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Non-Slip Safety Pool Deck Tiles & Swimming Pool Floors

Greatmats offers a large selection of swimming pool deck tiles and flooring surfaces for both indoor and outdoor swimming pool deck areas.

Swimming pool deck tiles and mats provide safe and comfortable non slip pool deck surfaces. Our interlocking or glue down swimming pool mats are suitable flooring in almost any wet area.

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Interlocking pool deck tiles, Rubber swimming pool deck flooring options

Greatmats offers a large selection of swimming pool deck tiles and flooring surfaces for both indoor and outdoor swimming pool deck areas.

Swimming pool deck tiles and mats provide safe and comfortable non slip pool deck surfaces. Our interlocking or glue down swimming pool mats are suitable flooring in almost any wet area.

Pool Deck Tile Options

Interlocking pool deck tiles from Greatmats are versatile and are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. Because many of the tiles feature an easy drain through design, water flows right through them instead of pooling on the surface. The flooring stays dry, comfortable, and safe.

As a result, these tiles are great for pools, spas, showers, and locker rooms. They are excellent for a variety of other wet area applications too, including dog kennels and greenhouses.

Swimming pool deck mats are softer and more comfortable to walk on than some of the best stone for pool deck products, like traditional concrete, stone pavers, natural stone, or ceramic tile.

When it comes to tile for pool deck and other wet area flooring options, we offer a number of popular choices and shapes and sizes to suit any needs. Our pool decking tiles are non-absorbent and will hold up well to chlorine and direct sunlight.

Potential uses for pool deck tiles and mats

  1. Flooring around pools, saunas, and other wet areas
  2. Use in spas, showers, and locker rooms
  3. Flooring for dog kennels or veterinary clinics
  4. Use as flooring in greenhouses
  5. Flooring for patios
  6. Commercial and home use

Greatmats offers numerous products to fit any need, including pool deck mat options, tile options, or other flooring options for a pool or outdoor area.

Pool Deck Tiles to Suit Your Budget

Greatmats offers mats and tiles for a pool area to suit multiple budgets. We will deliver the perfect product for any project.

Inexpensive swimming pool deck tile options are made of soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. These pool deck tiles are resistant to extreme temperature changes and ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Our outdoor pool deck tiles require no glues or adhesives and are easy to install. Simply dry lay, cut to fit, and it's done. Customers save money on the tile itself and on installation.

In the middle of the price spectrum for pool flooring are interlocking rubber deck mats. Commonly used for playground areas, these rubber mats are extremely durable and slip resistant. Many offer significant protection against head injury in the case of trips or falls.

Another mid-range priced product is our Outdoor Deck Turf Tiles. These provide the comfort of grass without the mess and maintenance. Our plush artificial grass squares create a lush pool surround surface. They make for an attractive finish for backyard pool surrounds.

At the top end in price are the elite Life Floor line of pool decking tiles. These soft and grippy pool mat squares are made of a rubber foam blend. They come in slate and ripple non slip pool tile textures.

Our tiles are designed for extreme temperature variations. For permanent installations, they’re available in both peel-and-stick and glue down versions. Life Floor modular pool mats are very popular for water parks, schools, hotel pool areas, and high end private pools.

The 2x2 foot pool mats are extremely lightweight at just 1.34 pounds per square. They're easy to install. This pool decking provides unmatched safety and versatility in areas around pools.

Plastic Pool Decking

Plastic swim pool decking and mats are perforated, easy-to-install modular tiles. They offer a safe and comfortable option for flooring around pools. Comfortable for outdoor bare foot traffic, these tiles feature a soft, non slip surface for excellent traction, comfort, and durability.

Non slip pool mats are available in designer colors to proudly represent a facility's branding. Mix and match pool tile colors to create a unique design. Plastic tiles are great for home pool area installations, as well as for commercial condos and hotel pool areas.

Best of all, plastic pool deck tiles easily lock together. They can be cut by a utility knife as needed to create a flat, finished edge. Homeowners can perform the installation entirely on their own, which can be a time and money saver.

