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Top Three Patio Tiles to Use Over Uneven Ground

Top Three Patio Tiles to Use Over Uneven Ground

Beautiful new patio tiles would be a breeze to put in if all the ground outside were hard and flat. Unfortunately, that just simply isn't the way the outdoors work. Soft grass, bumpy dirt, uneven sand, rocks and pebbles: there are a whole array of uneven ground challenges when it comes to installing patio tiles outdoors.

Hiring people and equipment to deal with landscaping for a new patio is an expensive and time consuming process. While it is true that both tools and manpower are sometimes necessary to create a flat foundation for a patio, there may be another way.

The easy solution is to choose a patio tile that is compatible with whatever kind of ground already exists in the space. Certain outdoor patio tiles are designed to work with tricky environments. Lead flooring experts recommend the following three.

StayLock Perforated PVC Tiles


With just a snap, Gym Rubber Floors' PVC StayLock perforated tiles can be installed grass, sand and more. These perforated patio tiles are flexible, so they can bend and adhere to surface irregularities. Tiles can be cut down to fit into any outdoor area.

StayLock perforated patio tiles connect together with a durable fastening system that requires no other adhesives or tools. If installing over sand, experts recommend first putting down a layer of geo mesh. Besides that, however, installation is an easy process that can be completed with just a single person.

Other Patio Perks

Staylock patio tiles are waterproof, UV treated, and chemical-tested for lasting quality and safety. These tiles are made to outlast storms, changes in seasons and whatever else the outdoor environment may bring. When there's snow, it can be easily shoveled off of tiles.

When there's rain or other moisture, it will drain right through the tile and won't pool up. Tiles are both slip and mold resistant, which makes them great for wet areas like pool surrounds.

Where your bare feet didn't want to walk before, they will be happy to with Staylock tiles. These patio tiles are comfortable for bare feet and have a ASTM fall height rating of 20 inches, which also make them great for kiddos and play areas. Interlocking patio tiles come in several different colors including black and grey.

Artificial Deck Turf Tiles


Love the look and feel of grass but don't want to deal with the hassle of it? Choose Artificial Deck Turf Tiles for another flexible patio tile option. Deck turf tiles are made with two durable and flexible plastic tubes connecting wooden slats, which allows the turf tiles to adjust to uneven surfaces.

Whether you're resurfacing or putting artificial deck turf tiles in at ground level, installation is a cakewalk. Deck turf tiles are a dry lay; no extra adhesives are required. Although the tiles themselves will conform to uneven ground, it's important to keep in mind that tiles are free floating. Thus, if your ground slopes, you might be better off with an interlocking or adhesive tile.

Other Patio Perks

Artificial turf tiles bring a natural, comfortable look and feel to any patio. Using artificial turf is an excellent way to turn cold, uninviting surfaces into a place you'll be happy to lounge on. Gym Rubber Floors' artificial turf patio tiles are drain through, so they do well in wet conditions and areas. These tiles are designed specifically for the outdoors and thus do great throughout all kinds of weather. Plus, they can hold the weight of patio furniture or foot traffic without receiving any kind of damage.

GreatDeck Outdoor Deck Tiles


GreatDeck Outdoor Deck tiles are a true crowd pleaser. Uneven surfaces are a non-issue with these hese high quality tiles. For almost any kind of patio remodel, GreatDeck tiles are a top option. They can be found with either wood or PVC slats, which are connected by flexible PVC rods that run through them. Thus, the tiles remain stable while the flexing and contouring to surface bumps.

GreatDeck Outdoor patio tiles are a dry lay install. No extra tools or adhesives are required, so they are extremely easy to move around or deinstall if needed.

Other Patio Perks

Not only are GreatDeck patio tiles easy to work with on a variety of ground, but they provide an elegant and classic look for any outdoor area. Unlike other wood products, each tile is treated to resist water, mold, mildew, termites and weather damage.

These outdoor deck tiles come in a variety of dark and light woods, from Cedar to Ash. A wonderful alternative to real wood is Greatdeck Outdoor Tiles made of PVC, which come in a variety of styles. Some users go with PVC tiles in a wood-grain design to achieve the gorgeous aesthetic of wood with different material.

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There's no need to be discouraged by your ground woes. An expensive landscaping project isn't your only solution. There are ways to work around and with the ground, you have to create the perfect patio. Gym Rubber Floors offers a variety of products that can work with the condition of your ground without a costly renovation. If you have more specific questions about these products or others, contact Gym Rubber Floors for answers you can trust.

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