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Interocking Martial Arts Mats: Karate

Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch

SKU# KM1Inch
Interlocking Karate and Taekwondo Floor Mats
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Kid Safe Kid Safe Floor Tiles

Latex and Lead Free, Non Toxic, Allergen Free, Waterproof, Safe and Soft, Low Odor

Leading properties: Fire Rated ASTM E648-03 and Surface Flammability Passed ASTM D2859.

Our interlocking foam tiles have been fire test rated by two laboratories.

Purchase safe and soft foam floor tiles and matting products from Greatmats.

We ensure that all of our foam flooring products are constructed with the highest quality EVA foam material and workmanship.

We know our products are Kid Safe and will provide for years of enjoyable family use.

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Thickness 1 inch
Length 3.28 feet
Width 3.28 feet
Weight 8.00 lbs
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Top Features for Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch

  1. Great for karate studios floors
  2. Wood floor look design options
  3. High density EVA foam material
  4. Interlocking design makes for fast installation
  5. Material density 125 kgs/m3, hardness 50-55 Shore C
  6. Double colors, double sided, portable removable tiles
  7. Each tile includes 4 border strips
Use Types

Martial Arts Studios, Karate Mats, Dojo Flooring, Taekwondo Mats

Interlocking Karate and Taekwondo Floor Mats

Choose our 1-inch when you're looking for a quality flooring surface for your martial arts studio or at-home workout area. Our 1-inch thick martial arts interlocking mats work well for Karate and Taekwondo participants as well as those practicing other striking arts.

These interlocking Karate mats are constructed of firm, high density polyethylene (PE) and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam. The tiles offer a smooth leather surface finish specifically designed for bare feet, as well as soft shoe foot work and striking moves. The surface is perfect for allowing quick movements from participants and athletes, which is important for Karate and Taekwondo.

Foam Materials

The EVA material for each of our 40-by-40-inch Karate mat tiles carries a Shore C 50 density. The tiles contain materials that are safe for children. The PE and EVA foams are extremely durable and do not absorb liquids. This is a type of closed cell foam. It costs a bit more than open cell foam, but those types of foams potentially will absorb moisture, which can lead to problems with odor, mold and mildew.

EVA: EVA foam offers a durable and flexible karate mat. EVA foam is great for athletic activities that involve jumping because of the cushion and resilience the material has. Additionally, EVA is easy to clean and disinfect, making it a popular types of foam tile for studio martial arts mats.

PE: The PE ingredient in the martial arts mat helps give the tiles a high impact strength, allowing them to absorb energy from students jumping on them.

Terms for Interlocking Martial Arts Mats
Here are some of the terms you'll encounter when considering different types of interlocking mats for marital arts.

Thicknesses: Our premium 1-inch martial arts floor mats are among the thinner types of puzzle interlocking mats we offer. These thinner puzzle mats work great for disciplines such as Taekwondo or Karate, where the students spend a majority of the practice time on their feet. Thicker mat options, such as 1-5/8-inch mats, work better for disciplines that require fall protection, such as MMA or Jiu Jitsu.

Shore C density: Our mats run in a range of Shore C densities between 35 and 55. Disciplines that have a lot of ground work, such as Judo or Jiu Jitsu, work well with a Shore C density of around 35. Densities of around 40 work well for impact absorption needed in disciplines that feature a lot of jumping kicks. For those who need a solid footing to guarantee balance, our EVA/PE foam Karate mats offer a Shore C density of 50.

Surface texture: A thatch type of texture on the surface of the mat can prevent wear and tear on the mat from shoes and boots used in combat martial arts or aerobic training. However, for disciplines that use bare feet, the thatch texture could cause pain. A smooth or leather surface works better for these disciplines. And if you're concerned about floor burns for disciplines such as Judo or MMA, a tatami style surface is a good choice. Our 1-inch Karate Mats offer a leather surface for barefoot training.

Figuring Out the Right Mat

If you think each type of interlocking puzzle Karate mat is basically the same, you need to reconsider. Different puzzle mats offer slightly different strengths and weaknesses that play a key role in determining whether a particular style of interlocking mat will meet the needs of your martial arts facility.

Design: Martial arts mat tiles are constructed in a variety of designs. Rolled flooring works well for extremely large spaces. But the interlocking puzzle mat design is the easiest type of design to install because the individual tiles don't weigh much. Fold-up mats typically are limited to things like crash pads or temporary grappling spaces in specific areas where a little more cushioning is needed.

Striking disciplines: In martial arts disciplines featuring striking, such as Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Kung Fu, a high density mat is a good choice. Avoid slippery flooring, as many students will be working in soft shoes or bare feet. The smooth surface of our 1-inch mats works great for these striking disciplines.

Cushioning and support: For disciplines such as Taekwondo and Karate, a 1-inch thickness is a good option to provide some cushioning, while also giving participants the support they need to be able to make quick movements. If the mat is too soft, participants will feel as though they're moving slow, unable to make explosive moves.

