sales staff members and pick their brains to make sure you are getting the panel mat that will work best for you for years to come.