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Which Gym Floor Tiles Are Made of Virgin Rubber?

Kyle Schurman // 2021

Virgin rubber gym floor tiles provide a more durable and more visually appealing type of flooring for a gymnasium versus recycled rubber flooring.

For those who prefer the natural look of virgin rubber gym floor tiles for exercise, here are some of the best options available:

  • PaviGym Performance 5.5 mm Fitness Gym Floor Tile
  • PaviGym Endurance 7 mm Fitness Gym Floor Tile
  • PaviGym Motion 9 mm Group Fitness Floor Tile
  • Nuclear 3/8 Inch Rubber Flooring Tile
  • FlexeCork 1/2 Inch Interlocking Cork Rubber Tile
  • UltraTile 1 Inch Rubber Weight Floor Tile

Whether building a gym in a commercial setting or at home in a garage or a spare room, any of these tiles will provide an outstanding look. They’ll give customers a long-lasting product that delivers excellent value over time as well.

How Do Virgin Rubber Gym Floor Tiles Compare to Recycled Rubber Tiles?

Both virgin and recycled rubber gym floor tiles will provide strong results. Both are available in a roll, mat, or interlock tile format. Both are non-toxic for safety.

Some customers prefer the eco-friendly nature of using recycled rubber tiles. These products consist of rubber recycled from old tires, keeping them out of landfills.

Recycled rubber has a lower overall cost than natural rubber as well.

On the other hand, newly harvested virgin rubber gym floor tiles can provide a better look than recycled rubber tiles, usually offering more color varieties.

Natural rubber tends to have a significantly lower odor than recycled rubber at the time of installation. This can be a major benefit when installing them in a small room. (The rubbery, new car smell from all types of rubber tiles fades over time.)

Virgin rubber gym floor tiles can provide a slightly longer lasting material than recycled rubber. (However, both types of rubber provide outstanding longevity versus other types of flooring.)

What Are Some Good Rubber Tiles for Small Fitness Rooms?

The PaviGym brand of fitness tiles works well for small workout rooms, where the odor of a recycled rubber tile could be detrimental. These natural rubber tiles do not have an odor upon installation.

The PaviGym Performance Tile measures 5.5 mm in thickness (about 1/5 inches in thickness). These 3-by-3-foot tiles weigh only 12 pounds apiece, thanks to the thin design, which simplifies installation.

However, the thin design does not result in less durability. This is a commercial grade tile that will stand up to fitness workouts.

Product: PaviGym Performance Tile

For a little more thickness to easily handle the weight of big exercise machines, consider the PaviGym Endurance Tile. It measures 7 mm in thickness (about 1/4 inches) and weighs 16 pounds per tile.

Each of these square 3x3 virgin rubber gym floor tiles uses an interlocking edge to simplify installation without the need for adhesive.

Product: PaviGym Endurance Tile

For fitness centers that will be hosting all kinds of classes, both with and without equipment, the PaviGym Motion Tile carries 9 mm in thickness (about 1/3 inches).

These tiles measure 3x3 feet with interlocking edges that create a tight fitting installation. For a layout where the lip of the tiles would create a tripping hazard, beveled edge and corner pieces are available.

Product: PaviGym Motion Tile

What Are Some Colorful Natural Rubber Gym Tiles?

The Nuclear 3/8 Inch Rubber Flooring Tile offers the perfect mix of durability and style in a virgin rubber fitness tile.

These colors enhance the look of any room, and they’ll continue to look new for years.

Each tile measures 3 by 3 feet and weighs 18.9 pounds. The interlocking edges fit together tightly without the need for gluing either on the edges or underneath the tiles.

The color options include:
  • Wheat Fields
  • Green Meadows
  • Ocean View
  • Stone Quarry

Product: Nuclear 3/8 Inch Rubber Flooring Tile

What Virgin Rubber Interlocking Tiles Work for Weight Rooms?

The FlexeCork 1/2 Inch Interlocking Cork Rubber Tile easily supports free weight stands and weight machines. These durable tiles will protect the subfloor, while cutting down on the amount of noise generated.

These 1/2-inch thick tiles consist of a mixture of cork, recycled rubber, and virgin rubber, delivering the best qualities of all of these materials. They absorb shock well, while giving weightlifters and other athletes the textured grip on the floor that they need.

Each interlocking tile measures 3 by 3 feet and weighs 25 pounds. Color flecks are available against the base black color of the tile, and the options include:
  • Bluff Oak Green
  • Leather Oak Brown
  • Gray Oak
  • Northern Red Oak

Product: FlexeCork 1/2 Inch Interlocking Cork Rubber Tile

One of the most durable natural rubber tiles for use in a workout setting is the UltraTile 1 Inch Rubber Weight Floor Tile.

These colorful tiles measure 1 inch in thickness. To save on weight, they measure 2 by 2 feet in size. This leaves them weighing 16 pounds apiece, which simplifies installation.

With the thickness of these tiles, they’re perfect for areas where heavy fitness machinery or free weights are in use. Color options include:
  • Blue
  • Dark Gray
  • Mocha 2
  • Steel 2

Product: UltraTile 1 Inch Rubber Weight Floor Tile
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