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Differences Among Textures of Martial Arts Mats

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Martial Arts Mat Textures, Textures of Different Types of Martial Arts Mats

. Some mats feature a tatami surface which is ideal for grappling, MMA and BJJ and martial arts styles where ground competition is predominant. The tatami surface texture on our 1 5/8 inch grappling MMA mats is designed to alleviate ''rug burns'' from the flooring.

For sports with more striking and spinning involved, such as Karate, we recommend a smooth surface as featured on our one inch Karate Mats. This surface is quick and durable and is designed for soft shoes or barefoot use. These martial arts mats are also ideal for Taekwondo.

For combat training requiring boots or shoes, we recommend our Martial Arts Pro Sport 7/8 inch. This product is ideal for boxing as well as aerobics and general cardio training. The surface texture on this mat is a thatch design and is very scuff and scratch resistant.

Each of these surface texture options offer their own unique benefits. Martial arts mats from Greatmats are excellent for wall to wall installations. Crash pads, roll out mats, pole pads and folding gym mats are also available for martial arts studios and dojos.

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