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Home Gym Flooring Over Carpet, Install Ideas and Options

Home Gym Flooring Over Carpet: Install Ideas & Options

Gym floor tiles require a specific type of subfloor to maintain their integrity. Try installing just any random tiles to create , and the tiles may pop apart. Interlocking rubber or foam tiles placed over carpet may sink into the carpet at the seams. As the top surface becomes uneven, it may cause a tripping hazard.

We have the perfect solution to this problem in StayLock tiles. This style of tile is designed specifically for use over carpet. The seams remain intact, even when placed under pressure, which eliminates the possibility of an athlete tripping over a popped seam. They’ll also protect the carpet underneath without causing any discoloration.

The StayLock tile design consists of a soft, flexible PVC material, making this a smart choice as a home gym flooring over carpet product. The interlocking system used in the StayLock tiles is extremely secure, meaning the tiles won’t shift or separate. And as the tiles flex, the PVC material absorbs the stress, which means the seams will not pop loose. Additionally, the StayLock materials give athletes a cushioned surface for workouts that reduces the chance of sore and tired joints.

When performing workouts on the StayLock home gym flooring over carpet product, the tiles support the weight from workout equipment or free weights. This means the carpet underneath the PVC tiles will remain protected.

The design of StayLock tiles contains small feet that raise the bottom of the tile slightly above the surface of the carpet. This encourages airflow beneath the tile, preventing any dampness from lingering and causing odors.

Installation of these tiles is an easy process. Our customers looking to install a durable home gym flooring over carpet product appreciate how quickly they can install the StayLock materials. The interlocking tabs pop together with just a slight press of the hand, and they’ll stay in place nicely without the need to use any adhesive.

Further simplifying the installation of StayLock tiles is the option of using border and corner ramp pieces. These borders attach securely to the full size tiles, while creating a sloped edge on the tile installation. This reduces the possibility of someone tripping over the edge of the floor.

When the workout session is over and it’s time to return the room to its original purpose, StayLock tiles are just as easy to disassemble as they are to install. Just pop each of the tiles apart and then store them until the next time they’re needed. Our workout tiles stack neatly inside a small closet. They’re not heavy either, making it easy to move them from room to room.

With the StayLock tiles, our customers can turn any room in the home into a workout space. With certain other home flooring brands that aren’t made as a home gym flooring over carpet product, home workouts are limited to rooms that only have a hard flooring, rather than carpet. But with StayLock tiles, any room in the home, carpeted or not, is available to use for workouts.

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