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Outdoor Flooring: Rubber Deck, Roof & Temporary Options

Outdoor flooring is popular among our customers, delivering great value and versatility in how they’re employed. Using outdoor flooring allows for the instant transformation of outdoor spaces into comfortable and inviting areas. With the right outdoor flooring options installed, customers find themselves using their outdoor locations more often. Outdoor temporary flooring from Greatmats encourages people to make the most of time spent together outdoors.

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Rubber outdoor floors, Deck flooring for outdoors, Interlocking outdoor deck tiles, Rooftop outdoor flooring

Outdoor flooring is popular among our customers, delivering great value and versatility in how they’re employed. Using outdoor flooring allows for the instant transformation of outdoor spaces into comfortable and inviting areas. With the right outdoor flooring options installed, customers find themselves using their outdoor locations more often. Outdoor temporary flooring from Greatmats encourages people to make the most of time spent together outdoors.

At Greatmats, we carry multiple outdoor interlocking flooring products in stock. Some of our deck tiles work for indoor use too. No matter what kind of space is involved, our outdoor temporary flooring will allow the entire family to enjoy it.

We even have portable outdoor flooring that’s perfect for withstanding heavy water. Our floor tiles will not suffer damage from repeated exposure to water.

Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Floor Use

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to installing outdoor flooring. Rolls and mats lay flat, while tiles often have an interlocking system.

Temporary flooring over grass doesn’t need glue for installation, making it a good DIY project. Installation is clean and easy with our products.

What is the cheapest outdoor flooring?

Greatmats customers can always find a style of temporary outdoor flooring to fit into a budget. Our options outperform interlocking outdoor flooring Lowes offers.

Our cheap outdoor flooring solutions include our PVC Patio Outdoor Tile, polyethylene Catalina Artificial Turf Roll, and Rubber Patio Paver tile products.

What can I use outdoor floors for?

We have many outdoor flooring ideas over concrete, over grass, or even over dirt. Patio pavers, pool tiles, composite decking, and playground mats all are available. Our flooring also works for dog play areas, walkways, construction sites, balconies, parking lots, and more.

Can outdoor floors be installed over grass?

Many customers choose to install outdoor flooring over concrete. So even though installing outdoor flooring over grass isn’t common, we do offer products specifically made for this purpose.

Visit our Overcoming Uneven Ground with Flexible Patio Tiles blog for a few ideas.

Benefits of an Outdoor Floors

  1. Water is not an issue. Install outdoor space flooring to drain water away from the surface, delivering better slip resistance.
  2. Style is a key consideration in flooring for outdoor locations. The right outdoor patio flooring enhances the value of a home or business over time.
  3. Constant outdoor and weather exposure can be tough on flooring. Look for UV-treated floors, which resist fading and damage from the sun.
  4. High traffic areas outdoors need a durable style of flooring. As an added benefit, tough flooring will handle temperature extremes without showing wear.
  5. Versatile flooring, such as faux grass, turns hard-to-use areas in the yard into a comfortable space for the entire family.
  6. We offer both temporary and permanent flooring solutions. Temporary products work nicely for seasonal use. Permanent products, such as natural stone, are made for all seasons.

Outdoor flooring must be able to stand up to any kind of weather. Flooring will not be useful if it becomes brittle in low temperatures or loses integrity in high temperatures.

Although we offer many permanent products, such as for outdoor patio flooring, temporary flooring is a smart choice for outdoors.

A non-permanent style of flooring is easy to clean. Many times, it rinses clean with a hose and nozzle. Often times, the temporary flooring can be used in spring and summer and then stored in fall and winter when the patio isn’t in use. Reinstalling the tile the following spring is a simple process.

Rubber Outdoor Flooring

For maximum durability and safety in an outdoor area, outdoor rubber flooring is a popular choice. Outdoor rubber tiles appear frequently in installations for patios, play areas, and walkways. Non-slip rubber tiles maintain a high level of traction, even after a rainstorm.

Rubber flooring outdoor products are durable with a high level of density. But they also provide shock-absorption and flexibility, much like is expected in a gym floor product. Some rubber outdoor flooring over concrete products deliver a fall height rating.

Rubber is a popular option for outdoor flooring, as it delivers benefits for the environment. This flooring often consists of recycled rubber tires, reducing the number of tires discarded in the landfill.

When selecting flooring for outdoor use, rubber provides a great value. It’s a durable material to use for flooring, and it will continue to look great for decades. Once the rubber patio tiles wear out in the future, they can be recycled again.

In areas where outdoor temperatures will have a wide range over the year, rubber is a smart choice. Rubber does not break down when exposed to extremely high or low temperatures.

Benefits of Rubber Flooring

  1. Our rubber tiles deliver shock-absorbing benefits. This results in a safe flooring for children, as some rubber even offers fall height ratings.
  2. Rubber flooring is eco-friendly, consisting of recycled rubber tires that don’t end up in the landfill.
  3. Rubber is a heavy material, meaning it won’t shift around when placed under stress like some other types of flooring.
  4. Rubber is durable and maintains its integrity in all kinds of temperatures and weather conditions.