Our Patio Outdoor Tiles have proven to be our most popular plastic tile. This tile is ideal for outdoor use in and around wet areas and pool decking.

Sometimes known as Patio Aqua tiles, they are designed to withstand the weight of everyday foot traffic as well as outdoor tables and chairs. Easy to install, these tiles interlock with a tab/loop system that requires no adhesives. Just use a sharp utility knife and a straight edge to cut them to size.

StayLock perforated non slip pool mat decking is another popular option. This modular, perforated floor tile mat is perfect for pool decking as well as spa surrounds.

It's easy on bare feet and durable for tables and lawn chairs. These non slip pool deck tiles will provide traction when wet and comfort for standing and walking. This product has many color choices and works for indoor applications, toddler playgrounds, or roof surfacing solutions.

The American-made StayLock perforated tile is also a great choice for industrial wet areas. It has anti-fatigue properties as well as natural resistance to oils, acids, and chemicals. It is available in five great colors and requires no adhesive for installation.

Another wet flooring option is the American-made shower tile SoftFlex. It's great for locker rooms and showers. It also works as indoor pool decking and for spa areas.

Like the previously mentioned products, SoftFlex is available in a variety of different colors. It provides great traction in wet areas. No glue is required for installation.

The Ergo Matta Perforated Outdoor Tile is yet another wet area flooring solution. Originally designed for the abuse that only little kids can give flooring, these tiles are hearty and durable. They're built to take a beating indoors or outdoors.

A perforated surface design allows water to flow through. These high quality tiles are UV treated and slip resistant. Built from recycled material, they are environmentally friendly.

Rubber Pool Deck Tiles

Rubber pool decking has a firmer surface than our plastic pool flooring mat. They can create eye-catching and attractive finishes.

For those who desire the look of brick, consider using Greatmats Dog Bone Paver tiles. Use them to create an attractive surface that is far safer than actual brick.

Made of 100 percent premium quality recycled rubber, these rubber pool deck pavers are durability above all else. They are easy on the environment. This interlocking tile provides a non slip flooring option around the pool, even when it’s wet.

Rubber Patio Paver Tiles are a popular and economical form of rubber pool deck tile. Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, they offer an excellent water drainage design. They provide the benefits of rubber at an affordable price.

Many other rubber tiles designed for playground areas or commercial gyms also work for pool spaces. These tiles offer great slip resistance and fall protection.

Artificial Turf Pool Decking

Our Outdoor Deck Turf Tile provides the best of both worlds in terms of turf. This product creates a comfortable, natural-looking grass surface near the pool. Yet the tiles are waterproof and drain easily.

This artificial turf for pools is comfortable and durable. It provides the look and comfort of real grass without the maintenance hassles. With these tiles, change any swimming pool area into a tropical escape.

Any of these are a great investment for a home or commercial pool deck area. Contact us for help to find inexpensive pool deck ideas for inground pools or to compare pool deck surfaces to find the best choice.

Benefits of Pool Deck Tiles

  1. Flooring options are designed to allow water to drain
  2. Flooring provides plenty of traction in standing water, an essential safety feature for pool settings
  3. Tiles and mats are comfortable underfoot and are warmer than ceramic options
  4. New flooring will have the pool area looking great
  5. Decking tiles are non-absorbent and hold up well to chlorine and direct sunlight
  6. Many deck tile options easily can be removed and reinstalled when redoing the space

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Deck Flooring

What can we use to make our pool deck not burn feet?

Greatmats offers a large variety of pool deck tile ideas that help combat this problem. The best equipped to handle this is our temperature stable Life Floor line of foam/rubber blended tiles.

What can I put on my inground pool deck?

Again, our Life Floor pool decking is a popular choice for inground pool decking options due to its low profile nature. This helps prevent tripping hazards on exposed edges. Our perforated interlocking PVC deck tiles are also popular as a more affordable option.

What kind of pool deck tiles are available for decking?

Greatmats offers a large variety of pool decking tiles with slip resistance, fall protection, temperature stability, fatigue relief, excellent drainage, and more. These can be made of PVC plastic, wood, artificial turf, foam, or rubber.