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All You Need to Know About Rubber Flooring Rolls

Rolled rubber flooring comes in many forms. Learn the differences.

By Sam Butler

Aug. 18, 2017 -- Rubber flooring rolls are a durable and long lasting flooring solution for both professional and residential use. Gym Rubber Floor offers unbeatable prices in a wide variety of colors. Rubber flooring rolls are available in 20 different colors and in 1/4 inch, 8 mm, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch thicknesses. Gym Rubber Floor stocks 4 foot wide rolls in 25 and 50 feet roll lengths, in both 8 mm and 3/8 inch thickness, in black and a variety of 10% color fleck options. Our wide variety of options that we stock in our warehouse ensure fast shipment and delivery of our rolled rubber flooring. If you need a custom length roll, they are available with 1-2 weeks notice before expected shipment. For all of your flooring needs, Gym Rubber Floor has an exceptional, knowledgeable and professional sales team ready to assist you with specific questions about installation, cleaning, care, use cases for specific products, and any other questions you may have.

This product can be used for home gyms, workout rooms, industrial applications, rooftop flooring, storage rooms and even ammunition rooms. Our rubber flooring rolls are made with recycled material which makes for a more environmentally-friendly product. All rubber sold by Gym Rubber Floor is manufactured in the USA.

Rolled rubber flooring is an especially popular option for gym floor covering, as well as weight room areas in both homes and schools. For gyms, we carry rolled rubber in both 1/4 and 1/2 inch thicknesses, in a choice of pure black or black with color flecks in many percentage options, up to 90% color fleck is available with custom ordered product. Custom colors and color fleck mixes are available with a minimum number of rolls ordered.

Rolled rubber is a safe and practical option for weight rooms. Rolled rubber is great for protecting floors from free weights and exercise equipment such as treadmills and weight benches. Our rolled rubber is stocked in 4 foot widths and is pre-cut in the standard lengths of 25 and 50 feet. If given 1-2 weeks advance notice before expected shipment date, custom cut lengths are also available.

Rolls of rubber flooring are a lower cost flooring option when compared to interlocking tiles. Rolled rubber is perfect for commercial, residential or school gyms because it acts as a sound dampener as well as a floor protector.

Installation of rubber flooring rolls is relatively quick and easy. Make sure to lay the rolls over a clean, hard surface such as concrete or ceramic tile. For standard wall-to-wall installation, simply roll out the rubber and cut to fit the size of the room with a utility knife. The ends of the rubber rolls are not cut square and will require trimming during the installation process. Our rubber flooring rolls are precision cut on their sides at the factory to ensure that they fit seamlessly next to one another. The rubber rolls can be installed using either double-sided tape or adhesive to attach to a clean, hard flooring surface. Rubber rolls can also be installed without an adhesive or tape, but should be taped at the perimeters and seams to prevent overlapping or sliding of the rolled rubber. For small home installations with less anticipated traffic, tape down installation may not be necessary for the rolled rubber. For installations of rolled rubber over 1,000 square feet, a full glue down installation is strongly recommended. This is particularly important when climate conditions may fluctuate, as this can lead to slight movement of the rolled rubber. When gluing down the rolled rubber, make sure to use a full spread glue application method, which covers the entire floor surface on which the rolled rubber will be laid.

When deciding where to place your rolled rubber, choose an area where the rolled rubber flooring is not subject to continual moisture or dampness, for non-vulcanized rolled rubber is a material that will allow water to permeate it over time. If continually submerged in water or frequently power washed, the small amounts of water will start to works its way into the tiny pores of the flooring over time.

Gym Rubber Floor offers rolled rubber flooring in a variety of options, with rolled rubber available in standard black or color confetti options, ranging from 10% to 20% confetti color and up to 90% color on custom ordered rolled rubber. Natural and confetti color options are available as reground rubber material from previous rubber products. Natural rolled rubber contains reground whitewalls from tires in the rubber mix. Confetti color options include colored rubber of varying types from previous runs, all mixed into the rubber mix for rubber rolls. The color mixes all vary from roll to roll. These varied color mix rolls are the least expensive rolled rubber flooring option available.

Our rolled rubber flooring ships from multiple locations across the country to ensure the fastest possible delivery to the customer. Shipping from various locations around the country also ensures the most affordable shipping rates for our customers. Gym Rubber Floor stocks 4 foot wide rolled rubber for immediate shipping in both 25 foot and 50 foot lengths, and in 3/8 inch and 8 mm thicknesses. Gym Rubber Floor stocks this product to ensure the fastest possible delivery to our customers. We stock in both full black and 10% confetti fills of various colors.

For orders of rolled rubber sections of more than 10 feet, the product will arrive via freight delivery. The product will arrive shrink wrapped on pallets if it is shipped by freight delivery.

For this product, as well as any other rubber flooring, make sure to use a neutral pH cleaner to preserve and protect your rubber flooring.

As always, please contact Greamats.com's knowledgeable and professional sales staff with any questions or concerns you may have about any aspect of your flooring purchase.
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