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Portable Tap Dance Flooring, Portable Tap Floor, Adagio Flooring

Rosco Adagio Touring Portable Floor Full Roll

SKU# AdTour Black
Vinyl portable tap dance floors, Rosco portable tap flooring, Touring stage floor for tap
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Thickness Less than 2 mm
Length 101.00 feet
Width 5.25 feet
Weight 163.00 lbs
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited
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Top Features for Rosco Adagio Touring Portable Floor Full Roll

  1. Great for touring groups and stage dance floors
  2. Durable for tap dance floors
  3. Portable marley dance floor material
  4. Easy to roll up and to transport
  5. Always store rolled up standing on end
  6. Install with vinyl floor tape
Use Types

Portable Tap Dance Floors, Touring Dance Floors, Theatrical and Stage Flooring, Temporary Dance Floors

Vinyl portable tap dance floors, Rosco portable tap flooring, Touring stage floor for tap

The Rosco Adagio Touring Portable Floor portable tap dance floor product is a perfect option for touring tap and dance groups. For those groups that need to take dance floors with them to events, our roll out tap floor works beautifully.

The portable tap floor from Greatmats has numerous use cases. Many of our customers apply it wherever temporary flooring for dance is needed.

This Adagio tour floor gives dance groups a high quality flooring suitable for recitals. It's also a great option for temporary theatrical layouts.

No matter what type of dance will be performed, the Rosco Adagio floor has the desired properties. This portable dance floor works for types of dance like tap, ballet, modern, Irish, and jazz.

To make this portable tap dance floor easy to move, it has a thin design. It uses the same material as the standard Adagio by Rosco flooring that Greatmats offers. However, this version is thinner and weighs less.

Even with its thinner design, students can use any types of dance shoes on it safely. It also works for barefoot dance styles.

Our tap floor portable product works nicely in almost any performance venue. It has a non-glare surface. Even when the theater has harsh lighting, our floor will not reflect the light. This makes the performance more enjoyable for audience members.

Easy Portable Tap Dance Floor

Customers like the beautiful tap sound they receive from our Adagio flooring versus tap dancing on wooden floors. The vinyl material in our floor makes it the best surface to practice tap dancing.

Installation of this floor is an easy process. It will lay flat quickly versus cheap options for portable tap dance floor Amazon sells. Our tap floor portable product weighs only 1.6 pounds per linear foot.

This portable product for tap dancing studios is made to be flexible. This ensures it will roll out for use and roll up for storage many times without showing wear. A full roll is very heavy, so multiple people need to help with lifting and positioning it.

Each roll of this best portable tap dance floor can cover a lot of area in a hurry. A full roll of the portable tap floor from Greatmats measures 101 linear feet. The standard width is 5.25 feet, yielding more than 500 square feet of coverage.

For smaller coverage areas, our floor for tap dance is a smart choice. This DIY portable dance floor can be cut easily with a sharp utility knife or matte knife. Have a long straightedge on hand to cut the full width of the 5.25-foot roll in one stroke for the best result.

We also recommend having a safe material underneath the roll when cutting. Our vinyl portable tap floors are very thin at 2 mm (about 0.079 inches). The knife could damage any material underneath the roll.

To cover an entire stage or dance area, multiple strips of portable tap dance floor may be needed. We suggest running the seams perpendicular to the width of the stage. This yields the best results.

Do not use glue to attach the roll of vinyl to the stage floor. This type of Rosco Adagio floor is not made for permanent installations. It is not thick enough to stand up to hours of continuous, daily use.

Instead, use vinyl tape to adhere the sections to the subfloor. Use the same tape to connect the sections to each other. Using tape keeps the seams of the pieces down, which reduces the possibility of tripping over them. Vinyl tape is easy to remove later.

Even though our portable tap dance floor is not made for daily practice, it’s still a tough material. The flooring carries a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty. It will give customers a good value over time.

Our touring dance vinyl floor has a Shore A 92 material density rating. This showcases the material’s toughness and durability. It’s perfect for use for dance recitals or theatrical productions.

