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All About Pop Together Portable Dance Floors

Pop Together Portable Dance Floors, Easy Install Dance Floors

are specifically designed for repeated banquet floor and hotel ballroom installations. This pop together flooring features a tab and loop connector system that will hold the tiles tightly together when installed and allow for easy disassembly when the time comes.

Designed with the latest computer engineering and testing software, the result of the extensive design of this tile is the best tab and loop connector system on the market. The connector system does not degrade over time from repeated installations because of the unique design features of this portable dance flooring tile.

Install this tile the first time on a hard flat surface like concrete, after which this tile can be reinstalled over carpeting. The durable no-break plastic material that is specifically used to make this floor tile is considered a durable plastic. The use of this no-break plastic material results in the most rugged of plastic pop together dance floors on the market.

Choose from a variety of popular designer colors, looks and feels that match your interior design. This portable dance floor tile is easy to disassemble and transport and store as needed. Consider a transport cart with your purchase to make your portable floor kit complete.
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