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All About Commercial LVT Portable Dance Floors

Commercial LVT Portable Dance Floors, Vinyl Laminate Dance Floors

Consider a . Choose a dance floor that is designed for commercial use in hotel and banquet halls. Portable dance flooring features a durable wear layer that is specifically designed for a long use life span as a portable dance floor.

Install this tile on a repeated use bases. The tab and loop connector system will not degrade over time. Choose from a variety of colors for your next installation. The top surface is designed as a peel and stick laminate vinyl surface that is attached to the durable plastic tray base during tile manufacturing.

This portable dance floor comes with the vinyl material attached and set into the base of this floor tile. The base of the tile features a lip edge around the perimeter that acts like a tray for the commercial grade vinyl top surface and protects the vinyl from damage during installation and use.
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