Our roll out tap floor is only made for use indoors. The vinyl in the flooring is not UV protected, so it will fade in direct sun.

The material is non-absorbent. Should someone spill water on the flooring, just soak up the liquid quickly, and it will not damage the floor.

Installation Tips for Portable Tap Floor

Our Adagio tap dancing floor installs quickly and easily over any flat surface. A hard sub-floor is required to give tap dancers the sturdy surface they need. The hard sub-floor also creates the pleasing sound our flooring delivers.

For customers who plan to install this flooring over concrete, we recommend an underlayment. The underlayment flooring will consist of foam or rubber. It provides just a bit of cushioning for the dancers. This is important because the Adagio flooring is so thin.

Before laying out the floor, allow the vinyl material to adjust to the installation area. It’s important for the vinyl to match both the humidity and temperature in the installation area.

When transporting this tap floor portable product in winter, it will be cold when it arrives at the theater. The flooring may not roll out as easily as you would like if it’s much colder than the stage area.

Before installation, examine the sub-floor closely. You do not want any protrusions or foreign objects on the sub-floor. The portable tap dance floor is so thin that any items on the sub-floor could cause punctures.

Sweep the sub-floor carefully to remove foreign objects. Loose nails or staples in the sub-floor also need to be fixed before laying out the vinyl flooring material.

When rolling out the vinyl floor for tap dancing, try to line up the pieces before unrolling the floor. Laying out the pieces of dance floors as straight as possible before rolling them out will save time versus adjusting them later.

Once the seams are lined up straight, just use vinyl tape to connect them together. Vinyl tape works nicely for connecting pieces of portable tap dance floor. It holds the pieces securely, yet it also is easy to remove later.

We have manufactured each roll of flooring to tight tolerances. This gives the rolls perfectly straight edges, which is important when laying out the pieces.

Storage of the portable tap dance floor is important. Without proper storage, the vinyl material may collapse under its own weight. This problem prevents the flooring from lying flat when installed, leaving ripples in the vinyl.

Instead, roll the pieces of flooring onto a center core after use. Then stand each roll upright and store it on end. This is the safest way to protect the flooring while in storage.

Thick cardboard and PVC pipe both work well for a center core. Even small pieces of vinyl should be stored upright.

Maintenance Tips for Vinyl Tap Floors

Dance floors consisting of vinyl work nicely for tap dance flooring. However, if dancers are using aluminum taps on their shoes, they may leave black oxidation marks on the vinyl.

Our portable tap dance floor will show the oxidation marks. For those concerned about the black marks, we suggest selecting the black color floor. The black color will not show the marks as clearly as the gray color floor does.

For those studios using gray flooring, we suggest having students use steel taps on their shoes. Steel taps will not leave oxidation marks on the portable tap dance floor. However, loose screws on the tap shoes, even steel taps, may cause a bit of discoloration on this style of flooring.

Finally, for the best surface to practice tap dancing on a daily basis, look for a thicker vinyl. Our Adagio portable flooring is not thick enough to stand up to daily use in a practice setting. Greatmats does offer full thickness Adagio flooring material that’s better for daily use.

Cleaning the Rosco Adagio Tour Flooring

To receive a great value from the Greatmats portable tap dance floor, clean it properly. Regular maintenance keeps this flooring in top working condition over time.

Start by removing any dry debris and foreign particles from the floor. Sweeping the floor surface with a push broom with soft bristles will work nicely. Brooms with stiff bristles may leave tiny scratch marks on the floor.

When a more thorough cleaning is needed, use a mop on this floor. We suggest using Rosco All-Purpose Cleaner on this style of floor. This particular brand of cleaner will maintain the flooring’s warranty.

Always follow the product’s directions for use. Dilute the cleaner properly with water to use it safely. Warm water, not hot water, works better with this cleaner. After mopping, rinse it with cold water and allow it to air dry.

To remove tough stains, use the Rosco All-Purpose Cleaner with less dilution. Use a soft bristled hand brush to scrub these stains. Always wear gloves to prevent skin contact with this cleaner at a stronger concentration.