Artificial Grass for Outdoor Floors

Poly grass is another popular product for outdoor areas. It provides a nice alternative to real grass. Faux grass doesn’t require the time or maintenance that is needed for natural grass. Installing rolls of Greatmats grass is far less messy than rolls of natural sod.

Artificial grass works for installation in many different outdoor areas. Out customers will use it in patio areas, pet areas, golf practice areas, and landscaping areas.

Our grass has aesthetic appeal, offering a feel that’s soft and resembles natural grass. In fact, some customers say they can’t tell the difference between artificial and real grass choices.

Keeping artificial turf looking its best is an easy process. Some styles of this outdoor/indoor grass product can be vacuumed. In other cases, just rinse the material with water from a hose to clean it.

We offer artificial rolls of grass and artificial tiles of grass. For installations in patios or in tight landscaping areas, tiles are the best choice. They work perfectly over dirt or gravel surfaces and can be cut to fit.

We suggest artificial rolls of turf for areas where a lot of coverage area is required. Installation goes quickly when using rolls. This is a smart idea when creating athletic fields. The turf from Greatmats works nicely to provide a safe athletic surface, but it also works for decks, patios, yards, and pet areas.

Some of our customers even choose to use turf rolls in place of composite decking flooring. The turf will drain quickly when exposed to rain, leaving a safe surface for walking.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

  1. With faux turf, customers receive the look and feel of grass, but they don’t have the hassle of maintaining it.
  2. Water drains directly through the fake grass product, meaning water doesn’t collect on the surface, creating unwanted puddles and a slipping risk.
  3. This style of grass feels extremely comfortable, even when walking on it with bare feet.

Plastic Outside Flooring

As another flooring option for outdoor areas, our customers appreciate the versatility and low price of plastic flooring. Plastic tiles work over both dirt and grass when used outdoors. This means they’re a smart choice for many types of projects.

Plastic delivers a surprising amount of softness and comfort when used as flooring. In fact, some styles of our plastic products for floors have anti-fatigue capabilities, which are nice for those who must stand continuously.

Many Greatmats plastic tile products deliver a raised design. By lifting the surface of the tile off the ground, it encourages air to flow underneath the tile. This removes dampness quickly.

As another flooring option in an area where water often collects, consider perforated PVC tiles. They don’t degrade in water, while also allowing water to drain through the surface.

Plastic tiles work nicely for swimming pools, wash bays, outdoor showers, and other wet areas. They're also useful in play areas under swing sets to prevent ruts.

Greatmats recommends placing a landscape fabric beneath the plastic PVC tiles. The fabric helps to prevent weeds from growing up through the holes in the tiles.

Benefits of Plastic Exterior Flooring

  1. Make use of plastic tile flooring outdoors over either dirt or grass. No matter what sub-surface is available, installation goes quickly.
  2. Plastic tiling has more softness than expected, delivering anti-fatigue benefits.
  3. Multiple designs are available, which allows for the creation of unique floors.
  4. In areas where water commonly collects, such as around swimming pools, use a raised tile to deliver airflow that prevents the formation of mold and mildew.
  5. Plastic tiles sometimes have an ASTM fall height rating, which is important around pools and play areas where children may fall while running.

Balcony Flooring

For places where outdoor styles of flooring cannot be installed using adhesives, balcony flooring is a smart idea. Our balcony tile flooring works nicely in areas like apartments, condos, and townhouses.

Installation is easy, as the tiles will snap together. They’re made to be assembled and disassembled over and over. Flooring balcony tiles are portable, lightweight, and easy to carry from an old apartment to a new apartment.

For outdoor areas with hard surfaces, balcony floor tiles will create a softer surface. They also can cover a worn out surface of a patio or deck for a fresh look.

Benefits of Balcony Flooring

  1. No adhesive is needed for balcony flooring. During installation, just pop the tiles together.
  2. Balcony tiles can be carried anywhere for installation in a new location.
  3. Balcony flooring changes hard concrete surfaces into softer, more comfortable areas.
  4. These tiles don’t need to be sealed or painted, and maintenance is minimal.
  5. To remove dirt or other particles, just rinse the tile surface with a hose.

Interlocking Outdoor Floors

Another choice for outdoor installations is interlocking tiles. Greatmats carries many styles of this tile, all at a great price.

Some of our customers choose to create a basketball floor or a tennis court made of interlocking tile over grass. This creates a fun athletic space with minimal installation time required.

Durability is another significant benefit of interlocking floors. Asphalt or cement could crumble over years of weather exposure.

For our interlocking tile options, we have puzzle style, tab and slot, and pin and dowel installation options. In addition to interlocking exterior tiles, Greatmats also offers straight edge tiles. Customers can select the best option for their needs.