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Top 5 Garage Floors on a Budget

Quality Economical Garage Flooring Options

By Julia Nass

Scouring the market for affordable yet quality garage flooring? Congratulations, the search can end here. What follows is a presentation of Greatmats' top five garage floors on a budget. Odds are you won't be able to find as high-quality garage floors at such an unbeatable price anywhere else.

1. Rubber Flooring Rolls All Sizes and Colors (not for automobile use)

First and foremost, Greatmats recommends Rubber Flooring Rolls as one of the most durable, long-lasting and economical garage flooring solutions. Although rubber flooring rolls are not meant to be driven on (rubber tires and leaked automotive fluids will damage a rubber floor), they can help create the perfect workshop, weight room, storage space, or any other car-free garage use. They provide both sound and heat insulation and will stand up to any test of durability.

Rolls come in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and colors. Rolls can either be shipped in standard sizes or can be custom cut to your choosing. Installation simply requires unrolling the rubber mat on any hard, flat surface and attaching with an adhesive. If the space is small enough, adhesives may not even be necessary. This garage flooring starts at a mere $1.22 per square foot.

2. Rubber Tile Utility 8 mm Black (not for automobile use)

If you're sold on rubber as a material for the garage but not sold on the rolls, Rubber Tile Utility 8 mm garage flooring tiles are Greatmats' most economical interlocking rubber tile. Not an ounce of quality is compromised for the low price. Users find these tiles to be top-notch and a breeze to work with. Like rubber rolls, these tiles are perfect for transforming the garage into a home gym, weight room or utility room.

Unlike rubber flooring rolls, Rubber Tile Utility 8 mm Black require no adhesives whatsoever. Simply lock tiles together like a giant puzzle, and they will stay right where they are. Plus, the interlocking system is reversible, which means double the life span for every tile. If one side becomes blemished, simply turn it over for a brand new tile. Overall, average lifespan of these garage flooring tiles is 10 - 20 years.

3. Garage Floor Tile Diamond

Garage Floor Tile Diamonds are some of the best looking garage floor tiles at the best pricing. These tiles are designed with a diamond top surface pattern for traction, support and aesthetics. Each square foot has been tested to handle well over 10,000 pounds of static weight without deflection or deformation over time. Tiles come in a variety of pleasing colors, and you can mix and match them to create a unique pattern.

These waterproof garage floor tiles need no tools to install. Simply align tabs and loops and press down to lock tiles into place. The connecting system is very tight-fitting, which insures that tiles won't shift or separate over time. Tiles are sized by 1 x 1 foot x 5/8 inch and weigh less than a pound each, so they are extremely easy to handle and carry.

4. TechFloor Premium Tile with Traction

TechFloor Premium Tile with Traction is engineered for high performance under cars, motorcycles, exercise equipment, game equipment and more. This affordable garage flooring is designed to withstand the daily wear and tear in virtually any indoor environment. Plus, these tiles offer supreme traction in both wet and dry environments.

These garage floor tiles are constructed with a polypropylene base with injection molded thermoplastic elastomer to prevent slippage. The underside grips to virtually any subfloor, so even without adhesives tiles will never shift around. This snap together garage flooring utilizes a loop and tab connector system, which tightly locks tiles together for a seamless look. These garage flooring tiles come in seven different stylish colors.

5. Warehouse Floor Coin PVC Tile Ever

Warehouse Floor Coin PVC is the type of heavy duty garage flooring you'll be surprised to find at such a low cost. These garage floor tiles do wonders in both commercial and residential areas. From feet to forklifts, these tiles perform under any and all kinds of heavy traffic. Tiles immediately transform any old, worn out garage surface into one with supreme durability, safety and aesthetics.

There are two surface textures to choose from: the traditional, anti-slip coin top surface or a smooth top featuring a slight sandblast texture for wear resistance. Either way, tiles are resistant to oil, gasoline and most solvents and caustics. This garage flooring is not effected in any way by heat, cold or humidity. Plus, tiles are resistant to bacterial growth, mold and mildew. When tiles do get messy, they are easy to clean just by mopping with common household floor cleaners. Tiles are made of 100 percent PVC plastic, are 1.64 x 1.64 feet x 7 mm, and weigh only 4 pounds each.
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