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How To Keep Stall Mats From Moving In A Home Gym

Lisa Hobbie // 2021

There are ways to keep stall mats from moving in a home gym, like choosing one that’s heavily weighted or one with a textured bottom.

The horse stall mats for home gym use that are for sale at are all heavy duty and designed to be durable and versatile enough to perform well in a gym - without worrying about them becoming damaged or moving around. Of the many suitable choices to consider, the following 4 products are among the best sellers for this purpose:

These rubber floor mats are among some of the best horse stall mats for home gym use that are available, anywhere. Designed for equine or gym use with numerous features and benefits among each.

is one of many horse stall mats for home gym use. This one has a pebble top texture for extra traction, meaning you will maintain a good footing when working out or lifting weights. Even if the surface becomes wet, it will still be safe.

As far as keeping these in place, it is done without much extra effort. These mats are 4x6 feet and ¾ inch thick and weigh in at 100 pounds, so they are not going anywhere unless it’s intentional.

These mats can be laid on any hard, flat subsurface. If you need to cut one to custom fit it into a unique space, you can do so with a sharp utility knife. They are made from 100 percent recycled rubber, and they deliver anti-fatigue benefits and insulate against cold and damp conditions. Not only will these mats stay put, they will provide comfort, traction, and protection for a subfloor.

are 91 pounds and 4x6 feet. They provide 24 square feet of coverage, and are another option that will stay put once in place without the use of tape, glue, or other adhesives, and even when you put them under stress and heavy use.

These mats are great in a home gym that is prone to moisture, or where spills and excess sweating may take place as both sides are non-porous. They also have a wire mesh texture surface to offer a non-slip footing.

These mats are made in the USA of the highest quality materials. They will not buckle or curl, and their sharp black color will not fade or wear away.

is an eco-friendly mat that can be used in a fitness center, home gym, and more.

This high quality mat is made in the USA from recycled rubber and offers superior comfort, traction, support, and protection. The trued edges make a DIY install process a breeze as you can simply butt the mats up next to each other and get a tight fit along edges and corners without needing to cut or trim them up. You could apply some double-sided tape to secure the fit if you want to make sure they don’t move around as they are much lighter weight (33 pounds each) than the two previous options.

This particular product is made using resilient polyurethane binders, which are comparable to what is used for synthetic tracks. The binders are then combined with recycled tire crumb in a one of a kind manufacturing procedure to make a highly resilient material that the mats are made of.

are super tough and made to high levels of tolerance. If you want to cover a lot of space in a short order, this 10-pack of mats provides 240 square feet of coverage.

These horse stall mats for home gym use are 65 pounds each, so their weight alone will help prevent them from slipping and sliding around. They are made in the USA using the best and safest rubber materials. They are flat on one side, with an anti-skid, wire mesh texture surface on the opposite side, and deliver the optimum combo of strength, versatility, durability, and longevity.

Gym Rubber Floor - For The Best Horse Stall Mats For Home Gym Use

The horse stall mats for home gym use that have been featured are among the best available anywhere and offer many excellent benefits and features. They are simple to install, and they will stay put once in place. They are also affordable and eco-friendly, unlike other materials like lumber. Keep in mind that all rubber flooring - especially those designed for horse stalls - has a smell, but some options are manufactured in a way to reduce that smell and all will have the smell dissipate over time.

If you have questions about any of these products or you need help with ordering, just reach out to the friendly customer service staff at Gym Rubber Floor. They are knowledgeable and helpful, and together, you can figure out which flooring solution is the right one for you and your space.
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