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Gym Turf, Indoor Turf for Sleds, Agility Turf Rolls for Gym Floors

Agility training and sled work require a certain type of gym flooring surface. Gym turf from Greatmats provides a perfect surface for functional fitness centers, athletic studios, and CrossFit gyms.

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Indoor gym turf, 12 ft agility turf rolls, Sled turf for gyms

Agility training and sled work require a certain type of gym flooring surface. Gym turf from Greatmats provides a perfect surface for functional fitness centers, athletic studios, and CrossFit gyms.

Gym Turf Rolls

When considering the various types of agility turf, it’s important to pick a safe surface. With 365 gym turf from Greatmats, we’ve created a material that’s slip resistant. It delivers just the right level of cushioning. Certain models of this turf will help athletes resist turf burns if they fall on the ground. 

At Greatmats, we offer a variety of made in America turf. Count on the quality of the materials we use in all of our turf. These materials will last a long time, giving athletes a safe faux grass turf surface for all workouts.

Versus used gym turf, new Greatmats rolls have a better level of performance. When searching for gyms with turf near me, customers appreciate finding a gym with Greatmats gym turf available.

A standard turf roll from Greatmats will measure 12 by 100 feet. However, we do offer custom cut lengths to meet any installation need for our strength and conditioning turf. We have the perfect fit for installation in any gyms that need turf.

Because rolls of sled strip turf can be extremely heavy, installation may be tricky. Please contact Greatmats for any questions regarding shipment and installation of the sled turf strip rolls.

For a large installation at gyms with turf, we recommend gluing down the turf. To minimize any tripping hazard from seams between sections, we recommend seam tape. This is a smart choice when using football sleds for turf for a workout.

Regardless of the plans for installing the turf, Greatmats has the right model available. The turf365 product from Greatmats delivers a great surface for indoor sports, especially when the turf may need to be rolled up afterward to return to the sub-floor. Installation of the turf requires no infill or adhesive, simplifying the process. 

Athletes often will be using our turf 365 product to perform footwork drills. The recycled rubber cushioned padding on the back side of the turf will keep the athletes’ joints safer from repetitive stress injuries.

Commonly, the padding measures 5 mm in thickness (about 0.2 inches). When coupled with the realistic texture of the nylon turf blade material, athletes will have plenty of cushioning for all kinds of workouts. 

Working with football sleds for turf can be among the most challenging workouts. But our indoor flooring for gyms stands up to them.

This is a perfect turf for CrossFit gym studio workouts too, as it has the durability required for maximum longevity and performance levels.

To receive the greatest longevity from our turf in an indoor gymnasium or studio, limit the use of cleated shoes. Most of our turf strip products require use of molded cleats 0.5 inches in length or less.

To avoid wear spots, move goal mouths for soccer or lacrosse to various areas for practice each day in the gyms with indoor turf. Leaving the goal in one location will cause wear for the turf over time.

We recommend cleaning the turf daily or weekly, depending on the frequency of workouts. Customers can use vacuums or leaf blowers over the surface of the strength and conditioning turf. Don’t allow food, chewing gum, or sunflower seeds in the gym flooring turf area.

For quarterly and annual maintenance of this home gym turf, inspect all of the seams and replace any loose adhesive. Portable indoor turf for gym installations should be inspected for holes or wear areas quarterly too.

Turf for indoor workout areas often is not set up to withstand the pressure of chairs, tables, or high heel shoes. Vehicles are not recommended on this turf for CrossFit gym workout installations either.

Place plywood or heavy plastic tiles over the turf to protect it whenever required. Greatmats offers a variety of protective products designed to maintain the integrity of the turf. Please get in touch with us to learn more about protecting the turf during non-athletic events or for vehicular travel.

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