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What Makes Garage Flooring Fit for Use with Cars?

Explore The Many Garage Flooring Options GymRubber Has to Offer

More than almost any other floor in the house, garage floors tend to get beat up the most. As the gateway between the outdoors and the main house, the garage floor often ends up covered in mud, dirt, moisture and other natural elements. Not only does it end up dirty with things from the outside, by garage floors are also prone to chemicals and oils from cars, lawn mowers, and other stored machines. Many people store heavy equipment and tools in their garage that can damage flooring if dropped - or can be damaged by hard concrete flooring. Thus, it is essential to find a garage floor able to withstand all of the abuse.

Those who park cars in their garages face an even bigger challenge in finding a durable enough garage floor. Cars introduce the problem of tire friction and double down on a necessity for a floor that will not be damaged under extreme weights. Plus, keeping a garage floor clean is that much harder when tires are bringing in unwanted elements as well.

So what are the qualities that make garage floors fit for use with cars? Going over these qualities and some of the best garage flooring ideas will assist you in finding a garage floor suitable for your car.

What Makes Garage Flooring Fit for Use with Cars?

Chemical Resistance

If you are parking a vehicle in your garage, the flooring or surface is going to be exposed to a wide range of chemicals. This can include dirty engine oil, steering fluid, antifreeze, and even gasoline. Because of the wide variety of harsh chemicals, you need a garage flooring that can stand up to nearly anything. For those who work on their cars themselves in their garage, the chances of chemical spills are increased. Thus, chemical-resistant garage flooring is even more essential for those who maintain cars themselves.

You certainly don't want to spend your hard-earned money on a garage flooring material that will become damaged and destroyed by a vehicle's chemicals, so make sure you take your time and thoroughly check the garage flooring you have in mind to make sure it meets your specific needs.


Traction is an important safety factor. It may seem obvious, but people often ignore the traction factor when installing garage flooring or snap-together garage flooring tiles. Make sure you pay particular attention to the amount of traction you will get from the flooring you choose, as you certainly don't want to slip and slide inside the garage.

While the chances of your vehicle sliding when you drive into the garage are minimal, it can happen, and it creates a potentially dangerous and expensive situation. Slipping and falling while walking in the garage, however, is more common, so be sure to install good traction for your garage floor tiles. At the same time, grip cannot be so severe that it hinders tires from properly moving. The best garage flooring ideas are those that include enough traction to keep everyone safe but not too much that movement is hindered.

Easy to Clean

How many hours do you want to spend cleaning your garage floor tile? If you're like most people, the answer is ''as few as possible.'' As we discussed earlier, there will be a lot of chemicals falling on your garage floor; there will also be water, mud, dirt, road salt, and more.

Ease of maintenance should be a high priority. The best garage flooring does not require serious time, money or effort to keep clean. Find a garage floor that only needs to be swept or mopped to return it to its original surface look and feel.

Simple Installation

You should also have a floor that is easy to install. While you can hire someone to come in and install the flooring for you, finding garage floor tiles that you can install yourself is surprisingly easy. There are many fine products available, and you won't need an engineering degree to piece them together and create a world-class garage floor.

As an example, Gym Rubber by Greatmats offers a Garage Floor Tile Diamond product, which is super easy to install. If you can put together a puzzle, you can likely handle the installation of these garage floor tiles. In fact, all you'll need for wall-to-wall installation is a tape measure, utility knife, and a pen. The best part? These tiles are super durable and perfect for car use.

Moisture Resistant

Garages tend to receive little light and normally do not have superb ventilation and air flow. Because of that, garages are susceptible to moisture build up, particularly in wet and humid climates. Plus, rain and snow can always be tracked in from wheels and feet. Thus, the best garage flooring ideas include those that are water resistant. Garage flooring should not soak up water, which can create significant mold and mildew, and it should never trap puddles of water underneath. Having a water-resistant quality will help when water drips off the vehicle or snow and ice melt off onto the floor. It can also be helpful if there is a significant downpour that allows water to enter your garage.

Any absorbent material will be a bad idea for garage floors, so make sure the product you choose is made from a waterproof material, like plastic. Any carpet, wood, or porous tile will be ill-suited for a garage floor that holds a vehicle.

Durable Against the Weight of a Car

We've mentioned it before, but it certainly deserves its own category. After all, what's the point in having a special garage floor installed if you can't count on it to support the weight of a vehicle without breaking down. While some cars are obviously lighter than others, the flooring you select should be able to support thousands of pounds.

The best garage flooring options are stable and secure under the weight of any type of vehicle. Make sure to do your research and look for the supporting weight rating for the product. Take this step and you will save yourself a lot of hassle in the future.

Resists Road Salt Damage

People who live in places without any snow and ice and the winter can ignore this category. For everyone else, pay close attention. When winter comes around, you'll be glad you installed a garage floor tile that won't break down when exposed to salt, sand, and other materials used to add traction on the road. Salt can be very harmful to many different floor components, including metals and concrete. It can also cause fading if you have added a coat of sealer to the top of your concrete.

Most garage floor materials will tell you if they are salt resistant or at least specify that they won't rust or breakdown, so be sure to look for this information when making a purchase. If you choose a product that can be damaged by salt, you could find yourself purchasing a new floor after only a few winters, costing you more money in the long run.

Won't Chip from Dropped Objects

As mentioned before, many people utilize their garage as the place to store their tools. You may have screwdrivers and ratchet sets for toying with your vehicles. You could have equipment for working in the yard, such as shovels and rakes. There could even be items for taking care of the home, such as hammers and wrenches. If any of these items fall from even a couple of feet, what would happen to your garage floor?

Choose a material that will not chip or deform in any way if heavy objects fall onto it. The higher-quality the material is, the more likely that it will be able to withstand intense impacts. Although rubber is a great example for a flooring material that will not chip under heavy weights, it is not recommended for car use (see below). Check to make sure the garage tiles you purchase are made from a premium material and you'll be much happier with the long-term results.

Visual Appeal

Although people do not tend to give their garages the same stylistic attention as other rooms in the house, aesthetics are still fairly important. You want to have a garage floor that looks neat and clean and gives your garage a high-quality appearance. You need an item that looks good, and you should be able to choose a fit and finish that matches your preferred style.

Maybe you want bright yellow. Maybe you want faded grey. Maybe you just want simple black. No matter what color or texture, you should have something that looks good now and in the future.

Should You Use Rubber in Your Garage?

As noted above, rubber makes a great garage floor for many reasons. Many people choose rubber for their garage, especially if they use their garage as a workshop space or home gym. While many people assume this product will be fine for any garage, you should think very closely before choosing a rubber mat for your garage, especially if you park your car in the garage.

Rubber is very durable and can last for decades in the right setting and under the right conditions. However, if you are going to park your car in the garage, avoid using rubber garage floor tiles or rolls. Car tires create a very strong grip, so strong in fact that it could cause the mats to buckle and rip. Also, many of the chemicals from vehicles can cause damage to rubber, so choose a more reliable product when choosing mats for your car garage.

In general, rubber is one of the best garage flooring ideas for those who do not park their car in their garage. For example, if your garage is used as a gym, then by all means choose rubber mats. If it is a game room or a place to relax, then rubber will provide solid traction for shoes and give you the reliable performance you expect. Just as long as you're not parking a car over the rubber, rubber mats will meet your needs and provide lasting quality.

Garage Flooring from Gym Rubber

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