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Best Home and Commercial Gym Flooring Options

Differences between Flooring for Home Gyms and Commercial Facilities

When it comes to flooring for your , there are some things to consider. Rubber Flooring: If you are considering rubber flooring, you should first determine if you need a low-smell option. For home gyms, we generally recommend a low-odor option. This is because, if you have forced air and decent insulation, that smell can disperse throughout your home and be a nuisance for some time. The determining factor as to whether or not your floor will have that strong ''new tire'' smell is NOT whether or not it is made from recycled rubber content. The binding agent (usually sulfuric or urethane based) will determine the power of the odor.

Tiles: If you opt for tiles in a rubber or foam, we will typically quote smaller sized tile option (such as our Interlocking 2x2 tiles). For a larger area, we will usually quote you a larger tile size (Geneva 3x3). This is because, in a smaller area, you will typically find yourself wasting less product when cutting for a wall-to-wall installation if your tiles are smaller. In a larger facility, the larger tiles are nice because they create fewer seams in your floor.
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