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Best Horse Mats for Home Gyms

What Are the Best Horse Mats for Home Weight Gyms?

This may sound like the start of a bad joke, but it turns out there's actually a legitimate answer: Horse stall mats make excellent gym floors. It may sound unlikely, but there are several reasons horse stall mats can be perfect for home gyms.

First and foremost, horse stall mats yield a durability that stands up to the test of time and extreme use. They are designed to withstand large, sustained loads, so heavy exercise equipment is no problem. Further, home gym mats need to offer stability and support to the limbs and joints of users - just like horse stall mats must support healthy bones and joints in horses. Next, horse stall mats offer enough grip to prevent animals and handlers from slipping and falling, even in moisture-prone environments. This quality is essential in home gyms as well, as traction is key for safety while working out. Finally, horse stall mats tend to be low maintenance and easy to clean, which translates perfectly to a gym environment.

For even further proof, flooring experts from Gym Rubber by Greatmats picked out the five best horse mats for home gym settings.

1. Horse Mats for Home Gym:

2x2 ft. x 3/4 inch interlocking black punter top

Some horse stall mats are simply too large and heavy duty to make sense in a home gym. This is not the case for Interlocking Black Punter Top tiles. The smaller size and low-key installation process of these tiles make them awesome horse stall mats for home gyms. These tiles can be laid down in a garage, a basement or any other room in the house for an instant gym floor. Each tile is 2 x 2 feet in size, which makes it easy to custom fit into any space. Tiles can be used to construct a home gym island in the middle of the room, or they can easily be put in for a wall-to-wall installation.

These horse stall mats for home gyms are 3/4 inch thick and made of tough, quality rubber. Tiles are designed to take the repeated punishment, perfect for withstanding the dropping of heavy weights. Athletes will always remain sure-footed on these tiles, as the pebble top surface provides just the right amount of traction. Interlocking Punter Top tiles connect together swiftly and without hassle, yet are so tight-fitting they are nearly seamless. Even after being uninstalled and reinstalled time and time again, the tiles stay just as tight as the first day.

2. Best Priced Horse Mats for Gyms:

4x6 ft x 1/2 inch straight edge pebble top

For the best horse mats for home gyms at a killer value, consider Straight Edge Pebble Top mats. These mats are some of the most affordable horse mats on the market. That being said, they are still super high quality. Tiles are created from a top-of-the-line rubber that is designed to last you with very little maintenance. Because the mats are long-lasting and low-key to take care of, they make the initial investment the only one you will have to make. There will not be any unexpected maintenance costs popping up in the future. It only takes sweeping or damp mopping to keep these horse stall mats for a gym looking fresh and clean. At only $1.75 per square foot, that makes the overall cost of these tiles incredibly hard to beat.

In addition to low cost, these tiles provide a well-rounded package. Tiles support health and safety as they provide both comfort and stability underfoot with 1/2 inches of rubber. Meanwhile, the pebble top surface texture provides just the right amount of traction for exercise. No special tools or adhesives are needed to install these mats. All it takes to install is an easy dry lay on any hard, flat surface.

3. Pre-sized Horse Mat Kits for Gyms (West Coast):

Horse Stall Mats Cascade 3/4 Inch 12x12 ft kit

Horse Stall Mats Cascade kits make creating a home gym from horse mats an easy and affordable process. These custom kits ship from Oregon and service the entire West Coast with low shipping rates. That means that for those in the west, Horse Stall Mats Cascade are some of the best horse mats for home gyms. These horse mat kits for gym floors come in a total of nine tiles to create a 12 x 12 foot floor. The mats ship straight from Oregon to service all of the West Coast.

Cascade mats are produced from 100 percent recycled rubber content, which makes them an environmentally conscious choice. With that recycled rubber comes unmatched resilience. They are specifically designed to deliver maximum durability while still providing comfort. Cascade stall mats are made in the USA and carry a 15-year warranty. Each one is precision cut to make every installation a perfect one. Installation is recommended on a hard, flat surface.

4. Pre-Sized Kits Horse Mats for Gyms (Central USA):

Horse Stall Mats Custom Kit Sizes

For those that live in the Central USA, Horse Stall Mats Custom Kits are the best horse mats for home gyms in terms of customizability and shipping. These horse mats for gym floors come in a standard of 4x6 ft x 3/4 or 1/2 inch rubber interlocking mats that are then cut down to match the specific needs of your custom gym area. Based on your measurement and design, Gym Rubber by Greatmats will have the horse mats cut down for a perfect fit.

To ease the planning process, Gym Rubber by Greatmats offers an easy-to-use online floor planner. This tool allows you to enter your actual dimensions in order to provide a scaled image of what your space will look like with horse mats for home gyms. Once the plan becomes reality, the custom cut makes these mats a breeze to install. This product is made in the USA and features a 12-year warranty against manufacturing defects. However, Horse Stall Mats Custom are rated to last at least 20 years or more in an equine environment, which means they will likely last even longer in a gym. Mats yield safety and comfort underfoot.

5. Horse Mats for Heavy Lifting:

4x6 x 3/4 Inch Straight Edge Punter Standard

Flooring experts say that for serious lifters, Straight Edge Punter Standard is the best horse mat for home gyms. These mats are the straight edge version of the very popular Interlocking Punter Top Stall Mats (product #1). They offer serious strength, durability, and stability under even the heaviest of weights and weightlifting equipment. In addition, mats provide the bounce back desired by weightlifters and athletes. Punter Top Standard mats present supreme slip resistance for safety while exercising.

These horse mats for gym floors ship from all over the country and Greatmats will give you the best possible shipping rate. Installing mats does not require more than simply laying mats out on the floor. Like other horse mats for home gyms, these are completely waterproof and easy to take care of. Damp mop with hot water, using two buckets to keep the mop clean. If using a cleaner on rubber, always use one that is pH neutral. Otherwise, chemicals can erode the rubber.

Final Note

Do be aware that most rubber products arrive with a strong odor. Rubber horse stall products tend to yield a particularly strong stench. Make sure to set your home gym up with proper ventilation before installing horse mats. You can also follow some of Gym Rubber's other tips for removing odor from rubber flooring, which can be found in the Customers Guide. If this (or anything else) is a concern, you can also check in with Gym Rubber's customer service. They can help you choose horse mats for gym floors certain to suit every one of your needs.
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