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Top 5 Horse Mats for Barn Aisles

How to Choose Horse Barn Aisle Flooring

The best horse barn aisle flooring is comprised of a multitude of characteristics, but the quality takes root in the materials used by manufacturers. With top-notch, durable and tough materials, quality barn mats will stay in great shape over its entire lifespan. Because horse barn aisle flooring is often subject to extreme conditions, it needs to be able to hold up against the elements.

Attention to detail and finish is equally as important in products as well. The best horse barn aisle flooring is manufactured with a comfortable and supportive surface that will keep animals happy and healthy while insulating both temperature and sound.

The following top five horse mat products for barn aisles offer all of that and more. Read on to hone in on the specific characteristics that make each product stand out.

1. Style: Dog Bone Outdoor Paver Tiles 1/75 inch all Colors

Dog Bone Outdoor Paver is the best horse barn aisle flooring option for those who want something beyond a plain, black floor. With a fun, unique dog bone design, these tiles will make any barn aisle pop. Unlike most other barn aisle flooring, these tiles come in a dog bone design that will enhance the look of any barn aisle. Not only does the dog bone design create a trendy aesthetic, but it also fits together like a puzzle.

Constructed of 1.75 inches of premium rubber, these barn aisle mats provide unparalleled cushion and ergonomic benefits to both humans and animals. Dog Bone flooring brings joint relief to humans and animals and reduces the risk of injury. The following product (#2) is a similar yet straight edge tile version of Dog Bone Outdoor pavers. Read on to learn more about color options and other details.

2. Colors: Equine Paver Tile 2x2 ft 5/8 inch all colors

Equine Paver Tiles are another perfect option for brightening up the basic styles of barn aisles. These tiles go beyond the basic black and instead offer many vibrant colors to choose from. This horse barn aisle flooring comes in four earthy colors including gray, green, terracotta and black. Even after years of use, colors will not fade. With these tiles, you can trust that your barn aisle will stay looking beautiful and inviting for all the years to come.

The color of these tiles is incorporated into a cobblestone design, which enhances appearance. At the same time, the surface also provides fantastic traction and worry-free footing in both wet and dry conditions. Unlike other flooring materials, these tiles will not erode when exposed to water, humidity or moisture. Further, this horse barn aisle flooring inhibits fungus and bacteria from growing.

3. Speedy Installation: Rubber Flooring Rolls 1/2 Inch Black Geneva

Need horse barn aisle flooring ASAP? Rubber Flooring Rolls (1/2 inch) can be installed quicker than any other barn aisle mats, which makes them the best horse barn aisle flooring option for a speedy install. All you have to do is unroll directly over any smooth, hard and flat surface. An easy tape down around the perimeter and at the seams is all it takes to keep rubber rolls mats in place. If the space is small enough (under four hundred square feet), tape may not be even be required, as their weight and grip is enough to keep them in place. These rolls are factory cut with precision so they will lay side-by-side without any gaps. Although rubber rolls can be custom ordered to fit any space, they can also be easily cut down with a utility knife to help with wall-to-wall installations.

Rubber is one of the most durable materials out there, which makes it an extremely popular choice for equine use. These rubber rolls are no exception. Once in place, they create durable, hard-wearing barn aisle flooring. Rubber Flooring Rolls are considered to be a green product as they are made from recycled rubber and may contribute to LEED building points. Because rubber flooring rolls are shipped nationwide, the price of shipping is super affordable. Plus, Gym Rubber by Greatmats will help you achieve the best shipping rates possible.

4. Price: 4x6 ft x 1/2 inch straight edge pebble top

Have you been stopped in your tracks from replacing equine flooring because of the intimidating prices? Time to consider the affordable, high-quality solution of Straight Edge Pebble Top tiles. These tiles are another one of the best horse barn aisle flooring options, and they come at a hard-to-beat price: only about $1.75 per square foot, or $42.00 per mat. Part of what makes these mats so economical is that the purchase is a one-time investment that continues to pay itself off over time. After spending the initial money, there are no extra maintenance costs to surprise you. This barn aisle flooring lasts years and years with no-stress upkeep. Simply sweep or damp mop with a pH neutral cleaner to keep these barn aisle mats clean.

Straight Edge Pebble Top tiles are manufactured to yield the perfect balance of comfort and stability with 1/2 inches of grade A recycled rubber. The pebble top surface texture contributes to cushion and comfort while also providing traction. These tiles require no special tools or adhesives to install. Simply dry lay them on any hard, flat surface for immediate barn aisle flooring.

5. Interlocks: Horse Stall Mats Cascade 3/4 inch 10x12 ft kit

Horse Stall Mats Cascade is the best horse aisle barn flooring kit out there. These top-of-the-line kits come with 4 x 5 ft mats that fit together with an interlocking connection system. The tight-fitting mats go together like a giant, easy puzzle. Installation is a real time and energy saver, as no other tools or adhesives are necessary to during the assembly process. Plus, the interlocking system is one you can trust. Even with no extra tools, mats fit together extremely tightly and will not unintentionally separate.

The ease of the interlocking connection allows these barn aisle mats to be easily taken up and put back down whenever necessary. These tiles can be cleaned by sweeping or hosing off the mats. Plus, if ever there arises a reason to take up tiles for maintenance, the ease of installation and de-installation makes it a time-effective and no-cost event. This horse barn aisle flooring is made in the USA and carries a 15-year warranty.

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