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Gym Rubber Floor Price Match Guarantee

How our Price Match Guarantee Works:

If you believe that one of our competitors has a better price than Gym Rubber Floor on any product, these are the steps to take:


First, please get the competitor's written quote with shipping included.


Next, be sure that the products are identical. The products may look similar and could be of different quality.

Verify that their quote includes shipping.

This is very important. Oftentimes, quotes are provided
for the price of the product itself. Our quotes have no hidden shipping charges. When you add the product cost and the shipping costs, are they still less?

If the answer is yes, contact one of our customer service representatives. They will ask you to email the quote to them.

Once we have verified the product is a comparable new product and their quote is lower (even with shipping costs included)
we may provide you with an updated price quote that meets or excedes the competitors price.

Gym Rubber Floor's commitment to our customers is based on the Golden Rule. We work hard every day to insure all our customers
are satisfied with every order.

For product information, or to request a quote or a sample please contact our friendly and professional
customer service team, we are eager to serve you.

Please Note:

Guarantee valid only for products and shipping within the lower 48 states.