Crash pad: For learning disciplines that feature high impact landings and throws, you may want a crash pad that offers a thickness of at least 2 inches. Crash pads are even available in thicknesses up to 12 inches, depending on the amount of cushioning you want.

Water resistance: Having a non-absorbent type of martial arts mat is important. You don't want the mats absorbing sweat from participants and carrying a lingering odor. Our Martial Arts Karate mats meet that need perfectly.

Other concerns: Beyond the style of martial arts flooring you select, pay attention to the thickness of the mats, as well as the density. Thicker mats will usually provide a bit more cushioning, while also providing durability. A high density mat stands up to tougher treatment than a low density mat.

Our 1-inch thick interlocking puzzle mats offer a nice versatility that will work with quite a few different disciplines.

Installation Tips

Each 1-inch thick mat has a coverage area of 10.76 square feet. Each tile weighs 8 pounds, meaning it's easy to maneuver each tile for one person assembling the floor alone.

The interlocking design with our Karate mats allows them to fit tightly. You don't have to worry about a loose tile causing a seam to pop up that could trip someone.

Because of the interlocking design, our mats requires no special adhesives for installation. Although you can use glue or double-sided carpet tape to install the mats, it's not necessary in most instances. You can feel confident using a dry lay installation with these tiles.

You can install the tiles over any hard floor surface. Installation over carpeting is not recommended though, as the tiles could slip.

Beyond installing these martial arts mat tiles in a training hall, some people like to install them in a home workout area. Because the mats are easy to install and can be cut to fit the edge of a room, they work great in many types of use cases.

Each tile ships with four border strips, meaning you'll be able to create a flat edge anywhere it's needed. This gives you endless options for corners and edges of the installation, whether you're using a wall-to-wall or island design. If your Karate mats need to be cut to fit, simply use a straight edge and a sharp utility knife to size the interlocking tiles properly to fit your space.

During installation, leave an approximately 1/2-inch gap around the perimeter of your room. This allows for mat expansion, which can occur with fluctuations in heat and humidity. Additionally, keep direct sunlight off the mats if possible, as this can heat them up and cause expansion.

Karate and Taekwondo Mats

Our martial arts mat tiles appear in hundreds of studios and at numerous competitions nationwide. These 1-inch premium high-density mats are specifically designed for Karate and Taekwondo floors. Our mats meet strict design specs. These foam mats have been a favorite for trainers and teachers globally for more than a decade, meaning this mat has withstood the test of time.

The cushioning on these premium 1-inch floor mats provide a soft surface for Taekwondo or Karate students. Jumping on these mats causes less risk of joint stress for the participant, as the cushioning reduces the strain on the body. This also allows students to participate in classes for a longer continuous amount of time.

Our 1-year warranty includes protection against any manufacturer defects. You can be confident in the longevity of this 1-inch thick interlocking Karate mat.

Color Options

The reversible Karate floor mats come in three multi-color options, black/gray, red/blue and wooden/black.

Color tone variations can and will most likely occur within the same batch of mats. Even mats that are made at the factory within minutes of each other can vary in color. This is common with all interlocking EVA foam mats. For customers matching the wooden grain mats with previous orders, please request a sample as wooden grains colors can vary more than other colors and are current colors may not match older mats.

Cleaning with a vacuum is the best method for regularly caring for the Pro Taekwondo Mats. We recommend that you test your vacuum on the mats to ensure the machine won't cause damage. (Some especially heavy and powerful vacuums could damage the surface material of the mats.) Test the flooring with the vacuum in an area where if damage occurs, it won't be noticeable.

To wipe up a water spill or sweat, just use a dry towel. To clean spots, only use diluted vinegar or diluted bleach for cleaning the surface of the taekwondo mats. Dawn ship soap is also very gentle for foam flooring tiles. Spot clean using a scrub brush and a sponge. In large commercial areas for a more thorough cleaning, you may use a walk behind auto cleaning machine. These non-absorbent mats do not soak up any water or chemicals during the cleaning process.

Tile Size

Side to side with border strips attached, 41 x 41 inches
Outside to outside of interlocking tabs, 40.25 x 40.25 inches
Outside to inside of interlocking tabs, 39.375 x 39.375 inches
Measurements may fluctuate if tiles are heated and expand


Product can be damp mopped with hot water. Test your vacuum before use.


Ships via freight delivery shrink wrapped on pallets.

This Product Ships Freight Only.
Please review our shipping disclaimer.

