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Construction Equipment Lawn & Ground Protection Mats

Use ground protection mats again and again on the landscape construction site. Our ground and lawn mats are durable with a lifetime warranty. These lawn and grass mats will bend but will not break. Heavy duty ground mats are a must when driving heavy equipment over lawns.

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Construction mats for heavy equipment, Lawn protect mats, Grass and ground protection mats

Use ground protection mats again and again on the landscape construction site. Our ground and lawn mats are durable with a lifetime warranty. These lawn and grass mats will bend but will not break. Heavy duty ground mats are a must when driving heavy equipment over lawns.

These lawn and grass heavy equipment mats are guaranteed to protect turf. They use a durable, high-density, polyethylene plastic material that will not break when bent. This material easily supports 60-ton loads.

Ground protection mats for sale are long lasting. Many of these lawn protection mats carry a lifetime warranty. They are easy to use and maintain. They're perfect for temporary roadway mats and walkways.

What Are the Top 5 Best Grass Protection Mats Types

  1. Calculate the number of times the mats will be used per year.
  2. Determine the total weight of the equipment that the mats will need to support.
  3. Calculate the time frame needed to use the mats for heavy equipment.
  4. Determine the grade of the area where the mats will be installed.
  5. Consider the types of tires on the equipment. Some landscape mats are only suitable for use with rubber tires.

These mats can be used as roadways or slip resistance walkways over sand, dirt, gravel, mud, and many other outdoor surfaces.

Some temporary road mats lock together, making a user friendly surface. These mats are designed to hold together under heavy duty loads. We even offer wedge shaped pieces for making corners in these yard mats for trucks.

Benefits of Ground Protection Mats

  1. Provide load capacity protection for grass and other sensitive areas during excavation.
  2. Access any area with heavy equipment. Even when working across a lawn area that's soft from rain, the mats keep the grass safe.
  3. Create a temporary composite roadway over difficult surfaces, like sand, gravel, and dirt.
  4. Prevent soft mud from becoming an issue in portable roadways.
  5. Keep heavy equipment from sinking in a wet lawn and maximize traction for easy maneuvering.
  6. Reuse the mats time and time again, maximizing the investment and maintaining a professional look.
  7. With a heavy equipment mat, there's none of the frustration of using plywood.

Mats for vehicles and equipment can be custom designed and sold in kits. Please allow several weeks for custom manufacturing.

These lawn mats will not splinter, warp, water log, break down, or become slippery like plywood. Our lawn mat product maintains a professional look use after use. Use these temporary road mats multiple times. This saves money in the long run versus replacing plywood after each job.

Our equipment mats have undergone meticulous testing. This material is guaranteed to withstand large amounts of weight from a variety of landscaping vehicles like skid steers, bobcats, and tractors.

Ground Protection Mat Options

Greatmats offers a variety of bobcat ground protection mats for sale. There are plenty of features and options available.

Mats are available in black, white, and clear colors. The clear mats allow for UV penetration, which accommodates grass growth. This is an option best used for temporary roadways intended to be left in place for a long time.

Ground mats for heavy equipment range in size from 6 to 8 feet in length and 2 to 4 feet in width. Most mats are 1/2 inch thick. Depending upon their size, these skid steer mats weigh between 33 and 86 pounds.

Many of our skid steer ground protection mats feature two surface options: cleated or smooth. These two surface options may both be incorporated into one mat. Keep in mind that these mats provide much more traction than plywood, especially when wet.

Portable roadway mats are designed for use over any outdoor surface, including grass, dirt, and sand. This is a smart option for roads that temporarily need to be spread across a large outdoor raw or dirt surface. They can accommodate heavy vehicle traffic.

The mats use a pin and clip system to simplify installation. Round connectors are best used for standard applications. Flat connectors are preferable for walkways and flat surfaces, like athletic sport track mats.

Our TrakMat Ground Cover Mats are versatile. These ground protection mats feature a power cylinder tread surface for maximized traction. Our mats can handle loads up to 90 tons.

The mats mold to the ground, thanks to their flexible construction. Weather changes don't affect the material in the mats.

We also offer smaller modular tiles that are 6 inches wide and 2 feet long. These black and gray tiles are intended to handle vehicle weight. The tiles weigh less than full-size mats, so they're easier to handle. Small mats are suitable for projects where only a small area needs to be crossed.

When working with cranes and other large equipment, our Outrigger Pads are a sound investment. These pads are lightweight. They feature safety orange rope handles, making them easy to maneuver. They provide excellent protection for the ground when used under cranes, industrial vehicles, lift bucket trucks, and more.

Temporary Walkway Mat Options

For temporary walkways, consider our Portable Outdoor Floor Tiles. These durable polypropylene tiles are strong enough to support vehicles. They're both waterproof and UV resistant.

The tiles will not separate under stress. Just roll them up for easy storage. They offer a 10 year limited warranty.

Our Ergo Matta Perforated Outdoor tiles are often used for outdoor play areas at schools and daycare facilities. They have a 20-inch fall height rating and come in eight color options.

These tiles drain efficiently after rainstorms. Their interlocking design makes assembly easy and fast. The Ergo Matta tiles come with a 5 year limited warranty.

Using Ground Protection Mats for Heavy Equipment

To use turf protection mats, simply place them down and drive over them with trucks, trailers, and tractors. Link the traction mats together to create a roadway for hard-to-reach locations.

The traction mats allow heavy vehicles to drive on delicate landscapes without causing damage. These mats can provide protective roadways for temporary use, even in wet, soggy conditions.

Once the project is completed, simply hose down the yard mats to clean them. Then load them up for the next project.

Shipping Ground Protection Mats

Our mats are shipped on pallets by freight delivery. Consider purchasing a kit that includes a metal pallet, straps, and connector pins. These kits simplify transportation and installation.

We offer some of the best prices available. Please call our expert service representatives with any questions about our ground protection mat products and to learn about shipping information details.