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Introducing Snap Diamond Garage Tile - Modular Garage Tiles

Discover Snap Diamond Garage Tiles and How They Can Benefit You.

Snap Diamond Garage Tiles are a modular flooring tile that is ideal for showroom floors, garages, dealerships, works paces and more. These tiles have a double diamond surface deign that adds a stylish and professional finish to your floors.

Each tile is equipped with a snap together tab and loop system that allows for that easy DIY installation and easy removal for temporary spaces. These lightweight and extremely durable tiles are 12 x 12 inch and 1/2 inch thick. When installed they can handle a rolling weight load of 50,000 pounds with no damage or separation of the tiles.

Easy to clean and maintain makes these tiles a drop in the bucket! Snap Diamond Garage Tiles resist most acids and chemicals. Ramped borders and corner pieces will give you a nice finished floor.
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