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allow for an incredibly easy installation, create a professional looking finish, and are ideal for anyone doing a DIY project. It's no wonder that interlocking flooring is such a popular option. Interlocking floor mats and tiles come in various materials, sizes, colors and thicknesses, depending on their intended uses. They are also available with numerous surface texture and hardness options. Greatmats is one of the leading suppliers of interlocking mats and tiles, stocking hundreds of interlocking floor mats made of rubber, carpet, foam, vinyl and plastic materials.

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Interlocking floor mats, Interlocking tiles, Gym floors rubber and foam mats

allow for an incredibly easy installation, create a professional looking finish, and are ideal for anyone doing a DIY project. It's no wonder that interlocking flooring is such a popular option. Interlocking floor mats and tiles come in various materials, sizes, colors and thicknesses, depending on their intended uses. They are also available with numerous surface texture and hardness options. Greatmats is one of the leading suppliers of interlocking mats and tiles, stocking hundreds of interlocking floor mats made of rubber, carpet, foam, vinyl and plastic materials.

Consider the following benefits of interlocking floor mats and tiles:

  1. Tiles are easily managed by a single person
  2. Interlocking floor tiles can be quickly and easily installed, usually without adhesives
  3. Some interlocking tiles are designed to be easily removed and reinstalled
  4. Choose from interlocking flooring in different materials, including rubber, carpet, foam, vinyl and plastic, for the perfect fit for your project
  5. Simple to install, interlocking flooring is a great choice for a DIY project
  6. Replace just a few tiles in case of damage, rather than having to replace the entire floor

Interlocking floor mats are especially convenient for portable installations or repairs. Many are designed for repeated installations and, should a portion of the floor become damaged, you can simply pop out replace only the damaged tiles. You won't have to patch or tear up and replace entire flooring systems due to isolated stains or damage.
Some foam interlocking floor mats are also double sided. In those cases, you could also flip the mat and use the underside as the surface. In most cases these interlocking mats are made of closed cell foam or rubber.

Consider using interlocking flooring for the following applications:

  • Home gyms
  • Basements
  • Kids play rooms
  • Martial arts training spaces
  • Garages
  • Industrial areas
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial facilities

Greatmats offers a wide variety of interlocking tile flooring and interlocking floor mats suitable for many different projects. Let's look at a few of the most popular options.

Snap Together Interlocking Floors
Many of our snap together floor tiles are made of a no-break polypropylene material. This durable material can handle both heavy loads and wet areas, making these tiles versatile and excellent investments. These floor tiles are most commonly used for dance floors, athletic courts, garages and warehouses.

We also offer flexible interlocking floor tiles with anti-fatigue benefits and fall height protection. These tiles are most often made of a soft PVC material and connect with a tab and loop for a secure fit. Snap together PVC interlocking floor tiles can be found in workshops, playgrounds, decks and gyms across the country.

Snap together floor tiles are much easier to install than large, heavy rolls of flooring. Coming in small and lightweight squares - usually 1x1 foot in size - our snap together floor tiles can be installed by a single person or by a team. Installation is fast and easy; just lay down the mats, push them together or step on them until you hear a snap (or, in the case of softer materials, feel a pop), and you're done. Snap together interlocking floors can be used in smaller locations where forced air and good insulation is in place.

Because no adhesives are required for installation, snap together floors are simple to disassemble and install again in another location if desired. Interlocking floor tiles are a breeze to install and will last for years. Most of these tiles feature a raised base that allows for air flow beneath the tiles, which is ideal for installations where water or moisture may work its way beneath the flooring.

Snap together interlocking floors offer the following benefits:

  1. Small, lightweight tiles are easy to handle
  2. Super easy installation... Just line the tiles up and step on them
  3. Raised bases allow for air and water circulation, making these tiles ideal for areas where moisture may be an issue
  4. Easy to disassemble, re-position, and reassemble
  5. Some tiles offer anti-fatigue benefits

Interlocking Puzzle Floor Mats
Puzzle style interlocking floor mats are available for virtually every occasion and location, including garage and warehouse flooring, playground surfaces, and even athletic and hand-to-hand combat training facilities.

Because of the durability of rubber and plastic, these materials are usually the best interlocking floor mats for areas that will see high traffic and high abuse. Interlocking rubber floor mats are incredibly strong, and are often used in weight areas in gyms and other similar applications where durability matters.

Rubber and plastic mats and floor tiles offer the following benefits:

  • Extremely strong and durable, these products are ideal for high traffic areas
  • Versatile... You'll find these mats and floor tiles are available in varying thicknesses to suit your needs
  • Sound dampening characteristics make for a more enjoyable environment
  • Shock absorbing properties, particularly in rubber, make these tiles a great choice for high intensity workout spaces.

Foam mats, which offer more cushion, are popular for athletic applications. Foam puzzle mats, generally made of an EVA foam or blended foam, can offer fall protection or skin burn protection unavailable in more rigid flooring materials.

Foam puzzle interlocking floors are available from 3/8 inch to 1-5/8-inch thickness and range in size from 2 feet by 2 feet to 1x1 meters in size. These mats are popular options for both home and commercial exercise rooms, kids play areas, trade show booth flooring, martial arts training and competition and more. The foam used in these puzzle style mats is excellent in providing fatigue relief. Most of our interlocking foam mats are stocked in our warehouse and shipped out the next business day.

