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CarpetFlex Floor Tile

SKU# CarpetFlex
Raised Floor Carpet Tiles, Waterproof Base Modular Carpet Tile
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Thickness 1/2 inch
Length 1.00 feet
Width 1.00 feet
Weight 1.01 lbs
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Top Features for CarpetFlex Floor Tile

  1. Raised carpet tile support system
  2. Made in the USA
  3. Durable for residential use
  4. Install in minutes, snap together installation
  5. Anti-fatigue, non slip, and waterproof
  6. No special tools required
  7. Modular floor tile design
  8. Install right out of the box
Use Types

Basement Floors, Family Room Flooring, Utility Rooms, Entrance Ways

Raised Floor Carpet Tiles, Waterproof Base Modular Carpet Tile

When selecting our CarpetFlex Floor Tile, you'll gain the unique flexibility and durability of . These raised carpet tiles are available in two popular colors, and they represent an easy option for home installations.

With these modular raised floor carpet tiles, you can have the warmth and attractiveness of carpet in areas you wouldn't have considered in the past. Our raised tiles are a very popular choice for carpeting on basement floors, where a traditional carpet floor installation is not desired because of potential moisture seepage problems.

Use Cases

These partially non-absorbent carpet tiles are ideal for basement carpet flooring, for family rooms, and for light duty office space. You'll end up with a unique floor that features sturdy construction with airflow beneath the waterproof base, which prevents potential dampness from reaching the carpet layer. This is an amazing design that can solve a lot of problems in damp basements.

With traditional carpeting, which has a foam base, any dampness on the sub-floor will soak into the foam layer of the carpeting. And with no airflow between the sub-floor and the foam base of the traditional carpet, the dampness will persist. From there, it could create a mildew smell in the foam, it could encourage the growth of mold, or it could seep into the upper layer of carpeting, creating a damp spot and visible staining.

However, with our waterproof-based carpet tiles, the dampness in the sub-floor never reaches the carpeting. The base construction layer makes use of plastic pegs that raise the tiles a fraction of an inch above the base flooring, allowing some airflow for natural drying. Additionally, these pegs are thick and strong enough to support the weight of people walking on them and of furniture sitting on them. Unlike the foam base layer in traditional carpeting, the plastic base layer in our carpet flex tiles will not absorb moisture.

As an additional benefit of the raised plastic layer, these tiles will not transmit any cold temperatures from the sub-floor through the carpet. If you're walking on the raised carpet tiles with bare feet or laying on the tiles, you won't feel the cold from the sub-floor on the surface of the carpet.

Because these raised carpet tiles have a bit of height to them at 1/2-inch of thickness, many customers will choose to order our finishing edge pieces that provide a ramp between the sub-floor and the edge of the tile, which should reduce the possibility of tripping over the edge of the partially waterproof carpet tiles.

Each tile will snap together for easy installation, meaning you can install these pieces yourself almost anywhere without the need for using a professional installer. The carpet flex tile is not suitable for high commercial traffic installations, however.

Maintenance with our tiles is an easy process. You can vacuum these tiles as you would any type of traditional carpeting. Also, the surface of the CarpetFlex Floor Tile will slightly absorb liquids, just like any type of carpet. However, the bottom plastic layer of the tile will not absorb water.

Color and Texture Options

These raised carpet tiles are available in either a charcoal or a tan color. Both colors have some texture to them, so other shades are visible; these raised carpet tiles are not a solid color throughout.

Additionally, color shade variations may occur from tile to tile. This is common with all carpeting, because dye lots vary among different batch production runs. Therefore, we recommend laying out the tiles during installation without connecting them together. Then look at the partially waterproof carpet tiles from a distance. If you see any obvious variations between side-by-side tiles, you can move those tiles into a new location where they fit better.

CarpetFlex Floor Tile options will be shipped with both vertical and horizontal textured tiles. Half of each order will have vertically-oriented tiles, and half will have horizontally oriented tiles. By alternating the pattern installation, you'll end up with a pleasing appearance.

For a fun checkerboard pattern, you could order both charcoal and tan waterproof carpet tiles, alternating the tiles to create a pattern in the floor. Or you can create an island in the middle of the floor of one color of tiles and use the other color to create the border around the island. For someone operating a daycare or preschool facility, for example, this can be a great way to create separate areas for a reading area and for a general free play area.

Understand that these tiles are not reversible. The products consists of a piece of carpet attached to a plastic base, so the underside of the piece firm plastic. The total thickness of the tile is 1/2-inch.

