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Bounce Test for Home Martial Arts Mats using a Raw Egg

Watch an egg bounce onto Greatmats home martial arts and karate mats

Home Martial Arts Mats Bounce Test Using a Raw Egg
Greatmats home martial arts mats offer excellent fall and impact protection. In this video you'll see the difference in how a raw egg responds to being dropped from the same height onto Greatmats 7/8-inch thick Home Sport and Play (taekwondo) mats, 1-inch thick home Karate Mats and 1 5/8-inch thick Home MMA BJJ mats.

While all three versions protect the raw egg from breakage, you'll see the thinner striking arts mats offer a little more rebound than the mats intend for ground fighting. That extra rebound helps for martial arts where a lot of jumping is involved.

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