$7.60 $8.00
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In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Foam
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 1 inch
Width 3.28 feet
Length 3.28 feet
SF per Item 10.76
Weight 8.00 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 70
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Kid Safe Yes
Material Hardness 125 kgs/m3, 50-55 Shore C
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In Taiwan
Surface Finish Leather
Surface Design Solid color double sided
Installation Method Interlocking, dry lay
UV Treated No
Reversible Yes
Border Strips Included Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Ask a question about this product

Product Questions:

Are the mats fire proof in any way?
We do have fire test data available in the Info and Specs tab on this product page.
My mother is elderly and in bad health and very weak and falls. I want a product that will protect her hips and things in a fall. Is this a product you would recommend for that purpose? Or do you suggest a different style?
Or consider the 1 5/8 inch thick tile, also available in a 2x2 ft tile size. This one inch tile is not very soft.
Can you glue down the mats or use tape?
Tape down is preferable to a glue down installation, however neither are commonly done or needed in most installation. The tiles will generally stay in place depending on the size of the installation.
What sort of surfaces can these mats be installed over? Laminate floors? Carpets? And will they damage the floors they are laid over?
Generally any hard flat surface is best, carpeting is not recommended. The martial arts mats will not damage any surface installed over.
REVIEWS⌃ Back to top

Customer Rating:

We LOVE these mats. They are so durable and very well made. We are still using our original 2008 set. Last year we turned them over, and changed the entire look of our Honey Brook studio, and the mats were still like brand new on the underside, which is now our training side. They are easy to clean, durable, and just a great investment.

Honey Brook, PA

Customer Rating:

It is the base layer of our facility so I wanted it to be pretty thick. I wanted something with cushion, of course, but also wanted something that would provide good traction for obstacles and fitness classes and could stand up to a lot of traffic. Being able to easily replace a mat tile was also appealing.

They have held up very well to a LOT of traffic. We have hundreds of kids and adults on our facility floor weekly, and outside of one mat location that gets a huge amount of traffic we haven’t had to replace any mat tiles to this point.

The nice thing is, it should be an easy fix when we do it, just pulling up the individual mat piece and replacing it. Overall, we have been happy with our floor. Everyone I have dealt with did a great job.

Republic, MO

Customer Rating:

I had great service - customer service - satisfaction.
They clean up easy. They look great. So we’re just super excited to have them on our floors.
We do a lot of up and downs. We do a lot of ab work on the mats, so it’s great. People don’t injure themselves.
They’re just really comfortable on the bottom of your feet.

Hudson, WI

Customer Rating:

The 1 inch mats, we use for private lessons in our smaller space and tournaments. Still as firm as when I first purchased them.

Highland, MI

Customer Rating:

Thanks for your help. We had just the right number of mats to finish the job.

Round Rock, TX

Customer Rating:

This was the perfect flooring for our feeding therapy room. It is sturdy, easy to clean, and safe for play.

Broken Arrow, OK

Customer Rating:

We are very happy with your product. Thank you for your great service and amazing products.

St Thomas, AE

Customer Rating:

pam has always been such pleasure to work with. Our charity really appreciates Greatmats and all the help in picking out the best products for our clinlc.

Customer Rating:

I don’t have to put a wood border around. This one doesn’t go anywhere. The edging holds up. I’m very impressed. They cut well around corners and around poles. We have two poles in our room.

Stockbridge, GA

Customer Rating:

Easy to work with, fast shipping, great product and a great deal.

Customer Rating:

I waited a long time to purchase Greatmats!! Ms Pam was awesome, I was a little undecided when I first called for a quote and Ms Pam updated my quote three times before I made a final decision... she was patient and very knowledgeable about the products...

Customer Rating:

They are good mats but very slippery. It seems that there are some sort of wax on the surface. I bought these mats for my son?s XMA practice but it?s so slippery and sort of dangerous. I called the customer service about it and they said I just need to clean the mat with cleaner and wipe it off with a damp cloth. I have been doing it everyday but it doesn?t change. It?s not just on the mat but after walking on the mat, we keep slipping on the regular hard wood floor. The wax stays on the feet and it moves around the house by walking around. I wish I have any solution for this as it was such expensive mats with very expensive shipping.

Customer Rating:

Ease of purchase, timely delivery and good product quality all make for a great purchase. Thanks.

Customer Rating:

Fast shipping.

Customer Rating:

Great customer service, perhaps the shipping could be a little more cost effective. Thank you and very satisfied with the product overall. Take care, Anita Lee

Customer Rating:

We ordered mats for an at home taekwondo practice space. The mats are great and they were shipped quickly.

Customer Rating:

They're durable and age well over time. They stay in place and don't fray. They're soft, but not too soft... soft enough that if somebody fell on them, they'd do the job. You can do rolls or throws or self defense on the mats.

Lindale, TX

Customer Rating:

I highly recommend people to use Greatmats. The quality is great. The price is good. The service is good. I don't have any complaints. I've shopped. I don't feel there's need to buy anywhere else.

Lindale, TX

Customer Rating:

Very satisfied with the product, the customer service was excellent and the delivery was very well coordinated and fast even when shipping in Canada. Thanks for everything.

Varennes, QC

Customer Rating:

Punctures easily
Very slippery

Northbrook, IL