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Gym Flooring Material Types

Material Options for Home and Commercial Gym Floors, Compare Foam, Rubber, Carpet and Plastic Material Types

When it comes to flooring for your residential or commercial gym, there are generally 4 types of to choose: rubber, foam, carpet and plastic.

Rubber Flooring: The most popular material for weight rooms and areas where equipment such as treadmills, or weight machines will be utilized is rubber. It is relatively inexpensive very durable, and fairly easy to install. Rubber provides a durable and long lasting surface to underneath heavy weight equipment and exercise machines. For an application where you will have equipment, you may want to consider a plastic option or plyometric rubber both of which provide more fatigue-relief.

Foam Flooring: The most popular material for aerobic and cardio facilities, foam provides excellent fatigue relief for athletes. It is also the material of choice for most MMA facilities. It is soft to lay on and non-absorbant so it will not soak up moisture and hold it. However, foam is susceptible to indentations from heavy equipment such as weights and treadmills. These indentations can be permanent. For this reason, it is not popular for those applications.

Plastic Flooring: Probably the most versatile of our gym flooring options, plastic can be used for fatigue relief as well as to protect your subfloor from weights and equipment. Plastic flooring that is designed for workout areas is soft and pliable like rubber but non-absorbant like foam. Unlike both foam and rubber, it can be used on top of carpeting without risk of the tiles separating or sinking into the pile.

Carpet Flooring: Interlocking carpet tiles with padding can be a great options in a basement floor that does not have any moisture issues, and where a dual purpose flooring is desired. Carpet tiles can offer a warm and comfortable flooring surface, while the padded backing will offer some fatigue relief and cushion.
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