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Playground Flooring Tile Installation

Requirements and procedure for installing playground flooring

With the exception of our StayLock Perforated Tiles, all of our requires a solid sub-surface for installation. The ideal sub-surface would be a hard, flat surface such as blacktop or concrete. You can, however, also get by with a less expensive option such as compacted crushed stone or gravel.

Why do I need this surface type for my playground flooring?

A hard, level surface is critical to maintaining the safety of your playground floor. If, for example, you were to lay these rubber floor mats or tiles atop dirt or grass, it would work... for a while. However, rain and general wear and tear would cause the ground beneath the tiles to become uneven which would eventually result in tiles that were raised higher in some locations than others. This creates a tripping hazard as well as sunken areas where water can pool. Over time, the problem would only get worse.

Sounds like an expensive investment. Do you carry a product I could use in my yard without the need for a solid sub-surface?

We do. Our StayLock Perforated tiles are frequently used outdoors over a variety of surfaces including dirt and grass. These tiles are made of a soft PVC plastic with UV stable colorant in the material. The simple interlocking design allows you to lay them where you want and to take them up if you decide to.

These tiles are rated by the ATSM for a fall-height rating of 20''. They are an ideal playground safety surface for daycares as they are great for toddlers and small children. StayLock Perforated tiles should be used beneath a landscape fabric. This will prevent grass and weeds from growing up through your tiles.

Our equipment requires a fall-height protection of higher than 20''. What product should we go with?

You will want to go with one of our rubber playground flooring options. This will require the base of concrete, blacktop, or compacted crushed stone as mentioned earlier. The tile type and thickness you choose will determine the fall height rating you can achieve.

Do I need to glue the tiles down?

In some cases, yes. Other tiles can be used with a clip or dowel system. External ramping is always glued. StayLock tiles, however, never require a glue down method for installation. For more information about adhesives and installation, we recommend you call one of our customer service representatives.

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