Foam mats offer the following benefits:

  • Comfortable, cushioned surface is pleasant for standing or play
  • Anti-fatigue benefits are ideal for productive workspaces
  • Skin burn protection in some products creates a safe play space

Thanks to their design, interlocking floor mats and tiles can usually be installed on any hard, flat surface in a very short period of time. The same goes for removal of these flooring systems. Interlocking floor mats are relatively small in size, are lightweight, and often don't require adhesives for a secure installation.
Mats and tiles can also be cut to fit smaller spaces. Some even feature a universal interlocking system, which means the tiles or mats do not need to be laid facing any particular direction.

Indoor Interlocking Floors
Great for home or commercial floors, indoor interlocking floor mats and tiles usually contain low odor materials and are cut to have extremely tight seams that will hold their position until you want to remove them for relocation, cleaning or replacement.

Many of these flooring options, such as plastic interlocking floors, are waterproof for easy cleanup and maintenance. EVA foam, which is the most common form of foam used in puzzle mats, is a closed cell foam which does not allow fluids to pass through its cells.

Interlocking foam flooring is lightweight and waterproof. The foam is available in various densities to meet different requirements, but always provides excellent cushion. Some of Greatmats' interlocking foam floor tiles, such as the Pebble Top Foam Gym Floor Tile, are durable enough for use as portable horse stall mats.

Indoor interlocking floors are a low-maintenance flooring option perfect for any number of applications. They are designed to be easy to install, making your home flooring a DIY project that you can take on without getting overwhelmed.

Greatmats indoor interlocking floors are:

  • Made of low-odor materials
  • Tight-fitting, so they won't separate until you want them to
  • Low-maintenance; many tiles are waterproof for easy cleanup
  • Lightweight and conveniently sized for easy handling
  • A great home DIY project

Interlocking Carpet Tiles
Interlocking carpet tiles provide sound and thermal insulation while creating a comfortable, attractive flooring surface. They are available in two forms. One form features a soft, padded closed cell foam backing with carpet fiber infused to the tile's top. This tile features a flat base and offers lots of cushion.

The other type of tile is a polypropylene plastic base with a carpet top. This tile includes a raised base which allows air and moisture to freely circulate beneath the tile. This design helps to avoid mold and mildew buildup, and is an ideal choice for an environment like a basement or garage where moisture may be an issue.

Carpet interlocking floor mats can be used for indoor basement floors where a soft, comfortable, and safe flooring is needed. They will not absorb moisture and provide a warm, padded surface.

Greatmats' snap together carpet floors and puzzle style foam-backed carpet tiles are soft to the touch and will last for years. They're the perfect way to create an enjoyable family space.

Interlocking carpet mats are also a popular choice for trade show booth flooring and anti-fatigue commercial environments. These interconnecting floors provide an anti-fatigue-flooring surface that is portable when needed.

While foam and carpet materials provide the most comfort, they are made of softer materials and may not last as long as our heavy-duty rubber or plastic options. They can also be punctured by sharp objects or indented by heavy furniture, so it's important to use them for appropriate projects.

Interlocking carpet tiles provide the following benefits:

  • Comfortable, attractive flooring option
  • Raised base option on some tiles is ideal for environments where moisture may be a problem
  • Anti-fatigue properties mean these tiles are ideal for home use, as well as for trade shows

Rubber Interlocking Mats and Tiles
Rubber interlocking mats and tiles are durable and easy to install, making them a popular choice for commercial and residential gyms, weight rooms and even horse stalls. Rubber also provides sound, heat and cold buffering qualities. Simply snap the interlocking flooring tiles together like a giant puzzle and cut the edges with a sharp utility knife to fit for wall-to-wall installation. Many rubber tiles designed for outdoor use even offer a fall height rating, making them a popular option for playgrounds.

Interlocking rubber mats are available in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from .25 inch to 2.5 inches, and in many standard and custom colors as well as black. The 10 percent light gray mat color matches almost any interior decor and proves to be one of the most popular color options.

Rubber interlocking mats and tiles provide the following benefits:

  • Extreme durability means you can invest with confidence
  • Excellent strength is appropriate for tough applications, including in gyms and weight rooms
  • Sound, heat, and cold buffering qualities contribute to a more comfortable environment
  • Easy installation can be accomplished at home, and mats can be cut to fit for wall-to-wall installations
  • Fall height ratings mean these mats are a practical choice for playgrounds

Interlocking Plastic Tiles
Interlocking plastic tiles are durable, easy to clean and easy to install. These versatile tiles are made from durable polypropylene plastic, and are available in a variety of colors and surface patterns. Softer interlocking floors for wet areas or aerobic areas are made from a pliable polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These interlocking plastic tiles feature a snap-together design that works well for garage floors, decks and rooftops, warehouse flooring, pool surrounds, or anywhere a durable and easy-to-clean plastic interlocking flooring is needed.

Vinyl-topped interlocking floor tiles are frequently used in basements, as portable dance floors or in multi-purpose facilities where an upscale look is desired. When shopping for vinyl-topped tiles, you can choose from several different wood-grain looks as well as slate and stone. These tiles are incredibly tough and will stay interlocked tightly even after multiple assemblies and dis-assemblies. The connecting tabs are strong enough to avoid breaking, despite multiple uses, so you can get the most out of this flooring. Vinyl interlocking floors are also waterproof.

Plastic interlocking floors are:

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean and waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Available in a range of attractive, eye-catching finishes

Cleaning and Shipping
Interlocking mats and tiles can be cleaned in a similar fashion that you would clean other flooring. Foam and plastic interlocking mats and tiles should be cleaned using a mild floor cleaner. Rubber interlocking floor mats should always be cleaned using a neutral pH cleaner.

Shipping of interlocking foam and plastic tiles can take place via either ground service or freight delivery. All of Greatmats' interlocking rubber floor mats are shipped via freight delivery.