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How to Buy Interlocking Foam Flooring

Everything from researching to planning to ordering foam floor tiles

By Julia Nass

Why Choose Interlocking Foam Flooring

Foam flooring tiles are a super popular option for a flooring project that requires both comfort and incredibly easy installation. Foam floors are soft and cushioned. Some are even anti-fatigue, which helps prevent achiness and injury to those standing on their feet for long periods of time. Because foam flooring is so lightweight, portable, and easy to install, it makes awesome temporary flooring as well. Further, interlocking foam floors come in a huge variety of vibrant colors, which makes them a delight for playrooms and kids rooms. To top it all off, foam floors are an affordable and economical option.

Some Popular Uses for Foam Flooring

- Kids play rooms
- Trade show displays
- Anti-fatigue needs
- Pet areas
- Home and professional gyms
- Dance studios
- Martial arts training halls
- Gymnastics
- Cheerleading
- And much, much more

Planning for an Interlocking Foam Floor

If interlocking foam tiles seem like they might be a good fit, it is time to start planning for an interlocking foam floor. Greatmats offers over 80 foam mat and tile products, but do not let all of the options feel daunting. Greatmats makes buying interlocking foam flooring a breeze. Read on to read about some of the services Greatmats offers to make purchasing interlocking foam flooring hassle-free.

Greatmats Knowledge Base

As you begin the process of buying interlocking foam flooring, it is helpful to access Greatmats immense Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base contains how-to videos, detailed blogs, customer profiles and more. All of these resources are at your disposal in order to help you make an informed decision in purchasing interlocking foam flooring.

For example, in customer profiles, you can read about how a Minnesota martial arts expert thoroughly searched for the perfect floor for his dojo and eventually found it with Greatmats' one inch thick foam karate mats. You can even read a profile on a Wisconsin mother who uses Greatmats' foam tiles to create elaborate and fun halloween costumes for children with disabilities.

Greatmats Pro Floor Designer

Once you have an eye on a specific product, you can access the Greatmats Pro Floor Designer from the product page. Users find the Pro Floor Designer to make all of the difference in planning for an interlocking foam floor. The technology enables you to create a floor plan that allows you to enter the real dimensions of your space and the exact shape of your room. From there, you can play around with different color options to get a feel for the design and layout of your new floor. The Pro Floor Designer is fun to use and lets you be in charge of designing your space. It even tells you just how much flooring you'll need. Once you are through with the Pro Floor Design, you will realize how easy purchasing interlocking foam flooring from Greatmats really is.

Free Samples

Although Greatmats can provide a ton of information as you are planning for an interlocking foam floor, nothing beats actually holding the product in your hand. Luckily, you can order free samples at Greatmats with the click of the button. The samples will arrive at your door and will demonstrate the true color, material, weight and feel you can expect from buying interlocking foam flooring. There is no reason to commit to something you are unsure about, and taking advantage of free samples can help clarify any uncertainties.

Navigate Your Way through Buying Interlocking Foam Floor Online OR Over the Phone

Greatmats makes sure that purchasing interlocking foam flooring is an easy online shopping experience. Their intuitive website and search engine makes it simple to navigate all of the product choices and find just what you're looking for. If you need assistance but do not feel like talking over the phone, you can contact a customer service representative via live messaging. If Greatmats Support is offline, you can send a message that will be promptly replied to during their next open business hour.

Sometimes though, it feels best to hear a friendly voice when planning for an interlocking foam floor. For your convenience, Greatmats' support team is also available to chat over the phone. Unlike other companies, it is straightforward to get in touch with a real human at Greatmats. Never do you have to navigate through what feels like a hundred different recordings to speak to a representative. The support team is readily available and happy to talk you through any questions or concerns you may have regarding purchasing foam flooring. If you prefer, you can even do all of your ordering over the phone.

No matter how you decide on purchasing an interlocking foam floor, Greatmats prioritizes your wants and needs to make the process as enjoyable as can be.
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