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Installing HiddenLock PVC Tiles Made Easy

Greatmats HiddenLock Tile Installation Video

Step-by-step Installation Tutorial for Greatmats HiddenLock Tiles

HiddenLock Tiles are excellent for warehouse, garage, home gym and trade show flooring installations. Made of a durable PVC material, it is resistant to most acids and oils and will not absorb moisture.
HiddenLock Tiles in the coin top version will withstand the weight of cars, trucks and forklifts and can be installed with or without adhesives.

Installing these modular PVC tiles is simple. For wall-to-wall installations, you'll just need a tape measure, straight edge, pen and sharp utility knife. HiddenLock tiles should be installed over hard, flat surfaces such as concrete.

Begin in a corner with triangular tabs facing outward. Keeping all of your tiles facing in the same direction, lay a straight edge of your new tile over the triangular tab side of the already-laid tiles. Press or tap the hidden triangular shaped pockets down over the triangular tabs with a mallet until the lock together and lay flat.

Continue laying your HiddenLock tiles in a triangular fashion, always keeping the tabs facing out. When you've reached the opposite walls and can no longer fit any full tiles, measure the distance between the already laid tiles and the wall.

Mark the tile you'd like to cut, keeping in mind the direction of the hidden interlocks. You will be cutting off a tab side when butting up to a straight wall. Tap your cut tiles in place to finish your custom installation.

HiddenLock Tiles are available with coin or slate textured surfaces. Coin top tiles are available in black or gray while slate textured tiles are also offered in brown and tan options. Keep in mind that PVC tiles should be sealed with PVC floor sealer when used in spaces where they will come in contact with automotive tires.

Enjoy your new Greatmats HiddenLock Floor!
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