Weight Room Flooring Options and Ideas

Weight room flooring ideas for home or commercial gyms

As a general rule, rubber flooring is the best product for the floor of your . It provides great protection for your sub-floor. It also reduces vibration and can help to cut some noise from machines and free weights. Rubber flooring is durable and fairly easy to keep clean.

The most popular thickness for weight room flooring is 3/8 inch. 8mm (which is very similar in thickness) is becoming more frequently used as it is less expensive than 3/8 inch and performs to the same standard. Thicker rubber is usually not necessary unless you are using heavy free weights. For areas where power lifting and repeated dropping of heavy weights take place, 3/4 inch rubber is generally recommended. The thickest option we carry for weight room flooring is one-inch.

A foam product such as our Pebble Mats are a great flooring option for weight rooms but equipment and weights can leave small indentations in it that may not come out. If you are considering foam for a weight room, we recommend that you disperse the weight under the equipment with a coaster of some sort. Plastic flooring such as our StayLock products are also great for weight room floors. StayLock is rugged enough to handle the weights and equipment but also provides fatigue relief for athletes.
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