Installation and Layout Ideas

When trying to decide where to place the raised carpet tiles, consider the following tips that can help you have a successful installation.

Calculating square footage: Calculating the coverage space for the these raised carpet tiles is an easy process. Each square tile measures 12 by 12 inches, meaning each covers 1 square foot. And you will not lose any coverage space with the interlocking design of the tiles, which uses a snap component on the bottom layer of the tile.

Expansion in sunlight: Please note that this carpet flex tile will expand and contract with exposure to sun. We do not recommend installing these tiles over existing carpet. Our carpet tile products are not made for outdoor or three season rooms.

Installation prep: Prior to installation, we recommend that you place the carpet flex pieces in the room where they'll be installed. This will allow the tiles to acclimate to the temperature and humidity in the room. Allow the tiles at least 24 hours to adjust to the environmental conditions in the room, and allow up to 48 hours if the tiles are coming from a cold environment into the room.

Moving tiles around: If you ever need to remove these CarpetFlex pieces to use the sub-floor for another reason, you can disassemble the tiles, stack them in a storage room, and then reassemble them back in the room later. Keep in mind, however, that they are designed for permanent or semi-permanent installations and should not be assembled and disassembled repeatedly.

Single-person installation: When installing the waterproof carpet tiles, one person can easily handle the work alone, as each tile weighs only 1 pound.

Trim space: You should leave a slight gap between the CarpetFlex Floor Tile pieces and any permanent objects, such as a wall or a heavy object. The length of the room and the average temperature of the room determine the size of the gap you should leave. Consult our customer service team for more information.

Working around objects: Don't place heavy objects on top of the tiles, as these could damage them. Instead, you're better served by cutting the tiles to fit around the various heavy objects. You can cut the tiles with a utility knife and a straight edge.

As a basic rule, if the heavy object will remain in place, such as an washing machine, cut the tiles to fit around it. If the heavy object may move around, such as a couch, place it on top of the tiles.

Tough Plastic Layer

Although our carpet flex tiles are not recommended in areas of high foot traffic, the plastic pegs on the bottom layer of each tile that hold the tile a fraction of an inch above the sub-floor are tough and will stand up to moderate weight being placed on them.

You can feel comfortable placing furniture on top of the carpet tiles without worrying about cracking the pegs. The legs of furniture will cause indentations in the carpet layer over time, just as you'd see with any type of traditional carpeting, so you may want to move furniture around on occasion to limit the indentations. Or you may want to use plastic coasters under the feet of furniture or pool tables to minimize the indentations in the carpet layer and to spread the weight of these objects slightly.

The plastic layer is also tough enough to stand up to general roughhousing, as you might see from children playing on the carpet. We would not recommend placing extremely heavy objects that will remain in place on these tiles, such as a washing machine or a large entertainment center. Cut the tiles to fit around these objects.

And if you ever change out an object that you cut the tiles to fit around during your initial installation, you always can easily redo the installation with a few new tiles to fit the area where the sub-floor now is visible. For example, if you originally cut the tiles to fit around a large entertainment center and you later replace that piece with a small entertainment center, you can disassemble the tiles that were around the entertainment center and replace them with just a few new full tiles.

When you're ready to order our CarpetFlex Floor Tiles, just contact our customer service department, where our friendly personnel will help you figure out these right color and number of tiles and finishing pieces for your needs.


Vacuum regularly.


Ships in cartons via ground service to your door, for larger orders product may ship freight delivery.

This Product Ships UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and/or Freight.
Please review our shipping disclaimer.

$2.66 $3.33
In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Carpet on Plastic
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 1/2 inch
Width 1.00 feet
Length 1.00 feet
SF per Item 1.00
Weight 1.01 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 20
Non Absorbent Partial
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore C 40-60
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In USA
Surface Finish Carpet ribbed
Surface Design Two toned
Installation Method Snap together
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Ask a question about this product

Product Questions:

can this be installed over a traditional screen house deck?? if not, what products would you recommend for installing over an enclosed pressure treated deck 6 inch boards screwed 16 '' on center spaced 3/8 '' apart??
The carpetflex is not rated for outdoor use, if the deck surface may get some moisture I would recommend one of our perforated PVC floor tiles, such as the Staylock Perforated Tile.
What material are the carpet fibers made from?
The carpet tiles are made from a blend polyester and polypropylene blend.
Is this carpet flex tile waterproof and mold resistant?
The tile are waterproof. They do not contain a anti fungal per say, mold will grow where moisture is present.
how are these cut to fit?
Cut these tiles using a sharp utility knife.
Will these connect to the Max Tile Raised Floor Tile?
No, and our our Max Tile floor tiles will connect to the Gmats Raised Carpet tiles.
can this product be taken up and used somewhere else?
Yes this can be taken up and reinstalled in a different location. For this use I can also recommend the Greatmats Carpet Tile that is similar and perhaps easier to reinstall.
Can you put heavy machinery on it? Like a washer and dryer?
Maybe not, this tile is designed for foot traffic and furniture.
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Customer Rating:

Effiecient delivery, nice product

Customer Rating:

The floor is great. We needed a solution to cover a hole in our floor. This has been amazing.

