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How Do You Install Goal Post Pads?

Lisa Hobbie // 2021

Ensuring athlete safety is top priority in netball, football, and rugby. From protective equipment to proper flooring, there are many safety measures to be taken.

Whenever your outdoor field or indoor arena has a goal post, it’s very important to have proper goal post pads installed, as they simply wrap around and attach to the goal posts and then serve many purposes.

First, they do an excellent job protecting players from impact injury caused from exposed Athletes are often so focused on what’s going on with the game, that they aren’t paying attention to how close they are to the goal post.

Post pads will provide players with a protective barrier around the goal post.

Pole and post pads are also an attractive and easy way to boost team pride and encourage school or league spirit with custom logo or team color placement and design.

The Best Goal Post Pads Come From Gym Rubber Flooring

Of the many different safety measures and types of equipment needed for sporting events, goal post pads are among the easiest to select, install, and maintain. Although there are many cheap products out there, Gym Rubber Flooring’ Pole Pads & Post Padding are among the best available for sale anywhere.

The come in 3 different sizes, which are GMPP4 - fits 4 inch diameter pole & outside diameter of foam is 12 inch., GMPP5 - fits 5 inch diameter pole & outside diameter of foam is 12 inch, and GMPP6 - fits 6 inch diameter pole & outside diameter of foam is 13 inch. The standard height of the padding is 72 inches, but custom sizes are available.

The pads are also available in 16 different colors, which include:
  • royal blue,
  • sky blue,
  • red,
  • tan,
  • white,
  • yellow,
  • burgundy,
  • black,
  • forest green,
  • kelly green,
  • lime green,
  • grey,
  • navy blue,
  • orange,
  • pink,
  • and purple.

What is unique about this product, is that it is custom made in the USA per your specific project needs, which ensures maximum protection, performance, and aesthetic appeal.

The custom goal and post pads easily fit around any post, as they are pre-formed to perfectly fit. They are filled with contour cut polyurethane foam, and then covered by a heavy-duty 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester fabric. Made to endure years of outdoor and indoor use, you can’t beat the quality of this product.

How To Install Goal Post Pads

Not only do these pads offer the best quality and level of protection, they are also designed to be installed quickly and easily. They simply wrap around the pole, and they close securely with their snap design and 2-inch hook and loop fastener flap.

Gym Rubber Flooring - For The Best Goal Post Pads Available Anywhere!

Gym Rubber Flooring specializes the very best flooring, matting, and padding for home, school, and professional facilities. The pole and post pads available not only look great and offer outstanding performance, but they are also a breeze to install.

The custom post pads featured are just one of the many types available at Gym Rubber Flooring. There are also the Channel-Style Beam Pads designed to wrap around the face and edges of a basement beam with hook fasteners and self stick loops. These work great in an at-home practice space.

The Pilaster Flexible Wrap is designed to cover indoor or outdoor large, square poles, posts, or pilasters. They fit poles and posts with a diameter of 16 to 36 inches and come in a standard height of 6 feet.

The I-Beam Wrap Pad is a channel-style wrap that provides protection against a serious collision in a basement gym and indoor facility with steel I-beams. They simply wrap the face and front edges of steel I-beams to the back side of the beam face with a hook and loop with self-adhesive.

These superior products are all made in the USA and offer the best in terms of value, quality, and performance. They are attractive and protective, and like all flooring and matting products at Gym Rubber Flooring, they are made of top notch materials using the highest manufacturing standards.

Gym Rubber Flooring offers a wide array of products that extends far beyond those highlighted, with many easy-to-install safety solutions for sports fields and arenas. When you’re ready to make a purchase, simply reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Gym Rubber Flooring who can help you select the product or products that are perfect for your space.

Regardless of the products you choose, when they come from Gym Rubber Flooring, they will not disappoint.
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