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Anti-Fatigue Safety Stress-Relief Ergonomic Floor Mats

helps to reduce stress and fatigue on your feet and lower limbs in the workplace environment, and is intended to improve productivity, health, safety, and comfort. Ergonomic flooring can help to prevent disorders caused by standing in one position for long periods of time, such as back pain, joint pain, and muscle fatigue.

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Ergonomic flooring solutions, Ergo mats options, Fatigue ergonomic flooring tiles

helps to reduce stress and fatigue on your feet and lower limbs in the workplace environment, and is intended to improve productivity, health, safety, and comfort. Ergonomic flooring can help to prevent disorders caused by standing in one position for long periods of time, such as back pain, joint pain, and muscle fatigue.

Ergo mats are useful in both commercial spaces as well as in your own home workplaces, such as your basement or garage. Greatmats offers a wide range of ergo floor mats and tiles.

Ergo mats provide the following benefits:

  1. Reduced stress and fatigue on the feet and lower limbs
  2. Improved employee health, comfort, and productivity
  3. Soft surface encourages subtle movements while standing for a healthier workday
  4. Promote improved blood circulation by allowing blood to flow more regularly through the feet and legs
  5. Reduced slips and falls, thanks to excellent traction
  6. A safer, more comfortable workplace environment

Consider the following potential uses for ergo floor mats:

  1. Trade show booths
  2. Small engine workshops
  3. Woodworking spaces
  4. Pool decks
  5. Outdoor event spaces
  6. Entryways
  7. Offices
  8. Kitchens
  9. Weight rooms
  10. Home gyms
  11. And more

Truth is, the potential uses for ergonomic flooring are endless.

Choosing Your Ergo Floor Mats

We have many ergonomic floor mats available for you to choose from, and each mat offers slightly different properties in terms of design, installation, and benefits. One of the greatest differences that you'll see in ergonomic flooring is the different degree of cushion each flooring option offers.

When choosing your ergonomic floor, keep in mind how you feel when standing on it. Bigger, thicker and softer is not always better. You will want some elasticity, but don't use flooring that is too soft to stand comfortably. The proper flooring will be firm enough to support good posture while making small, subtle movements feel natural.

Sloped or beveled edges are recommended for any workplace ergonomic flooring, as they reduce the risk of tripping. The floor should also be easy to clean and should not be slippery. If you are comfortable standing but slip, trip, or fall because of your flooring or mats, the purpose of the ergonomic floor is defeated.

Please note: Ergonomic floor mats alone will not eliminate sore feet, but they can improve working conditions, especially when used in conjunction with proper footwear. The design of your workstation also plays a big role in the amount of fatigue your body will endure.

Ergonomic Flooring Options

Greatmats offers a wide range of large scale ergonomic floor tile options for industrial and factory flooring installations. These bone and joint friendly floors are just one tool to help protect workers that stand for long periods of time, especially on hard floors like concrete. Modular flooring tiles that are easy to install and clean are affordable options to provide improved safety for employees in demanding work environments. They not only protect workers from fatigue, but also make them much more comfortable and encourage movement for good health.

We've highlighted some of our most popular ergo mats below to help you get started.

StayLock Plastic Ergonomic Tiles

One of the most popular ergonomic tiles are our StayLock tiles, which are available in orange peel, bump top, or perforated surfaces. StayLock tiles are made of durable yet flexible PVC plastic, and they offer excellent cushion. The orange peel and perforated StayLock tiles are also ASTM 1292 fall height rated, and are an excellent way to add both comfort and increased safety to your workplace or facility.

StayLock tiles offer easy snap together installation, and are available in various color options so you can customize the look of your flooring. These tiles can be dry laid, so there is no need for adhesives. These lightweight tiles won't absorb moisture, making them a versatile flooring choice. They are also made in the USA and offer a 5-year limited warranty. The typical lifespan of these ergonomic tiles is 20 years, ensuring you get the maximum use out of your investment.

Ergo Matta Plastic Ergonomic Flooring Tiles

Ergo Matta Ergonomic Tiles are another option if you're looking for high-performing ergonomic floors. These tiles are available in eight different colors, and measure 1.67x.83 feet. At .5 inch thick, these tiles offer ergonomic comfort without the necessity of a thick floor, making for simpler installation.

Ergo Matta tiles are manufactured in New Zealand and are made from recycled materials, including PVC plastic and rubber. These tiles are flexible and waterproof, and utilize a locking lug connection system for easy installation.

The solid CushionTred model offers sound dampening qualities while the perforated outdoor tiles are great for use in areas where moisture is present. The Ergo Matta perforated outdoor tiles are designed for playground and preschool use and feature a 20-inch fall height rating.

Ergo Matta tiles offer a 5-year limited warranty.

Hog Heaven Rubber Ergonomic Tiles

Our Hog Heaven II anti fatigue modular tiles are designed for use on assembly lines, as well as in work stations and welding areas. All of our ergonomic Hog Heaven flooring is electrically conductive, meaning it will drain static electricity from the worker before it is discharged onto sensitive equipment. These tiles are resistant to chemicals and grease, and they are certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute, making them ideal for use in commercial, industrial, and retail areas.

These ergo mats are made in the USA from 20 percent recycled rubber, and boast a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty. Hog Heaven Ergonomic Tiles are an excellent choice for industrial workplaces that see heavy traffic and which have specific safety and comfort requirements.

Wearwell Ergonomic Flooring

Wearwell offers a number of different ergonomic tiles which are designed for easy installation and maximized comfort. These innovative tiles are crafted from 100% silicone-free PVC, which gives them maximum durability for work settings that see heavy traffic. These tiles offer excellent fatigue relief, and feature a Positive Interlocking System which helps to prevent the tiles from separating. Installation is easy, and if a tile is damaged or worn, you can replace just that tile, rather than the entire floor.

The Wearwell ErgoDeck General Purpose Solid Tile is designed to provide a stable, solid, and resilient footing that is ideal for areas that see heavy foot traffic. The raised textured design maximizes traction while also enhancing your flooring aesthetics. This tile is best suited for areas which are mostly dry.

For superior traction and unmatched slip prevention, consider the Wearwell ErgoDeck Cleated Tiles. These tiles are designed to give workers a reliable surface to stand on in the most unforgiving wet environments. Hidden structural columns securely hold the cleats, so the tiles hold up to power washing, scrubbing, and other cleaning methods. These tiles are available in solid and drainage versions.

If you need optimum fatigue relief in areas where there is lots of foot traffic but little cart traffic, the Wearwell ErgoDeck Comfort Open Tiles are a great choice. These tiles have a spring-back underside which gives them a softer rubber-like feel underfoot. The tile's open design helps to quickly drain off water for improved safety.

Other Ergonomic Options

We've just highlighted a few of our ergo floor mats above; there are countless options to choose from. Some have a waffle bottom. Some blend rubber with cork, and others are multipurpose mats for areas such as home gyms and playgrounds.

As you explore the flooring options available, don't hesitate to call our flooring experts. They are happy to help you find the right flooring for your project.

Commitment to Customers

At Greatmats, we want you to be happy with your product and with your shopping experience. That's why we offer a price match guarantee, and we operate our business with the Golden Rule model - treat others as you want others to treat you. Because we ensure that our customers are satisfied with every order, we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can buy from us with confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is our priority.

You can feel good about buying from Greatmats. We give back to the community by donating 5 percent of our annual profits to local non-profit organizations.

Do you have questions about these products? Would you like a quote or a sample of one of these flooring options? Please contact our customer service team at 877-822-6622. We would be delighted to help you choose the right flooring for your project.