Customer Rating:

Good product

Customer Rating:

I could not be happier with this product or the customer service I received from this company.


Customer Rating:

Angie in customer service was great. Called a number of times because of a concern about the street we lived on. she made sure the delivery trucker was aware and the delivery went off without a hitch. The products look good but havent have time to install them as of yet.

Customer Rating:

I ordered a second shipment a year after my first and had the same great customer service and product delivery. I could not be more satisfied with the whole process and tiles. I may just keep ordering as my project grows. Must thanks everyone for such a fine experience.

Customer Rating:


Fort Washington, MD

Customer Rating:

I received my orders in record time, with 3 days. Great product and durable. Looking to enjoy this product in the near future.

Customer Rating:

Great product! Looks great. I put down 300 sq ft of carpet and tile in about 5 hours single-handed!

Customer Rating:

I would highly recommend this flooring to anyone that is thinking about a basement area. It was easy to install and did all the work myself. I have a finished basement with 2 bedrooms, full bathroom, TV room and a walk in closet. My prior floor was a subfloor with wall to wall carpeting but was destroyed by the town back flushing the sewer line into my bathroom. So I wanted to but down an easy but durable flooring along with something that I would be able to pull up if anything happened again. It just seemed like this was the perfected match! I had a problem trying to up load the photos Sorry

Old Orchard Beach, ME

Customer Rating:

They really look nice. Easy to work with. Wish I would have put them in basement years ago. Thanks

Allison, IA

Customer Rating:

From ordering with your truly professional customer service staff through quick delivery to the easy installation, I could not be happier with my decision to purchase this terrific product from your company.

I have already recommended Great Mats to two people.

I also plan on ordering more in the very near future.

Thank you so very much for being here.

Roselle, NJ

Customer Rating:

Love these carpet tiles.Very easy to install and I didn't have to take out all the furniture. Also they look very nice.

san francisco, CA

Customer Rating:

Carpet Flex arrived quickly. The end result turned out to be better than expected. It installed with ease and once the basement was completed everything looked really high end. The only drawback is the price, but I would not have it any other way.

Stamford, CT

Customer Rating:

Did my basement with carpet flex and tile flex. I like the carpet flex more then the tile, easy to install, I used a fine cutting tool to cut tiles. That was easier then using snips. The tan carpet tiles looked more gray then tan, but we are still happy with the results.

Baltimore, MD

Customer Rating:

these tiles were easy to install, look great, easy to vacuum. they are comfortable to walk on. not too bad price for the value of the carpet.

moscow, PA

Customer Rating:

I have always had a problem with a little water in the basement. This product seemed like the perfect solution, so if a little water came in there would be no damage to the carpet. Bought a sample to see how it would look. Liked it, so went ahead and ordered enought to do my basement. It looks fabulous. Love it. Great product.

Couple of comments from putting it down. The squares lock together. I found the best way to engage the locks was to use a rubber mallet to connect them. Also, these are difficult to cut, but they should be given how they are made. I used a heavy duty pair of mental cutting snips. Also, got the trim pieces for the door openings -- glad I did, they look fabulous.

Overall, slightly expense product, but worth it. Looks great. Would highly recommend it.

Also, I got the 3 x 8 rubber mat to put under my treadmil. Also, a well made product.


Cincinnati, OH

Customer Rating:

We recently had the opportunity to install Greatmats carpet flex tiles in our basement. At first I wasn't sure they would work. We ordered a sample and decided to go ahead and purchase enough to do parts of the basement. After installation,my wife and I loved the way they looked in our basement.They were the perfect solution. The whole experience, from the ordering , to receiving,to installing was flawless. The ladies that I talked to during ordering were great and had excellent phone manners. A pleasure to deal with you. Thanks again for a great product and excellent service.

Carl Hermann

Schuler, AB

Customer Rating:

Great product. The tiles are expensive, and a challenge to cut and fit - but they are a fantastic solution to flooring a basement - particularly if there is a chance your floor could get wet.

Watertown, CT