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The Best Home Gym Flooring Over Carpet Options

Installing Home Gym Flooring Over Carpet

Sometimes, all of the time and energy it takes to get to the gym makes the work out not even worth it. Getting up super early to make it to the gym before work is a difficult practice to maintain. That is exactly why home gyms are on the rise in popularity - they are the perfect alternative to a gym membership. Turning rooms into temporary or permanent home gyms make it possible to fit a workout into a really busy schedule. Plus, it is a perfect long-term investment. With a home gym, you can leave paying pricey gym fees in the past and instead reap the rewards of a home gym that will last you a lifetime.

The best way to turn any room in the house into a home gym is simply by purchasing home gym flooring. Such flooring comes in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and materials and can be used on top of nearly any kind of flooring that is already in place - including carpet. From high-impact weight training and tumbling, to pilates and yoga, there are flooring options that work for nearly any exercise or sport - and be put right in place over carpet.

The most popular options for carpet safe home gym flooring include folding mats, rolling mats and interlocking tiles. Carpet safe home gym flooring can either be installed permanently or can be used as a temporary gym flooring option. With easy installation options, gym floor mats can be stored and put away when not in use, then brought out into the living room of basement whenever one desires a workout. Read on to discover more about the top three types of carpet safe home gym flooring.

Folding mats

Folding mats are some of the most portable types of carpet safe home gym flooring. Folding mats will not slip and slide around carpeted areas, nor will they cause any damage to the carpet.

They pack up quickly, and they feature a vinyl surface around a foam core, making them easy to clean or disinfect. These folding mats range in thickness but are typically 4-6 feet wide and 8 feet or longer. Folding home gym mats are at least 1.5 inches thick, which makes them great for high-impact sports and activities. Ready to practicing tumbling or wrestling but don't want to trek all the way to the gym to do so? No problem. Simply pull out a foldable mat from the closet and you have a safe space to practice on.

Foldable mats can be used individually or connected together for larger spaces. Certain folding mats feature hook and loop closures, which adhere to other folding mats and to the carpet, keeping them in place for rigorous stunting, gymnastics, or tumbling. If you have a workout buddy or if you're teaching a lesson, just lay down a second mat and connect them in seconds.

Roll out mats

Foam construction roll out mats are similar to folding mats in portability, durability, customizability, and carpet-friendliness. These 5-6 feet wide mats are constructed without seams in lengths of 10 feet and up, so you won't trip while doing technical moves. They also come in either a carpeted or vinyl surface for things like cheering or wrestling. Roll out mats are just as portable as foldable mats, allowing you to take your home gym anywhere you can carry it.

Multiple mats can be joined together with releasable vinyl tape or hook and loop connect strips, so putting them together is a breeze. Keep in mind that roll out mats are generally not as thick as vinyl folding mats, so they are not quite as effective for high-impact stunting. For increased cushion and safety, thicker vinyl folding mats are the answer.

A note of friendly advice - rubber roll out mats are not always safe for carpeting (unless the carpet is quite dense). These tend to be on the thinner side, some even down to 2mm thick, and carpeting doesn't provide enough of a sturdy base for these mats. That being said, rubber rolls can often be used as an underlayment to other hard flooring to add cushion and shock absorption.

Carpet Safe Interlocking Home Gym Tiles

For those seeking a more versatile home gym floor, interlocking carpet safe gym floor tiles are what you need. Interlocking home gym tiles will bring out your inner designer because it's so easy to mix and match colors to fit any decor needs in your home. They are much more customizable than folding or roll-out mats, but they tend to require a few more minutes of installation. These surfaces are great for weight training, dancing, aerobics, and a wide variety of other activities. They come in all sorts of finishes, including PVC, polypropylene and vinyl laminate.

These tiles are best installed over hard surfaces, so they might not be the best choice over carpeting that is super thick and cushiony. If the carpet is dense and sturdy, however, tiles will do just fine.

Carpet safe gym floor tiles are often chosen as a permanent home gym flooring solution. These tiles are great for everything from a portable dance floor (vinyl topped tiles) to a base for lightweight home gym equipment (PVC tiles). Choose this type of flooring if you have an odd-shaped room to outfit, or if you need more versatility than a single mat. If you're looking to do high-intensity aerobics or plyometric exercises, consider some carpet safe home gym tiles. Most of these tiles will feature a raised base that will grip your carpeting and prevent them from shifting. These tiles will also hold up to more abuse from shoes, and they will offer more grip and security than standalone mats.

Environmentally Friendly Choices

Rest easy about your purchase knowing that there are environmental options with recycled material and many products are made in the USA.

Easy Maintenance

Many carpet safe home gym flooring products can be cleaned simply with a damp mop or a broom.


Do be aware - if you're looking to install heavy gym equipment in a more permanent home gym, consider non-carpeted areas in your house. The foam tiles and mats that do well on carpeting cannot support heavy objects well over time. The equipment will compress the foam, and it may slide.

Next time you're waiting in traffic to get to the gym, try daydreaming how your next session could be in the comfort of your home. New carpet safe gym floor tiles and mats can help you transform a carpeted room into a cozy gym in a matter of minutes. For more on this topic please review our Home Gym Flooring and Mats product page.
For more on this topic please review our Home Gym Flooring and Mats product page.