For the best results, we recommend cleaning the floor before it’s rolled up for transport. Sweeping the vinyl surface before storage should deliver acceptable results most of the time. Always remove all dust and foreign particles before storing the floor.

However, if the flooring was exposed to a lot of debris or liquid, a mopping may be required. Always allow time for the vinyl material to air dry completely before rolling it up for storage.


Always use Rosco floor cleaner to maintain warranty.


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In Stock Yes
Product Type Roll
Material Type Vinyl
Product Edging Straight
Thickness Less than 2 mm
Width 5.25 feet
Length 101.00 feet
SF per Item 534.00
Weight 163.00 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 9
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 92
Interlocking Connections No
Made In EU
Surface Finish Smooth flat
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Tape down
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited
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Product Questions:

Can you put this flooring down on concrete or do you need plywood? Or underlay of some sort?
You can install this material over any hard flat surface, however on top of concrete or we highly recommend some sort of rubber or foam underlayment option to provide some separation between the dancer and the hard subfloor surface.
Is this product just for tap? Or can I use it for hip-hop, lyrical, ballet, jazz, etc?
This flooring can be use for all dance types.
Can I put it on top of interlocking foam tiles? And can those foam tiles be on concrete?
The touring needs to be on a hard flat surface, we dont have experience with this product on any of our foam tiles.
Can I get less than one roll? If so, how?
Please call customer service, we have less than roll options in cut lengths.
Can I put it on top of 1/2 inch plyometric rolls. The roll will be on a concrete basement floor.
We would recommend the Adagio for over this rubber material. We do this often, its a great underlayment option. The 3/8 or 1/2 inch plyometric rolls can be used under Adagio. The Tour version is maybe a little thin for use with the rubber underlayment.
REVIEWS⌃ Back to top

Customer Rating:

This black floor just makes everything look so classic and pretty and then it’s safe for the kids too. My experience with Greatmats was fantastic.

Rice Lake, WI

Customer Rating:

Wow! A perfect solution for our show Newsies! The dancers loved it as a cover for the stage floor we usually use. They have so much more control on it!!! It's a must have for theatres! The portability allows us to use it in our black box theatre and even on the road! I initially bought approx. 15' x 33'. It's easy to add on though, next year I plan to get another one or two strips! For the performance, we surrounded the Adagio with carpet tiles to finish off the look (and hide the shiny yellow gym floor you see in the pic). Break a leg everyone!

Thousand Oaks, CA

Customer Rating:

Everything was great, the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because their shipping department could have done a better job using either a heavier tape or more layers of tape on the boxes which held the Marley. We received the Marley on-time, but one of the boxes was received open and showed very little tape on the boxes. No damage though.

Customer Rating:

Delivered to my door and onto my truck for ease of unloading. Mats are durable, easy to get set up. Love!

Customer Rating:

Fast delivery.

Customer Rating:

This is our first portable floor, and we have found it to be as promised. We've been extremely satisfied with its performance and durability.

New York, NY

Customer Rating:

We needed our flooring in a short period of time for our Nutcracker Performance and Great Mats made it happen. Order on Monday, deliverd on Thursday. Performance on Friday without issue. Greatmats made it happen.

Customer Rating:

The service was excellent and the product arrived in a timely fashion. The representatives were polite and helpful. (My only side comment would be that the web-sites calculated amount of marley needed for the size of the room was a full roll over what was needed - but better too much than too little!) I would definitely recommend Greatmats to everyone.

Customer Rating:

I love my new Adagio touring Floor! More importantly, the customer service I received at Greatmats was phenomenal. Your staff was patient and helpful and got the flooring to me in plenty of time for our performance. I will definitely use your company again.
Thank you,
Sandra Harris
White Marsh Ballet Academy


Customer Rating:

The product was as described and our tap instructor as well as the students are very happy with it. It was delivered promptly without any problems- and was also delighted with your service- i will highly recommend this product to as well as your company to others.

Kailua, HI

Customer Rating:

It is working for me and I am so far satisfied with the product. Delivery was quick.

Palmyra, VA