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Gymnastics Mats for Home Use: Different Sizes & Shapes

use have potentially endless applications. They can be used for tumbling, cheerleading, floor exercises, home gymnastics training and more. Available in many different sizes and colors, gymnastics mats for home use can also be custom made.

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Folding gymnastics mats for home, Tumbling home gym mats, Home gym folding floor mats

use have potentially endless applications. They can be used for tumbling, cheerleading, floor exercises, home gymnastics training and more. Available in many different sizes and colors, gymnastics mats for home use can also be custom made.

Gymnastics Mats for Home

Standard gymnastic mats for home come in sizes ranging from 4 to 5 feet wide and 6 to 10 feet long. One popular style of home gymnastics mat has folds every 2 feet with conveniently-sized panels. The gymnastic mats can be connected together with other mats to create long tumbling runs, or wide spaces for floor exercise practices. Use folded or partial folded mats to help with skill training, conditioning and agility.

Applications of gymnastics mats for home

  1. Gymnastics training
  2. Cheerleading practice
  3. Weight training
  4. Tumbling practice
  5. Aerobic exercise
  6. General Fitness
A gymnastics mat for home use is a versatile tool that can add safety to your garage, basement or other home practice or workout space.

Home gymnastics mat benefits:

  1. Soft, forgiving surface for improved safety
  2. Can be arranged in multiple configurations.
  3. Secure connector strips keep the mats from separating.
  4. Fold-up and roll-up gymnastic mats are easy to move and store.
  5. Surface provides the right amount of traction.
  6. Convenience of at home gymnastics equipment

Choosing the Right Gymnastics Mats for Your Home

  1. High-impact activities such as tumbling requires shock absorption.
  2. Most home gyms need one or more home gymnastics mat that can be easily stored. Some mats offer compact fold-up or roll-up options with easy storage in mind.
  3. If the mats will be moved frequently, be sure to look for a lightweight mat option that is easy to manage.
  4. Gymnastics mats for home can serve any number of purposes as gymnastics equipment for home training. Consider all of the activities that the mat will be used for and make sure the mats have the right qualities.
  5. f the gymnastic mats will be used outside look for a durable mat intended for outdoor use - or remember to bring the mats back inside after each practice session.
  6. Some mats can be attached in different orientations to suit varying needs. Make sure the gymnastics mat for home use chosen will connect properly to fit the intended space.

Greatmats offers a wide variety of home gymnastics mats for sale and is happy to answer any questions.

Folding Home Gymnastics Mat

Tumbling gymnastics mats for home use can be installed temporarily in multipurpose areas of a home without having to dedicate a space to exclusively serving as a home gym or workout area.

Greatmats folding gymnastics mats for home are made with durable 18 oz. vinyl covers that will hold up to rigorous use. The polyethylene foam core is 1.5 inches, 2 inches or 2.5 inches in thickness and provides excellent shock absorption. The 1.5-inch thickness is appropriate for those beginning gymnastics training and cheerleading. For tumbling drills, opt for the 2 inch or thicker interior is it offers greater impact absorption for safety.

Folding gymnastics mats for home are a convenient, easily portable way to keep your kids safe during home gymnastics and cheerleading practice. Folding mats for home can be ordered with hook and loop connectors on two or four sides. Hook and loop fasteners on the mats allow a person to attach multiple mats together for the desired orientation and dimensions. When finished, just fold up the mats and pack them away.

All vinyl-covered gymnastic mats are easily cleaned and maintained with a small amount of hot water and mild soap.

Folding mats are typically delivered via ground service for convenience to the customer. Allow 2- to 4-weeks product lead times for custom colored gymnastic mats.

Roll out gymnastics mats for home use are lightweight and easily portable. Available in 4x6 and 5x10 foot sizes, these mats are 2 inches thick and provide excellent shock absorption. They feature either a carpeted surface for extra rebound, or a vinyl surface for easier cleaning and disinfecting.

These roll out mats can be installed quickly and easily over virtually any hard, flat surface and are suitable for both indoor and temporary outdoor use, and are made of a high performance sports foam. They roll up easily and provide a durable surface for gymnastics or cheerleading practice.

The mats are specifically designed for temporary installations, and their versatility means you can set them up on the road, in a yard, or anywhere else with a flat surface. There's no need to have a dedicated practice space, since roll-out mats can go with you.

Personal Home Gym Mats

If the main purpose of personal home mats is to offer cushion for stretches and floor exercises for a single person, our personal fitness mats are a great way to go. These mats are the thinnest mats for home use, but they're also the easiest to store in small areas. They are generally about 6 feet long and 2-4 feet wide and less than one inch thick.

Personal fitness mats have foam interiors to provide a bit of padding and comfort. They either roll or fold up into small storage packages, so you can easily store them away when you're done. These mats are popular choices for activities such as physical therapy, Pilates, personal exercise, and rehabilitation.