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Industrial By Products Delivers with Ground Protection Mats

Minnesota Spring Conditions No Match For Ground Protection Mats

By Brett Hart

For 42-year old soil testing and trucking expert Jason Williams, who owns Industrial By Products LLC in Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota, spring ground conditions used to cause significant delays for his business. That is until he discovered 3x8 foot ground protection mats.

''I figured they would be ideal size and weight for what do,'' Williams said.

Industrial By Products, has been in business for 4 years. As part of its service, it delivers low-cost fertilizer to farmers and spreads lime and ash. This requires accessing farm field's with loaded semis.

To keep his mats evenly spaced to match up with his semi tires, Williams and his crew customized some half-inch rebar for links.

Williams said the rebar ''seems to work pretty darn great. I think the smooth one like you guys have wood be better though.''

''The great mats (ground protection mats) have allowed us to continue delivering material even in the spring of the year with the soft ground conditions,'' Williams added. ''They have been wonderful!''

Jason Williams
Industrial By Products LLC
Sturgeon Lake MN
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